Monday, 24 April 2017


Well then?

France had counted it's posts and bizarrely it states something very 
different to the news report on my BBC News app.

According to the latest evidence Marine Let Pen came first but once again for the second, third or fourth time now the BBC stated she had lost, well more or less as she was stated to have come in, on second place.

They really are not very good at making predictions are they?

Odd then that if you compare all their resources and supposed knowledge in politics that they fit it wrong and me, with nothing more than an ability to read situations, got it right.

It might give you a chuckle of I state that yet again I'm surprised I got it right?

Fake News 24?!?! Lol.

I'm having trouble remembering what the BBC report said but something is telling me it was in the usual patronising tone. Well patronising towards people that voted for Marine Le Pen that is.

A good job that this was not a French news network. This patronising tone would likely encourage more of the French to vote for France's National Front Party?

Hmm, maybe they have been?

I thought it was funny that the guy that came third, centrist politician whose name escapes me, stated he would vote for Letting Pen's rival, Macron.

Once again and just like in the UK here are politicians and a government that is just ignoring what the French people have voted for.

Now if it were me and I was French and voted for ... the centrist that came in third I would be annoyed with his connects. Like I said ... patronising and naive to the point it looks deliberate? In which case it's even more of a middle finger to the French people.

Once again if it were me in that position I would make a statement to the French Press making it clear I could now see there is a major problem and that the French government had been failing for a long time. A very long time.

But I doubt that will happen.

As it has not happened here yet.

I predict that Theresa May will win this snap election and once again she won't see it fit what it is, that the vast majority want two particular things changed.

No she will see it as a vote that it's OK to kick sick and disabled people even harder when they have been lying on the ground in pain due several years already.

She, or that they and I mean those Conservative politicians who look down their noses at the working class like Iain Duncan-Smith does, will likely think they have pulled the wool over the British public's eyes. They will likely also come to the conclusion that we are easily fooled, read 'stupid', or naive, read 'Osterich Effect' or at least that the majority are made up of a mixture of the two.

Or maybe they think that they will just be voted for anyway so carry on being inhumane to groups of people for the good of the country, despite no sign on working and quite the opposite.

It's for this reason that I find Jeremy Corbyn being the main opposition to Theresa May to be very weird and very convenient.

We have no money to the point that disabled people have been kicked repeatedly year after year for many years in a very public way. But one of the first things Jeremy Corbyn does seals his fate fit the next General Election. I was all for him until he went to that immigrant campsite in Calais, France.
Boom, politically dead. In one fell swoop.

Whoever suggested he do that should have been fired, not that it would do him a lot of good after that blunder.

"I'm not going to listen to all the people that voted to get out of Europe nor  half to two thirds of those that voted to remain in Europe! I know better than all of them!" is what he might as well have said.
You know it's just occurred to me he has all the makings of one of those communist ... tyrants. Like the one in North Korea. Kim Jong Un, or whatever his bloody name is.

Sometimes I see a big swing in voting as a nation realising they made a mistake or that a new leader taking over in the interim as being a big mistake.

Funny then how no matter how we vote we always seem to make the exact same mistakes?

Blimey ... it's almost as if we are all influenced by something? Something that would have to be in our faces several times every single day? Oh yeah ... mainstream news media via radio and television.


And I see they are still fecking listening to and printing everything that Tony Bliar says?!

Oh I think I meant Tony Blair. Don't have a clue how that ended up as 'liar' after the 'B'?

I would like to wager that the news media will still talk about Macron winning in France and very, very few will talk about Marine Le Pen winning?

To be honest I don't see her winning ... but what I do see is her coming in a very strong second or very close to winning. I also predict that once again the fecking idiots, just as they did he here, will ignore both the fact that Le Pen coming in strong along with all of the French public that voted for her.

It's just like UKIP voters in the UK. Lol. Despite the fact they know damn well why Brits voted to leave the EU and can surely work out that to to half or even more of the remain voters will think the exact same as UKIP voters?

It is still ignored.

Politics within the UK seems hellbent on destroying itself?

It almost looks like they are doing the same thing in America?

It now looks like France could soon be mimicking Britain in this regard?

I won't complain though...

We are supposed to live, adapt and evolve over time but politics has been stuck in the dark ages and the seems to be those that want to drape it all in a large shroud, making things even darker.

We are either standing still or going backwards of late and are showing no signs of stopping.

I wonder which country of the western world will have its own revolution, or spring as it now seems to be called, and who will follow suit?

Hey?! I'm just going by the very best template mankind has had available to our long enough now that they should have learnt how to benefit from it.

It's called 'history'!

As for Theresa May?

Imagine the embarrassment of losing to Jeremy Corbyn?

It's this outcome looking so embarrassing that I'm absolutely sure that Theresa May is sure she will win.

Well ... ask yourself something ... if she is absolutely sure then there must the things about British society that is just so plainly obvious?

So why doesn't British society see this too?


Crikey! A lady minute discovery of that not only is Maine Me Pen a shock going through as they are not one of the main two parties but neither is Macron either?!

Added to this is the fact that the socialist party that is in power actually came in last place out of five?! This would have been embarrassing enough had it only been three parties, but five?!

Oh dear.

This has already turned French politics on its head without the final result next month.

This was what I wanted to see take place in the UK. But, no. No matter how many times we've had governments do things wrong we just keep voting for the same inept parties.

What makes this frustrating is complete idiot's stating crap like anyone else other than the big two would never be able to run the country, make big decisions and crap like that.

Funny, I was under the impression that everyone running belonged to the date species but maybe not?
That was a joke and no I wasn't about to start sounding like David Ike.

So one party of the two had only ever reached the second round one before and the other party was only set up a year ago?

This just gets better and better!

Starting to wonder if I read something correctly as they are back to stating that Marine Le Pen was a couple of percentage points behind Macron again?!

