Thursday, 6 March 2014


I think that due to the fact that many in power and government only get found out years later when you cannot do anything, a new approach should be considered?!

It has been plain to see for me for many years and the last few years and right now currently it is clear to all that the lies and the trickery is performed because they think they can get away with it.... long enough to... well, get away with it!

I never have liked the statute of limitations. I also have hatred hearing over the years that more and more Legal Aid has been removed. This gives a clear message of two separate rules. Rules that are poles apart in every sense!

Now the odd thing is, is that each time I have been in contact with anyone about what had been done to me all I hear from lazy overpaid legal people is 'Statute of Limitations!' and 'You cannot use that!' while then admitting they are actually unsure when you state a few facts to them as regards the latter!

So how is it then that the Police, who suddenly look bad for not investigating statutory rapper claims against various celebrities have now taken them to court, this despite the fact we were talking shot the decades ago?!

Anyone?! Lmao!

Now part of the punishment that I think should be brought in is punishing them were it hurts if they get going out later in life. The only way you hurt these people is in the pocket!

So if found guilty politicians and celebrities should be made to pay a Gross Incompetence Tax even if it's decades later, as how much time has gone by only matters if your poor, disabled and working class.

I like to call it GITS for short!!



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