Thursday, 20 March 2014


Well I am now in a quandary!

It is so late now that it I go to sleep at all I will not wake up until the afternoon, which I hate, and I am then stuck in a vicious circle that takes several days to break out of!

My sleep is bad at the best of times which is now confirmed by the discovery of Fibromyalgia. But it had not been this bad for awhile, but then I was so busy posting I forgot to take my Amitriptyline until 1am which also add to the problem add anyone that takes them know they make you sleep in! I should have not taken them as I may now face a good awful battle to stay awake?!

Yes I did type 'stay awake' add this is the only way to deal with this quickly without saying several days! Oddly enough it is all the sleep shenanigans that makes me wonder about cycling my bike as you cannot be firing on all cylinders with Fibromyalgia?! In fact that is a good idea I just had that I should kooky it up on the Internet?! That should keep me focused and hopefully long enough until the sun rises above the horizon? If I can do that I wool stay awake easier, unless I have one of those sudden sleeping moments that happen without warning that sounds similar to Narcolepsy?!

Yes I have come close to a fair few close calls when it comes to accident and luckily alertness and my lightning reflexes kick in to avoid any accidents. I did use to winner if it was just a matter of time that I am now thinking of more often since Fibromyalgia was discovered!

In the meantime if I can stay awake all day then chances are that I will fall asleep earlier than usual and everything goes back to normal? However, when this has flared up in the past and when really bad I can go 48 hours without sleeping! In fact one of the questions I would like to be able to remember to ask those guys at... Guy's Hospital is that yes I get why I feel like crap in the morning and can have several pains because Fibromyalgia is caused by non-restorative sleep, which is not the same as REM sleep! So why is it that when I do not also at all it actually feels even more dreadful than normal?!

Once upon a time a night without sleep I could take in my stride and fur those thinking it is because I am older I should state that as far as I was concerned when we got older we required less sleep?!

As for those people I heard about that have a condition whereby they only need a couple of house sleep in any 24 hour period.... YOU GITS!!! LOL! I do not know what it is called O just caught wind of it recently but this that have it.... You have no idea how lucky you are, really! Because it seems to me that Fibromyalgia is the polar opposite and it really is heel on earth!

Actually this has made me think of something regarding this blog? I often wonder if people that cone on here think I must talk like this all the time in real life?! Boy you would be wrong though I can be provoked to soak about a certain aspect of it. But I type on here so that I don't have to bloody talk about it!! Lol!

In fact my time is taken up, when not focused on some public organisation or other, with tropical fish, amphibians, reptiles, orchids, biking, photography, British Wildlife, Astronomy, films and music. Basically all those subjects of my long list of other blogs. Except cycling, I do not have one for that our a few others. I have not listed all that I cover and not do I cover all that interests me! Lol.

Right now I have explained how my sleep gets aggravated by the public organisations who are supposed to serve us and not harass us I am going to look for that Fibromyalgia and cycling to see if I should stay sheet about anything?!

I certainly hope to God it does not state that we should not cycle?! I would never make it through the entire year without a bike, especially add the organisations are taking all your taxes and doing feck all to help anyone end even when they do it's a 5 minute visit and GONE!!

I bet none of the traffic wardens have been out out of a job though?! Lol!

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