Maybe it was just the percentage points for a region in France that had just come in when they put Let Pen a couple of percentage points in front of Macron?

Still it didn't really affect the shocking outcome of the results nor the two they will go through to the last round of voting.

Aaaand the extreme left have now become violent in France ... just like they seem to do everywhere else .. the USA for one ...

I am trying to work out how it is that today it is the extreme left that are violent and sore losers? Please note the source for this little nugget of a report and that after looking at 6 sites Fox News was the first to report on it ..

Saturday, 22 April 2017


Well I've been waiting for it and now I have it.

Leader after leader, government after government and Prime Minister after Prime Minister. Always the same.

They must surely know by now that their secret is out? But they carry on regardless.

It's been covered in the tabloids to a certain degree but not fully and ignored completely by the TV News. People with disabilities have been repeatedly and brutally kicked in the nether regions. It's also been going on a long time and started prior to the Conservatives being in power. It only got worse once they took Number 10.

After continuing on with their never ending persecution of the most vulnerable in society Theresa May actually stands there and says that UK aid will not experience any cuts?!

Trying to impress someone? Trying to impress the rest of the world? Trying to impress the British public?

For the latter I don't think it will work but I also don't think it will matter.

It's not because I think that not a large enough portion of the British public know they are persecuting disabled people. It's also not because I fear that the vast majority of the British public may be amoral either.

It's because I think the Scottish public will still vote almost all the SNP into seats and the English will vote for anything but Labour out of fear that Jeremy Corbyn will let in even greater number of immigrants than we already are.

He belongs to a barnpot group they believes of you keep being nice to foreign nationals they will all be nice back. Some of them never will and they are the same lot that want to restrict the things British people can say or do in their own country but they can say and do what they like because it's their culture or religion.

Out of the two paragraphs one will never ever take place while the other is how it is presently and will never ever change.

It's why I call them the master race and that's because they think themselves superior to everyone else. Some will just come out and say it, some will say it when annoyed or angry. Most won't say it but secretly think it.

I know because I've had many run ins with the very worst of them.

Everyone I come across states things like I have done but clam up or ask you to clam up when someone appears within earshot.

I don't hide. But then I don't have quite the same level of anger to say, or want to do, the many things I have heard from others.

That's where it all went wrong and a very, very long time ago. It's still happening today and I have seen it on TV for years.

As soon as someone says something any group would find offensive, outside of British born Caucasians, the TV News will be all over it like a rash and have been like this for a couple of decades.

But in recent years the trend has been to attack or label anyone who is white who says something stern about anyone else.

There is absolutely now way around this when I state fit the umpteenth time and that I stated fifteen years or more ago that this leads to trouble. 'Trouble' is an understatement. It builds up hatred and poison and gets to the point where people will think evil thoughts and eventually talk to each other about these evil thoughts.

That slow process of steps I just described has more steps and these become more ... extreme.

It's inevitable. Sadly but maybe it's for the best because some groups need to either get a wake up call or be caught out.

You see I simply don't understand how they can't know this in either local or central government? They simply cannot be that dense and stupid and therefore they are not capable of doing their jobs and/or not deserving of them.

Of course there is always the other possibility?

They could know damn well what's going on in which case they either do not care or they are using this as a weapon?

If they know but don't care then they are completely amoral and not deserving of their positions.
If they know and are using it to their advantage then they belong in jail.

People voted them in. To then go and use a situation or series of events to control or manipulate those that voted you in is not only amoral but criminal.

I have a situation where someone had controlled and manipulated. They have deliberately created fake situations that they can attribute their own lies to that go on their favour.

In this case there is only one of the manipulators, with maybe a surfer or two following, and eight of us being manipulated and lied to.

We know it and I have detailed every step of the huge plan that had been going on for almost a year.

However ... despite me knowing exactly what has gone on and when ... it is once again down to a public service that is supposed to follow the letter of the law and controlled by government. To a degree.

But I've had no faith in any public service and every single one I have had dealings with, must more than twice and some much more, and they have failed on every single occasion.
They have a failure rate of 100% and I have no doubts at all that on occasion that failures are very intentional.

However .. none have done their homework. I have had a 100% success rate. When I've had my failures that have sent me nosediving these were on things I not only previously won but then went on to win again.

In fact I'm weeks away from failing on one public service for the second time, after succeeding twice, but I will only come back to win again.

Now they say 'third time lucky' or 'third time's a charm' and as it turns out this may very much turn out to be the case?

Unlike every other time when I return for the third time I will have much more evidence, much more data and I will have two people backing me up, possibly even more, than I did the last two times.

I will also have a very large audience by then and it may have an audience so large that ... it cannot be ignored any longer.

That's the thing I love about numbers that everyone simply fails to take into account ... numbers grow to a size that eventually you simply cannot ignore any longer.

Almost bizarrely in these instances the numbers refer to people. Individual people reading stuff. Lol.
It's also not about the numbers either...

... It's also sensible to consider that each of those people have the ability to speak or even sign.

We live in a networked world where everyone loves to talk or text each other. Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp and iMessage, or whatever the Apple messenger app is called.

The number in question is close to half a million and I reckon that a year from now that will be double? Maybe even more of I do everything I both plan and want to do.

Imagine that? A year from now a million people telling people they know things. How many other people do people know on average? Two parents, two siblings and six friends and work colleagues?
However that's not the entire story as people have dozens of not hundreds of friends online.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: General election 2017: No cut to UK aid spending, says May -

Thursday, 20 April 2017


Well … I had to go back to something I have referred to previously, at least I think I have, as I have been speaking to people about it but could not state where I had heard about it.

I also have a couple of other things I want to touch on too.

First off I am on a program … of sorts. A course to get my blogs and YouTube channel into focus to help do more work throughout this year so that I might generate an income at some point.

