Tuesday, 25 March 2014


I had an email from an organisation I forgot I contacted. In fact it was sent because they had a legal department and that was why I sent one.

It was the organisation, charity, for people with mental health problems called Mind.

They mentioned about advocacy as well as following the correct complaints procedure, which I already have.

Anyway I sent a reply just to see if I can get any titbits out of them?


Dear Charlotte

Thank you for your email.

I have previously attempted legal representation but curiously there is no legal aid for it.
I find this extremely disturbing and now realise this was part of a greater plan to do the things I first suspected and then proved.

Unfortunately they had not factored me into their equations.

I made a formal complaint and still kept the fact I had Blog with all documentation and recorded proof hidden. I received two reports that were basically lies as this was as I planned.

I then made my blog aware to my previous GP Surgery while NOT informing the NHS. I received a phone call from a woman claiming to be the NHS and stated she was doing a survey on the complaints procedure. When she was told that the reports were full of lies she started that she would handle the complaint again via a different department. She claimed she would send me an email telling me of her intentions.

However after two weeks the email failed to arrive so I emailed NHS England who rang me the next day. Just like the idiot GP he spoke to me as if I was nuts and stated it was not the NHS. When I pointed out that it was and someone called me he insisted that it was not them and must have been the PHSO.

The PHSO were aware of the complaint and already possessed much of the story along with the blog address. But as I later found out they had sent me an email with a form that I needed to sign before they can become actively involved. I also pointed out that it is NOT just these two Doctors but the dozen Doctors in total and that this is controlled by someone in government.

Oddly when I filled in the form for the PHSO I came across a question I Italy was not expecting...
(The question deleted from this pasting)

This threw me as I have not only been screwed by the NHS. If you check my blog thoroughly, which none of the over confident public services and organisations have done thus far except maybe the PHSO, you will see the Police (two forces), Local Councils (4 and counting), MI5, GCHQ, HMRC, DWP, Atos, Argos, Very Catalogue and others along with every ombudsman you can imagine!

My point being that when I started my blog over 18 months ago I literally stated what I had done before for 15 years and no one did anything. I then stated that for the next two years I would then do it all over again and I would record it and post it as I went! I stated that just as before that even with the evidence no one would do anything but put their hands out for money that does not exist?!

Up until that question from the PHSO I have proceed myself correct all along for both past and the next 2 years I was to attempt everything I could.

That question about me (deleted) had thrown me in all honesty. Fit someone in my position I think it is quite an unfair question to ask people unless they fully intend to make good on their innuendoes?!
I would imagine if others had been asked that only to get nowhere this would therefore mean the question was a very cruel one to ask.

I mean to say that in my case the period I have had my health condition is over 15 years and possibly slightly over twenty?! How do you put a (deleted) on that?!

Never once did I consider the possibility of (deleted) actually ever happening. That, after all, was the point of the blog was that nothing ever happened!

So that is where I am at currently and would greatly appreciate your opinion.

Also some years ago I wrote to the Disability Law Service but have not since then. Do they still exist and are they any good? I approached a solicitor who was supposed to special in law for people with Fibromyalgia and yet he declined to help. He quoted no legal aid and, rather rudely assuming, that I could not afford the case! So I felt a bit annoyed about that and seemed like false advertising as he must only work on insurance payouts, but he did not state this on the webpage, and/or very rich people?! Because anyone with Fibromyalgia would not have worked and saved up enough money to fund a case based on his insinuations!
That was Brian Barr Solicitors.

If I did not provide my blog address and you wish to view it based on anything I have stated in this email it is...


It seems I have managed to help a number of people and do seem to be building up a lot of visitors which recently tipped over 100,000 in all. This will increase from April to October and a lot faster than it did previously.

In the event you can use my endeavours and blog to help others then please feel free.

Thank you for your time and apologies about the length of it but, well it's over twenty years and I am sure you can appreciate the complexities of it all.

I find it odd that I am achieving far more than any solicitor I have contacted is capable of and have not finished yet.

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc

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