Saturday, 22 March 2014


Ooh I thought this one was hilarious!! I could not dream to get a better news report to play with them this one!!

On the one side you have the Doctors, who have been telling outrageous lies about patients/been utterly incompetent/could not give a feck (delete where appropriate) on behalf of the government now doing their conkers over being refused a 1% pay rise?! Probably now feeling stabbed in the back by the people they lied on behalf of?!

Hahaha I am sorry, this must be a joke, surely? I cannot toe any more and sound serious! Balling their eyes out over a 1% pay rise?!

Well how will that compare to the fact that they managed to single handedly destroy 13 years of my life on behalf of someone else so that they can carry on getting a salary that most of them did not deserve?!

Or the fact that they fobbed of God knows how many patients and left then in pain for Good knows how many years and caused the premature death of patients purely because they wanted to keep being under the NHS' umbrella and keep getting cash?! Refusing patients life giving drugs or pain relieving drugs because the NHS have told them not to while pricks in suits doing deck all in Primary Care Trusts and NHS England take masses of British taxpayers money while the poor, disabled and those in pain live lives of misery so they can live lavish lives?!

Oh boy I do find this story bloody hilarious and simply could not have been retorted at a better time!
Outrage?! They have no clue as to the meaning of the word, outrage.


Doctors 'outraged' at NHS pay deal

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