Due to my health issues and that I am disabled it seemed a good idea to work towards something that may well make me self sufficient. There is nothing I would like more than that and have wanted as well as worked for this for a very long time now.

So I am coming up to the half way point of an eight week long process to get things in order and plan towards creating my own business.

Also this business will be getting help from another source too and I have been working towards trying to get these two things to come to fruition at about the same time. In a certain order but with a few days to about two weeks between them.

So I have some extra running around to do.

However two things have occurred I did not expect to. One is one of my health problems screwing things up that landed me in Accident & Emergency in North Middlesex Hospital. This was over slight chest pains and discomfort along with heart palpitations. I was urged to do a blood pressure test during a mild attack and it measured 197/121.

Due to the blood pressure being so high I phoned a health helpline, '111', and they begged me to admit myself to hospital. To my friend's shock I was not offered an ambulance.

While at hospital it measured 167/110 and they were quite concerned with the diastolic rate of 110 and I said “Umm if your worried about that being high, it was 121 before I left the house and if the blood pressure is linked to the chest pain and palpitations I can assure you that it has been higher than this on several occasions”

Dr Andrew De Stempel looked concerned about that.

Reasons for me stopping my cheap crap blood pressure pills were requested for the second time that day and I told them that I was told to stop taking them by Dr Josephine Swanton, I think that was her name, of Chase Farm Hospitals Neurology Department. This was because of blacking out either partially and momentarily while being able to stay on my feet, apart from some collapsing into a crouching position,, by grabbing onto objects and focusing on holding tight … or waking up one time on the edge of a wood in some stinging nettles. They call this 'Syncopy'.

Around the same time as coming off the blood pressure pills, no thanks at all to the NHS who have now endangered my life on more occasions than I can count, I was also going through a process of purchasing orthotic shoes. First a waterproof boot for winter by Salamon called the Quest GTX with Ortholite insoles. Then when it was getting warmer and for the first time ever I returned to Millets and bought a pair of Salamon that were more a trainer or sneeker type pair with Ortholite insoles.

Unfortunately and after several days of wearing them the weather become unusually warm for the time of year my feet started to heat up leaving me confused before I realised that I had failed to realise that my new Salamons were Gore-Tex ones! Had I spotted this when I was buying them I would not have done so. I was annoyed with myself over this as I had now purchased two pairs of Salamons with Ortholite insoles at £100 a pop!

So I found myself in Sports Direct's Enfield store looking for airy trainers that has Ortholite insoles and to be honest I lie wearing those half sandal lie shoes but never seen a single pair with Ortholite insoles.

I found a pair of Adidas that were very airy and I bought them.

I had never purchased so many shoes nor shoes costing this much in such a short space of time at any point in my life. Ever.

Then a friend wanted me to go to the forest with him and we stopped at McDonalds to get a couple of latte coffees and as we were driving to our destination a woman in a Mazda drove into the side of us. I was told by my friend, who called me earlier today, to be told that the insurance company want to 'write-off' his car.

Yesterday and for the first time since before Christmas something unusual was happening with me and while at a friend's store I noticed my heels were starting to hurt a bit. We were deep in conversation on several subjects and I kept shifting my feet about and lifting my heels off the floor and alternating this between each foot.

I eventually left and when I was eventually home I suddenly remembered that I had been in thiis accident the day before, that Fibromyalgia is caused in the first instance by a whiplash event to the neck and realised it must have been down to the accident?

Then I started to panic.

I am right in the middle of a process that I have to adhere to and has me running around doing stuff and now this happens?! Even as I type this out I am hoping to God that the Fibromyalgia symptoms were just aggravated by the jolt and will calm back down? I am crossing everything over this!

But while on the phone earlier telling my friend whose car has now been written off by the insurance company we talked about the course I am on, the DWP and then about the cars they have been taking away from disabled people. Even Diabetes type 2 sufferers which is what he is. He had stated previously that this would never happen but I had been telling him that I met a man with diabetes who had told me that they have refused him mobility, a car, after first telling him he qualified for it, though he initially refused it as he did not need it when offered.

That is an honest man right there who then gets fucked about and lied to by the DWP.

He also told me that in recent times he had also been fucked about and lied to by the NHS.

I told him about my blog and what I do, predict, expose and that I also help and advise people on here.

Here is a video that describes the things I have done to battle one type of pain and that is foot pain, or more specifically heel pain and how I combated this particular symptom and if you have Plantar fasciitis or any type of heel pain … yooooou just might want to watch this …

I then told him of an article I had read somewhere that the DWP have been so bad at doing this that they and central government have been reported as being guilty of controlling the mainstream media which means TV News and national tabloids.

As I went over this I could not recall where I had heard or read about it and even if I had posted anything on my blogs about it.

Checking for links as I am typing this post and now I need to say “Ahhh here it is …”

It was a website called Evolve Politics. It will be interesting to see what comes out about this … though …

I was thinking thee other day and I stated this to my friend on the phone … I said ..

“What I cannot figure out is … if they do indeed get their hands on these documents … who do they take them too?!”

I mean that if you think about it for a moment … imagine that all UK TV News networks are on this list with all of the national tabloids … to who do you then go to with all these documents?

Not one of the national tabloids or TV new networks is going to say ..

“Oh here is a report that we were involved in covering up about a list of people that died or suffered under the hands of the DWP and/or NHS!”

It is just not going to happen is it?

I bet the TV News Networks also did not report on this one?

This has something to do with an organisation called WASPI which is something to do with women … ore women's rights.

Or how about the Royal National Institute of Blind People, RNIB, threatening to take the DWP to court?

Or the TV news networks reporting that the DWP's sanctions against benefit claimants have been ruled as being unlawful?

Or that the Atos assessments do discriminate?

Ooh peaking of which … PIP have gotten in contact with me and want me to attend a disability assessment … remember this is a disability ASSESSMENT and if you look back through this blog over four years you will note I have been telling them for over TEN YEARS.

