Thursday, 20 March 2014


Will here we go with the Americans!

Odd as I thought I heard somewhere that the Russians had done something themselves now in retaliation to what sanctions the Americans cone up with?!

Anyway what I wanted to state, and I have a juicy post coming up next I stated all along would happen, was that when I caught this Russian retaliation action I suddenly thought of something. I was thinking about there is airways this issue about the wrong buildings being bombed and to added to this you airways think of the underhand and dirty things and dealings that politicians get up to with foreign countries? I date day that when they get people to agree to deals that they end up both signing some sort of contract?

Now what suddenly occurred to me is that in any event of civil unrest or an uprising or indeed a war you wonder whether or not these accurate missiles suddenly seen quite inaccurate because they are deliberately targeting a building that contains a contract they do not want getting into the hands of the media?

Never really thought if that before now. Do not know why, Lol. But you do have to wonder?!

Now me, I will always state that shady goings on is to protect the lavish life that the higher up in the hierarchy have. At the end of the day if they can keep it going for ten years they would have made so much money they would not care?! Often being out our of a job by those higher up may well be to save any embarrassment and then suddenly there is this clause in the contract where they are supposed to receive half a million or more in the event that they are fired, kind of like Premier League football managers?!

I will be honest when those payouts started happening and then getting bigger and bigger I thought 'oh crap! This is going to lead as into a cesspit eventually because the trouble with the capitalist society we do have is that no reigns exist to stop things getting it of hand. So the most greedy are actually playing a major part in destroying that they have strived so hard to protect.

The really naive and for me hugely stupid and incompetent is that if they play a hand in society crashing all the money they have acquired becomes worthless overnight even to anyone overseas and the huge angry mob that will arise from it will not be thwarted by automatic twenty foot high gates a surrounding wall and a couple of Dobermans?! I am sure the mob will bring the bodies of those that were your pawns and girl them at the dogs to keep them busy?! Lol! Or all the ex-butchers in the angry mob bring the last of their steaks?!

I might joke about this but of course when you think about it, if the powers that be have become so blinded with avarice they end up rendering money worthless and more or less commit suicide in a round about way! Sure if your a British banker you can flee but then your a British banker in a foreign country when many countries see you as the cause of their problems with a load of cash now worked in Britain so worthless everywhere else because society has collapsed?!

You know you really should think things through?! Lol!

I suppose it could be argued that the people should have raised their voices and put a stop to it but greed is everywhere and that is how the system works! Ninety nine percent of the society all want to be in that tiny percentage not realising that no matter what they do and even sometimes how much they make you will never get into that tiny fraction of society! It is as someone as that. But then they probably do not realise that they are actually aiming a little lower than the to shelf as the top shelf is covered over. So for that reason is how it works because 99%, well it's probably closer to about 80 or 90%, all think that one day they will hit the jackpot or win the lottery?!

But then on the other side of the coin you have got those that do not want to work or even do anything for anyone else, suit on their arses and want all the money?! Yes I am aware that purple like that exist as I have meet many of them. To be honest they entirely fascinate me and I am always befuddled.

So on the one side you have America whose government always seem to think they have the right to go marching into any situation they desire, sometimes dragging others in to it too so it is not to expensive for them! In the other you have someone else who always tries to prevent America doing this and now that they have gone and done that they normally complain about America is screening it's head off! Only in comparison it is worse because the Americans never went into a country where a large percentage of the population were Americans?! Not that I can think of but Russia did do this!

This is why I stated when this all started that Putin was a very smart cookie and that he saw a very good opportunity here!! I stated that despite the fact he should not have done what the Americans have done so many times themselves but he knew that there was little America could do without looking like hypocrites?! But it seems the Americans may sleep walk right into that one and this is because none of this is about the Ukrainians or the Russians living in Ukraine. It is obviously a tactical advantage to Putin to have access to Crimea. Like I said about the Americans wanting a missile sight in the Czech Republic. I rally so dislike this of America and they seen to be heading downhill faster than they realise. I think Europe is quite capable of building is own silos full of missiles and do not need the Americans to come along pushing their weight around, which for me is what they always seem to do.

The funny thing is the only time the Americans ever do anything to help anyone else it always seems to involve war and not money?! I am always hearing of Britain giving this country or that country millions or billions of pounds despite a fair fraction of the populous hating us and even burning effigy's but never really hear of the Americans doing this?

Maybe, just maybe, I am beginning to see why we always scored so low in the Eurovision Song Contest?! Maybe the public on the continent are more clued up to America and Britain's relationship and skulduggery than we are?!

In fact I can tell you how I used to feel about it and did for a long time and how I am beginning to Ferrell about it now which is why I sound like I do about it, bitter, on here..,

I used to be all for us and our close relationship with the Americans and defended them and us in arguments with others. However now that several things have come to light that I pretty much suspected long before it was in the media, you really do have to read this blog Lol, I feel as if I personally have been betrayed by both America and my own country and what is worse that they are giving the entire world the impression that all Americans and all British people are exactly like that of underhanded politicians we stupidly elect to represent us?!

Hmm now for that juicy post I mention...

US sanctions target Putin's allies

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