Thursday, 6 March 2014


Hmm now there was a statement I did not expect to hear!

The BBC have announced that they are scrapping BBC THREE later in 2014 and I have heard that BBC FOUR may follow?!

Leaving mostly reality crap on TV that staggers me and worries me and has for sometime now to the types of people who watch them and how many there are?!

I am sorry but those shows are mindless drivel along with the soaps and it panders to two things, gossip and unrealistic dreams.

My God I cannot explain how much I hate those shows and do not watch TV anymore because of it. I would currently be quite happy with a computer and an internet connection.

Some people used to poke fun at this and say the Internet is not real and sad to meet people on the Internet?!

I would answer, oh yeah and of course EastEnders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale are all real and meeting some bloke down the pub pissed out of his head is completely acceptable?!


I cannot help but wonder that some of the famous or indeed infamous celebrities are are commanding so much money that the channels now need to shrink?!

It is Concorde all over again!

That leaves only Doctor Who as one of the only decent things on TV along with one a month The Sky At Night?!

Well I hope they are going to drop the licence fee by 50 percent too?!

Oops! Did they think of that before deciding to do this without asking anyone?! Yes I have been getting the excuses when this kind of question is put to them! But then they did not give a shite about my father when they set him up on TV!! NOR THE FACT HE WAS DEAD WITHIN A YEAR!!

A nasty evil organisation I have no doubt have more skeletons in their closet to be revealed?!


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