You know it is funny … I know about this new age technology called files were you document details about people and keep all the paperwork on a cardboard of plastic file which is kept in a drawer full of folders and files.

Oh no … wait a minute … they are all using computers now! Still the same thing applies you scan or copy documents regarding people's details and they are stored in a file. DIGITALLY.

Oh and you know what else this means?

It means that you do not have to get out of your seat with your paperwork and go to another room, possibly on a completely different floor, to either store or even retrieve said files!

Easy right?

I have been telling them about my health conditions and the symptoms for 14 to 15 years now and … well … they want me to go to Chelmsford in Essex which is around 50 miles and awkward ones at that from where I live in Enfield.

Oh and for the second time, I cannot recall what it was last time, they picked a date that I cannot even attend anyway.

Yeeeaaah … remember I was in Accident & Emergency recently with a sky high blood pressure? I was raced around so fast it was unbelievable and I knew they were worried long before they told me they were worried. Well very soon I have to have an EEG monitor on me for 48 hours and,, stone the crows, if they do not go and arrange it on the day I am having the monitor fitted?!

EEG Monitor.

Mind you I am not so sure that they will find anything from the testing as the number of incidents I have had has dropped right away to almost nothing since I started taking those cheap, crappy Ramipril pills to bring my blood pressure down.

I am, however, experiencing blackouts, syncopy, again and am feeling that strong urge to fall asleep in the afternoons.

Oh right … did I forget to mention that through fear of the threats of sanctions by the JSA which I should NOT be on … that the business thing I referred to is the New Enterprise Allowance, or NEA, via the DWP and done with the Job Centre?

Umm yeeeeaaaaah they know about this blog. Are you laughing yet? Or has it not sunk in yet?

I am getting help to set up my blogs as a business, along with my YouTube channel, and have had my hand forced so I have told them about it. I have TOLD them about my blogs. My blogs on corruption. Yes I even said “ the public services”.

Are you laughing now? Please do not tell me it has not dawned on you yet?!

I am receiving help from a public service to turn improve a blog that talks about and exposes corruption within the public services.

Are weeeeeee there yet?!


Also starting this course was also how I got my Pregabalin prescriptions … yeah you know I mentioned that some time ago? “I am being forced to run around and start a business in pain … I have got a hold of Pregabalin and they are working better than Gabapentin and if I am being forced to run around by one public service then the other one had better give me the best drug available!” his how I actually asked!


Hmmm yeeeaaah I do not always tell the whole story straight away because it is not always the best tactical move.

Some tactical moves can take many months or even a couple of years or more!

Wink-wink. Oops!

Hence why I have been more proactive on my blogs and YouTube channel lately and hence one reason why I have been a little … silent on …. data.

Except … if the DWP now want to penalise me and take away Personal Independent Payments from me now this could cost both them and myself later on. Or in other words could cost them a lot more in the long run.

Look? When I told the business adviser about the blogs I … left a folder in my bag. I started off by telling him he will ask me a question and when he does I will get out a folder I have tucked away.

When I promoted the idea of a business based on a series of blogs and a YouTube channel I got a lecture about how it takes too long to build up a decent number of visitors, as a question. Did I not think so, more or less. I said “Umm you know that question I said you would put to me and I would then get out my folder?” and he replied, yes. I got out my folder.

I splayed the clear hard plastic folder before him and I turned each page that showed screenshots of eah of my blogs with details about the numbers I was getting. I told him how long I had been doing it and he was already showing surprise and sitting up right when I then broadsided him completely when I said “I have not done the sums for a few months but I estimate I am close to half a million visitors” he just looked at me and said …

“I do not even have to speak to my company to tell you that you WILL be accepted on the scheme” or something to that effect.

There are those that think I say the wrong things at the wrong times to the wrong people,, or have a big mouth in other words.

Not done to bad on here though have I? Not been closed down yet and running rings around people even when they have sent mme down a dark road that appears to lead to nowhere else than oblivion.

I am always doing something. Always.

What those people fail to realise is that I am extremely tactical and sometimes I have to be extra careful because of the fact that one of my symptoms is 'short term memory loss'.

Considering that handicap I think I have done … OK? Lol!

I am still doing OK, despite everything.

So yeah … that is one of the two things I have had in the pipeline. Well one of the two MAJOR things in the pipeline.

I have had some people tell me that the NEA thing is just a con … it is just so that the DWP can kick you off to save money and they can make their unemployment figures loo good. I said I did not care as it made no difference whatsoever as there is no downside for me in this. Lol.

There … is no downside for me in this.

I am receiving help and advice … not as much as I expected thus far and I have been given some spreadsheet templates and everything has made me think of it all more from a business perspective. I have been made aware of things I never thought about or considered and read up about things I never thought about or considered.

I have been out killing myself on my bike for journeys of over 10 miles and these are now up to 18 miles, for my last attempt.

What? You thought I did all this by helicopter? Or did you miss the part where I get no mobility help and cannot afford to run a car and have not had one for several years?

The wildlife part of the blogging and YouTube channel takes a hell of a lot of cycling and when I do what I do I am keeping records of both flora and fauna that experts and conservationists can come and check. So I am helping the wildlife, at least locally at any rate.

But I am very good with wildlife and if I could get further afield than I currently am I can do so much more and discover so much more. I was tipped to be the next David Attenborough when I was a kid. Yeah … after turning down an offer from ITV and BBC Wildlife Magazine I kind of missed that ship. Sailed a long time ago now, 25 years maybe?

Being able to go further afield means I can do a whole lot more with exotic animals too.

Oooooh yeeeeaaaaah then there are the tools that are coming? I have not really gotten into that side of it in any detail .. because I am not currently sure how big it is going to be.

It will be big … ish at the minimum.

