Thursday, 27 March 2014


Been a little lackadaisical of late, it must be said.

I have currently not let the house in three days, though I intended to both yesterday and today. Hmm or is it two? Now I was out Monday and today is Thursday, so yeah the days.

Both yesterday and today and exactly when I was intending to leave the house it rained at that exact moment! I kid you not! I have felt a little relaxed the past couple of days and I am not sure why. I have done only a little in the house but have been back on a game I got sick of playing on my laptop. It is called Elder Scrolls V Skyrim and for the uninitiated you do not know what your missing! However the game is not without issues and one is why I left it alone for months. But I managed to finally figure out how to get around it and I have been making up for lost time!

It has not gone unnoticed, with a bit of a chuckle of course, that Atos have had their contact terminated by the government! For the naïve though it is not over and Atos, guilty as they are, were only doing what they were told to do and those people are still there. Probably think I have no idea who they are too?! Dumb arses! It was only one fence to be knocked down along the way. The fact that this has happened when I have been asked a question that is the innuendo is quite a coincidence! As you may or may not find out in due course but there is of course a link!

Hmm now I started this post for another reason?! Umm?! Lol! Oh yeah! I have had several emails from companies regarding one of my blogs. Well for companies I can think of and some are...persistent.

Now oddly I expected this, or rather hoped I would get the first few, but not for another 5 or 6 months yet. That is about the time I also expected to get somewhere with the NHS, Atos and the DWP. So it is refreshingly positive that these have happened earlier than I expected, but it has given me the confidence to now continue stating that which I have for a few weeks now and to at least three people, no four people, no five people, Lol, that I know not on the Internet. Though admittedly some have trouble listening while not having to much trouble talking. About not very much or mountains that are in reality more hills and no idea what suffering with you health really means. But that is their problem and not mine fortunately! I have no problem with empathy as those who have spent enough time about me now know to well. Despite everything I will go out of my way to help others and without so much as a bitch or a moan in sight.

So I can say with more confidence now that this year should be very productive, very productive indeed! Plus if I work around my issues and work my butt off provided the summer is not a complete wash out then 2015 will be like that of a fireworks display on a grand scale?!

Ooh, and it is the year of a general election too! A shame either the same tossers with no gonads/intelligence/wisdom or corrupt, or a whole set of new tossers who also have no gonads/intelligence/wisdom or are corrupt?!
I wonder which of the two it will be and how long before everyone is complaining yet again? 

I mean if I complain at least I can state that I never vied for any of them that for in power, not once!
They say the weather will be warm this weekend and I hope that means... SUNNY?! If so I will be back out cycling around like a moron with a camera! With any luck?!

Also there has been no response as regards my application for PIPS, Personal Independent Payments, which is exactly what happened exactly a year ago with a DLA, Disability Living Allowance!!

I should also add that despite telling ICE about this both last year and this time around I have had no response from them either! After accusing them of being frauds by taking British taxpayers money and doing bugger all for it I did not expect an unmediated response, but I did expect them to carry out what they claim!
Just to recall what they 'claim' they do they are supposed to keep the DWP in check when it comes doing their job properly. They do not and I have now given them two more chances to price that they do as they claim and they have failed miserably thus far! In fact I will email ICE again and remind them if what they claim and of the fact they have failed the times in a row. I will also add that if I cannot get them to act with my documents, recorded evidence and the blog that no one can!

In fact that has been the purpose all along, to rant off and attempt to get them to act and provide proof to back me up and that they will do everything but act!

Also along the way not only would I shite what I had stated previously and for many years but that I would continue to do so and then prove it!! By doing this little by little along the way then the more I prove I am being honest and am spot on correct and the more and more this evil companies and organisations will eventually appear to the visitors on here for what they are!

I have looked better and better and gotten closer and closer while they have gradually looked worse and stepped further and further away.

In the end there will be two very contrasting realities and I will not only show that they are frauds, immoral and evil while being self serving but at the same time I can also show how the British taxes have been wasted for years and years and years! Atos have after all been around and operating in the UK for many years and I would wager well over ten years?! But it must be realised that what they have been reprimanded for doing, not punished as they wangled a deal to quit the contact obviously, they have been doing a very long time and both this government and the last one not only knew damn well what they were doing they were either the instigators or they allowed the owners of Serco or whoever it may be to play these games and defraud the taxes.

Remember this is but one institution and there are several and are extremely big and extremely famous but they ate now entering the age of infamy.

It had been years of false economy which the idiots did not care about as long as they could make the books look balanced at the end if the financial year!! I they can keep going until they get paid 5 million to go or 10 million on retiring then they are happy to do it!

This is the problem with these people everyone casks fat cats using companies in a game of musical chairs?! Once they have moved on and with a warped, biased and corrupted British Legal System they can wriggle out of any punishments backed by a while team of lawyers!

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