Tuesday, 11 March 2014


One of the many industries  know something about is the committing and gaming industry.

Now not only did I achieve a Single Honours Degree in this but I interested in computers for over 15 years before I decided to go to college to get into university to study for my degree!

Now some people have a few misconceptions about Degrees. Many I know that have not studied for them wrongly assumed that all you are taught or learn about is that thing. This is not true and as an example two things I studied during my for years were business and we even courted psychology with HCI. The latter teaches you his to understand time as well as focus of a computer user. Understanding how long it takes for a user to do anything along with keeping their focus and not boring the user to death. These HCI, or Human Computer Interaction, techniques would give anyone a good basis for designing a GUI or Graphical User Interface. It is largely based in this understanding that I tear several new holes to companies and public services when it comes to finding things and designing their website to be quite deliberately in obscure.
Make no mistake that not only do I now what I am taking about here but that I do not even need to add they bury their contact details many pages deep. So it is bloody obvious anyway! Or at least should be.

So over the years I roughly know how it is going to go... until today that is.

Below is a link that states that the sales of the latest generation consoles is not only lower than the orbits generations, which I did expect, but less that half the amount sold during January?! Now that I did not expect!

The one thing about gaming is, for those that do not know, is that it is the ultimate escape from our dreary lives, or at least mine and some others Lol! The urge to play is the greatest compulsion that animals can feel, even eclipsing sex. Well for the most part, Lol. This had been seen over and over again not just in humans but in many mammals though oddly all predatory ones.

When your fully engrossed in a game not only do you have that fun factor, pressure factor and competing factor but all these feelings switch off those that dog us in our every day lives. I dare say that it's highly likely that with a game you get presented with a puzzle and you have to work it out and we can. Whereas in life companies and organisations either but you with things out expect things from you that are not possible. Over and over again these unsolvable problems are flung at us and often at many, many people simultaneously. They do not care whether or not we have the ability to solve them or not they just keep nagging. All this evaporates, albeit momentarily, when we play and I am not only referring to video games either. Gambling is a type of game to and the rush we feel from it along with the momentary escapism is too hard to resist for millions.

So I expected the latest consoles to not do quite so well as the last generation and expected it to be a slow burner. I thought it might take over a year before the numbers expected by the companies are reached? But instead of 2 million units sold there has only been 700,000. Of course to anyone selling that about of anything would be impressive but normally the new generation normally outsells the last. I existed it to sell more but not the same extent that the PS3 and XBox 360 outside their previous generations.

Less than half though is actually quite staggering for me and I could never have predicted that!


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