Humongous at the maximum and then there could be a whole raft of extra things occur that could be very exciting … especially for my readers.

I like seeing people excited. In fact I will admit that one thing I have become hooked on is reaction videos to cinema trailers, though generally only the films I like or that have a big history. Comic book movies and Star Wars and the like.

I get an absolute joy out of watching those and when I thin about the possibility of putting myself in a position where I could provide people with that amount, or even half that, or joy it brings a tear to my eye.

Unfortunately for my most popular blog on corruption that is a difficult thing to do and is mostly misery and bad news. But … it is not .. completely impossible. It would just take a long time and I would have to perform certain … actions.

Help enough people that you could be seen as a hero to them.

Educate enough people that you could be an inspiration to them.

Admittedly I have been harsh at times and even angry at others but above all else I wanted this to show through. I wanted people to see that I hold nothing back and I talk straight down the line, so to speak. I wanted people to think that maybe they could see the fears in others to maybe even understand their anger or actions. I wanted people to realise for themselves what can be done as well as what cannot be done. Who are what you can help and who or what you can never help. To not waste your time, blood sweat and tears on things that are immovable and concentrate on the things that you can do something about.

I did have this philosophy when I started out that like the old saying of 'You have to be cruel to be kind' and so had to kind of lay it on the line in places. So you see allowing my anger and frustrations to show through I thought was important.

But yes and long before I started I could see things others simply could not but more importantly I could work it out. Sometimes that was sooner and other times it was much later. But I would always get there in the end.

As I did this I discovered that as I worked out an escape route or plan that I attempted this only to find that the government had shut that exit door long before I even got there.

As I did this I could talk and type about it on-line. If others were being driven into their own personal nightmares full of frustration and pain that I might be able to help them too?

Every single visitor that I ever received was someone I could potentially help and even if it turned out it was just one … it was worth it.

It would be five years this August, 2017 that I would have been posting, about corruption, for five whole years. The others need another 6 months, I think, before I can say that they have gone five years.

The important thing for people to be realising is that due to the government we have got and the ones we have had … everything has had a cost.

What I tell people is that what I have issues with is that if there are costs then I would accept things a lot better if I was TOLD about these costs. But I never have been even when I have more or less invited them to tell me so.

So with each and every one of them the order of the day and the many, many days and years previous they decided to lie and cheat. In every public service and every facet of society. Just lie. I also hate the fact that people just accepted this and they have been doing so for a very long time. I have also known for a very long time that this would just compound the problems caused by this attitude and it would build up to gargantuan proportions until the day it was in such a mess no one would know what to do.

There are things that can be done but … they will not like them and are probably well aware of them but refuse to take these paths? I know where my money would be.

I have been rambling on because I am waiting for a video to upload that shows a few things about me … that might come in handy in my defence or in one of my attacks.

At the very, very same time … this video can and probably will help people in pain. Foot pain to be precise. I explain that not everything is how it is perceived or even promoted to be by the National Health Service and its … professionals.

I have discovered things on my own that have not been stated to me in fifteen years and if they have failed to educate, help, prescribe or even provide me then they must be a lot of people out there suffering?!

This is also the case in a great many areas and that list is a long one, like Calum's List is very long, but I can only get to one thing at a time. On this occasion I have returned to an area that adversely affects me and that is foot pain. Specifically it is heel pain. Heel pain is not something you can escape from as the original rheumatologist I saw, back in 2003 (yes two thousand and three), told me “The moment you get out of bed your on the thing that causes you pain and will be most of the day until your back in bed. Many people are not going to be understanding of that!” but what failed to realise all those years ago is that I was going to discover that among those not understanding will be Doctors and other health professionals and specialists.

Never once have I been asked if I live with anyone to help me since 2003. For the last 14 years the answer to that question has been a very lonely “No”.

Government and public services would have forced me to be a burden on anyone I lived with even more so than I already was.

So another punishment dealt out by the government and public services is loneliness.

I have spent a very, very long time knowing that they really do not give a shit, despite what they claim when the cameras and microphones are on.

But now we might be soon discovering that the so-called freedom of the press is anything but. Also that the Press have been caught out to be aiding central government in hiding some of the worst cases of the breaches of human rights as well as manslaughter the world has ever seen.

Right here in the UK where the perpetrators love to go on TV and preach to other countries about human rights.

Tut-tut, go figure.

On a final note and one I thought was very funny, if it was not so utterly ridiculous and I told people they were idiots for agreeing with this one … sugar tax and being threatened with court action over it …

Tuesday, 18 April 2017


It's funny. I have been expecting European countries to follow Britain and be split down the middle.

I didn't expect the next country to be split down the middle to be Turkey.

Also I expected Presdient Erdogan, I don't like him at all, to lose quite badly in that referendum!

When I think of the extra powers he had given himself I find it hard to believe anyone in Turkey would be stupid enough to allow him to siren grant himself more powers than he already has.

Considering the previous troubles he has caused and that's not including the coup attempt this will not end well.

I predict that he will cause several shocking situations over the next couple of years and then there will be trouble.

Hell, it may even turn out he rigged the elections and the trouble could come in a matter of weeks?!
Come to think of it I never looked closely at the Austrian election to see if that was a close split too.
I need to check to see what's ahead for the next twelve months. My brain keeps telling me there are two elections coming up? I know France is coming next month, May is it?

Oh no I think I'm getting confused, there was a Dutch election I think? Good God I need to give the time to look at these things in more detail.

I would not want to be living in Turkey over the next couple of years, that's for sure.

I am sure President Erdogan is modelling himself on Putin, or just copying him or doing what he thinks Putin would do?

Your not Putin though, Mr Erdogan and it's not Russia.

It is almost like President Erdogan is trying to turn Turkey into a dictatorship? Little by little.

I hope by Christmas the title of this post does not end up being true?

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Turkey referendum: Erdogan hails 'clear' win in vote on new powers -


I wanted to take my time before writing this piece.

In that time I really wanted to think about history to come up with a parallel to place alongside what is happening today.

If history tells us anything it is that trickery and manipulation of the masses never works in the long run. But you can guarantee that someone will come along that think they are smarter than everyone else in history that has tried and failed on every single attempt to manipulate the masses.

There was some major and surprising news today and it reached me via my phone via BBC's News app in the most bizarre way.

I was in a friend's car heading to Waltham Abbey and was in Bullsmoor Lane in Waltham Cross after just leaving McDonalds with a couple of lattes. As we traversed along Bullsmoor Lane I saw a silver Mazda coming out of a side road. Just as we were almost on top of it I noticed it move forward and I realised she had not seen us. As I was about to warn my friend, though there was nothing he could have done and am not sure if anything audible left my lips, the car hit us and my coffee got squeezed as I lunged to the left. In an almost slow motion like fashion I could only watch as several droplets of latte coffee raised up before hovering momentarily and then head back down to the carpet and my legs.

We got out and the lady kept apologising, maybe feared being shouted at, and I told her not to worry and that these things happen.

While my friend spoke to the owner of the Mazda I rolled a cigarette before checking my phone for notifications. Looking to see if my NEA advisor had text me I then noticed a notification from BBC's News app and when I read the headline, or at least what I could see, I was somewhat … shocked, hesitated momentarily before an audible but quiet “What?” escaped my lips.

Prime Minister Theresa May had called a general election for June 8th this year?! But we are currently in the latter half of April!

I honestly thought I was dreaming and I had to tap the notification to go to the page to see if it was really stating what I thought it was. Yup, it was.

As I had a bit of a wait I suddenly thought of someone I know that absolutely hates the Tories with a passion and I knew that if he heard this news he would be over the moon. I, however, was both sceptical, as I knew what he would think, and suspicious of this 'out of the blue' statement.

As it had turned out he was already aware of it and was campaigning about it .. somewhere on the Internet.

I did try to warn him not to be presumptuous about the outcome but he was already the end and with a victory for the Labour party.

I told him what I thought were the reasons she was calling for an election now but he had an answer for that too, which differed a fair bit from my own.

Now there may be some ego massaging going on, is there ever not, but I think someone has thought long and hard about time. I have a possibility that may turn out to be the case as well as I am trying to think up of things that could be why this shock announcement has come.

Now … first off what I thought is that Theresa May would have liked it very much if she had been voted in via a general election that being placed as Prime Minister by her own party. I think anyone would want that and that is the 'ego massaging' I referred to a little earlier.

I thought that for this to have any chance of happening it would be wiser to call an election earlier rather than later. That is in essence what I came up with.

There are some … other possibilities and I would not be surprised to find out later that maybe there has been some rumblings within the Labour Party and that the Tories have heard that Labour is on the verge of a split?

Now over time it may well turn out that more and more people would have become wiser or affected by the Tories governing of the country and voted against them in the next general election which I believe would have been around 2020?

The funny thing is that I was just saying to someone the other day that more and more are become wise to the lies and tricks of both the DWP and the NHS.

Now remember the DWP is not all about people that are out of work. I shall say that once more time just so that it sinks in … the DWP are not exclusively dealing with people out of work and claiming benefits.

There are people in work and struggling to get by on low wages while the costs of housing and rent is too high. They also deal with pensions, as that is what the 'P' stands for.

I personally had forgotten about Working Tax Credits and along with that are Child Support, or benefit or whatever it is called these days, and Personal Independent Payments. There may well be others?

I spoke to someone just a few days ago who was working an ice cream van for a friend and he told me that he had just discovered that the DWP have been lying to him as have the NHS. Both in very recent times and he was shocked as he listened to me explain that it has actually been going on for a number of years. That they were working on batches, or groups if your prefer, at a time. I explained that a Doctor I had met once around 6 or so years ago had found out they had started to do this via her patients.

Basically he had realised that they had just gotten around to him.

I also have just realised that I have not explained this yet to one of my friend's oddly the one involved in the car accident today! Because what it was that the ice cream van guy suffered with was the same my friend has. Diabetes.

I kept warning my friend that they would get around to diabetics eventually and he stated that there was no way the DWP would touch him because of how serious his condition was. I told him and maintained this for five years now that they did not care.

They really only care about how the public perceive them.

Whether this is through the fact that the majority or people were amoral and did not care about disabled people as taking from the disabled would help them or it was through naivety they did not care. As long as the majority was a mixture of the two then they would win elections is what it comes down to.

This is why there is that rumour and investigation going on into the government preventing the big mainstream media names from publishing stories about people suffering and/or dying via the actions of the Tory government. It is claimed, and may well be proven, that documents exist that show how they did this and who it was they controlled.

This is mainstream media do not forget, who have been banging on about fake news with other … outlets mainly or entirely based on the Internet.

Damn it! My brain does not bloody work as it should at times … this could be another factor on why the general election has been called? Because if they got a hold of these documents the Tories would be finished and not stand a chance in winning another election.

If nothing else I have learned that trying to get what you now as fact to as many people as you can, well enough to make a difference, is a bloody long and painful process and takes an immense amount of work, time and pain, in my case at least.

I literally thought I would reach enough people in the UK to make a difference within a year or two at the most? Lol, no fecking way.

I shoved onto the Internet and linked into tens of gigabytes of recordings and documents of a Police Force (maybe two?), five local councils, the DWP, the NHS and even details about being involved with the secret services and that I almost worked for one some years back, GCHQ. I also published details and evidence that dozens of ombudsman for all these public services not only do feck all but they actually help those you have evidence on.

Think about that for a moment … those tasked to Police, for want of a better term, these public services are told of evidence that they have broken the law, or Hippocratic oaths, and they have then HELPED those accused.

So if your working or own your own business your PAYING these people to not do what they are tasked to do and break the law. Your also paying for those tasked to keep check on these public services who then help them to conceal what they did wrong.

How do I know this?

Because all of the ombudsman fell into a trap of my own design.

None of them asked for the evidence and in most cases they got in contact with the public service in question and the next thing I got were the idiots I accused sending me letters and notifying that whatever governing body or ombudsman I contacted had got into contact with them.

Well now, that is bizarre is it not?

I do not even get a reply, let alone being asked for copies of the evidence and yet those I accuse get contacted and I get a letter with excuses on it?

The one for the NHS, provided to them by the GMC was absolutely laughable and it did not even end there. The PHSO refused to contact me until I had gone to two people that lied, GP and Hospital, then to those that are corrupting the GP's and Hospitals before they would even look at my complaint. When they did they spent two years sending me compliment slips saying they was working on it, along with a shed load of emails from a Jonathan White, I should have been suspicious of the bloody name. After two years and having gone six months from not hearing from them I contact the PHSO yet again and they say “Who are you?” I ask them what in the feck they mean by asking that they have been working on my complaint for two years. They then tell me they have no record of me. I tell them the guys name, Jonathan White, and they inform me they have NO RECORD of a Jonathan White ever having worked for the PHSO?!

No, seriously. That was what happened and that was just with the NHS and the PHSO about ONE complaint when I had dozens of incidents with the NHS. Five GP surgeries and five hospitals. No word of a lie and a great deal and all that I need to prove this was posted on this very blog.

Though at over 100GB, and could very well be over 200GB now, I could not publish it all and to be honest there are dozens of audio recordings that I simply forgot to rename to remind me what was in them when I looked at the filenames.

Yeeeaaaah … FIBROFOG.

Yes and that was the one thing they could use against me and the very reason that when I suspected they were lying to me that I started recording them in the first place. Because I could forget details about what was said.

So whenever I stated what was on any recordings that I DID rename and did publish I may very well have forgotten important things that were indeed said while recording.

That is without the ones I forgot to rename!

But … I also contacted every single major national newspaper and every single major TV News network and I told them what I had.

I did picture my suspicions about the news media wrong and being invited down to their head offices and sitting there in a room, conference table and all, and handing them over a USB memory stick with everything I had on it.

But once again and to my own disappointment my suspicions about the media I had already had for several years were spot on. I did not even get an acknowledgement from them and maybe they were so scared of me that there dare not even do that?

Well I was told by two Merseyside Detective Constables and from a guy at MI5 that I was a genius to which I said … “yeah … I get that a lot”.

Many people I have met either briefly or have got to know along with Metropolitan Police and their forensics have said that to me over the years. I think I was about 15 when someone that owned a Manor House and many acres of land was the first one to say that. Before letting me and my surprised work colleagues drink a bottle of champagne that I was told would cost us more than a months wages.

So yeah … as you can see thought with the power of the Internet and social media I could get to enough British people in the space of a year or two. Lol.

On what is a rare occasion I got into a conversation where I said that I am very rarely wrong he then turned and said to me “Well I can think of one thing you are wrong about?” I changed the subject to something else.

Now I would forgive you for thinking, “Cocky twat does not like being told he is wrong!” except that I do not mind being wrong.

Except if I told you that I knew what I was going to be told I was wrong about and would have actually gotten angry with this guy and told him to 'fuck off' you might wonder why?

If I told you this man was a Jehovah's Witness I think you can pretty much guess what he was going to tell me I was wrong about? LMAO!

The reason why I would have told him to 'fuck off'?

Because he was going to tell me I was wrong about my theory of the creation of life because the answer would have been God.

Because he run down scientists, yes OK some deserve it as I have previously stated, about proving things and yet wanted us to go on faith. Because of some books that men wrote thousands of years ago. One guy tells me who was told by someone else and them by someone else and so on and so forth because they all read it on a book that some guy wrote.

I almost did a facepalm when he suggested that I had faith to know that I could work things out and that was proof that God exists?! Because I had faith in my own abilities? Jesus H. Christ! Oops! LMAO!

I do NOT know I have the ability to work something out or prove it UNTIL I have actually done it and faith has feck all to do with it and never has.

Maybe he got annoyed, maybe even jealous, when I told him about my blogs and YouTube channel and that I was close to half a million people and was thanked by a religious man a few years back on one of my blogs? It was not the blogspot blog so do not go looking for it if your reading this on there. Lol.

But according to him should stop all this and be a Jehovah's Witness?

Yeah … I am currently getting through to thousands of people per month, soon to be tens of thousands of people a month all of which would take no notice of my helpful information if I turned around one day and said … “Hey, guess what! I am a Jehovah's Witness now!”

All my work destroyed over night … all because he would get a commission for recruting me from a higher being that has never made his presence known no matter who was dying or suffereing nor how many? Riiiiiiiiight!

I told him to go back to his rebel base or whatever they call it and to ask around if anyone knew who the 'Mission Man' was. Because some that are not as annoying as him have nicknamed me that.

Whether they see me as a man that creates my own missions and speeds of to achieve my goals and help people or they think I have been placed here by a higher order, like their boss and it would not be the first time a religious group thought the latter, I do not know.

So I just do what I do and I just keep on doing it until I reach a goal. I relied on word of mouth and people to talk or even post about my … umm posts out on the Internet and though this is happening, from time to time at least, it has not happened as first as I originally thought it would.

There could be .. outside influences of course and I would have been a complete fool to start doing this without thinking of the possibility of any .. external meddling. But I am discoverable and I have been in situations where people have asked me for my blog, two notable from public services even, and have found it … pretty easily and to the point that it shocked one. I told a Doctor to type in “A Saint Called Allnights” into Google and it came up as number one. He said “But … its the first one on the list?!” and I simply said calmly “Yup”. Lol. He smiled. He said that he knew everyone was up to no good. He was pleasantly shocked I had what I had and had done this for as long as I had.

Lol, that was like 6 months ago now I think? Still here. If you are reading this. I still have a mountain of stuff I need to … go through and publish on-line. At some point and it will take me months, if not years, to publish everything.

Wow, I would state that I digress but that would be an understatement.

But you see now that I really am not one to just post something up online quick as everyone will be looking to Google it as it was just in the news, because I like to give it plenty of thought.

Ergo, Theresa May is calling a general election for a very crafty reason which could be for the reasons I stated or it could be something else?

Well … as I was messaging this person I know it turned out that he had … other reasons it was being called. But then he also thinks Labour will win with Jeremy Corbyn and I am not so sure. I strongly believe that Jeremy Corbyn will be less popular than Ed Milliband with the British public, or at least enough of them, that they wont vote for him.

Before I continue on with the reasons I was given by someone else as to why Theresa May shocked everyone by calling for a general election let me say this …

I am sure that by telling Nicola Sturgeon 'no' to another referendum she thinks she has guaranteed that all of Scotland will vote for the Scottish National Party. That is half of her job done.

So once again the Scottish people will sleep walk into putting the Tories into Number 10 just as they did at the last election?

That last point may well be the one to prove the theory of someone I know to be wrong?

Now to the other reason …

As I stated I was given another reason that the general election was called by Theresa May and that is down to talk of an investigation going on into voting fraud?

Yeah you read that correctly.

Yeeeaah those of you that have been coming here long enough might recall that I actually called that one right after the last general election? Lol.

So the general thinking of a group of people whose size is unknown to me is that if this is found out later on they will never get back into power.

You know what? I am inclined to agree that they do absolutely think this but the key in all this is not only what they should be thinking but that I am likely the only one that will state what that should be. I find it absolutely weird that no one else, not my friend, will state what I do when I state what they should be thinking.

They should not be thinking that they might be out of a job at the next general election.

What they should be thinking is will I go to prison over this?

So … has it gotten so bad and the higher up and the public services gotten away with so much that they think they are above the law and can do what they want? That the worst that will happen is that they will lose their jobs?

Also … have the public gotten so used to this getting away with murder, which it has turned out to be in some cases, and that these people never get prosecuted and are protected?

I can not say for absolute certainty that voting fraud has been going on and I could only tell you what it appeared to me at the time, which I did .. at the time. Lol. Memory issues … cannot recall what I said … at the time. Lol.

If you want to see the report about the voting fraud here is the link to The Mirror tabloids webpage report on it …

I also note that another top celebrity is now being named as being linked to an investigation into child sex allegations?

A world famous … British singer. My, my, my.. Jemimah!

It feels at times like the country is coming apart because people liked, trusted, adored and voted for have all got up to some extremely nefarious things.

Huh. Was just about to post this and BOOM, no Internet. Had to turn off the main device and turn on again. Weird.



Oh and what do you know? Theresa May lies!

“I’m not going to be calling a snap election. I’ve been very clear that I think we need that period of time, that stability, to be able to deal with the issues that the country is facing and have that election in 2020.”

So a 'snap election' would be bad for the country because of reasons ... Brexit but now it is not? LMAO!

Sunday, 16 April 2017


I really couldn't think of a decent title and it's very late, or early depending on your point of view.

I put 'backwards compatible', provided I haven't thought of a better title before I finish, because of you wanted something 'backwards' the UK governments are 'compatible'! Lol.

Yeah it seems my old friends Atos and Capita who I have dearly wanted to meet for many years are back in the news.

It also turns out they were getting a couple hundred million more than some were expecting. I'll say that again, a couple of hundred million more, British pounds, than some were expecting.

This payment is for one some thing ... deceit.

These people are neither qualified in well over two thirds of their tasks nor honest.

They are encouraged to trick disabled people, who I might add is all that they see .. well the genuine ones at any rate. They assess disabled people.

Some I know want to lay blame for these greedy leeches of society and morons on the Tories. I do get annoyed when I hear that and make it very clear these people were already there doing this shit when Tony Blair was in power.

Which begs the $64 Million question...

Was it that Tony Blair was really a Conservative man at heart?

Or is it like many now suspect and that those we vote into power don't actually win the country and someone else does?

I will never forget running into a well spoken lady, could pass for middle-class and a fellow wildlife enthusiast and her exact words to me we "It's like there is a secret government within government?!" I always simply put it that someone other than the government we elect run the country, 'run' being arguable, and probably always have? One can only think of the monarchy after statements like that but there are other possibilities.

So if this is true and I have no doubts, then what does that mean?

Well first off we are paying for something else that makes no actual fucking difference to anything. 

They something costs a hell of a lot of money but, hey, at least it keeps us thinking it does something...

Our general election!

Funny how they are so ready to pay out many hundreds of millions of pounds to liars and cheats to help them lie and cheat so that they can leave a load of vulnerable people to rot, die or worse have regular mental breakdowns.

Here is an excerpt ...

The UK government had estimated that Atos and Capita would earn £512m for Personal Independence Payments (PIPs) assessments between 2013 and 2017.

Stunning how much of your money they are giving to not one but three companies made up of liars and cheats rather than vulnerable people, eh?

Yeeeeah ... except maybe I should point out that's just for one single benefit and it's the I've for disabled people sos ... I give you two choices ...

1) Are they singling out disabled people only? I mean, just how fecking bad would that look?

Or ...

2) Are those figures only about one fifth to one tenth what they pay out to shady companies? Because I'm under the impression there are around 6 to 7 benefits but others tell me it's more than that?!

So let us say there are ten? Is ten times that amount being paid out in total?!


I think there going to need a whole new raft of public relations people before very long?

Especially if I keep showing people for to view or approach things from different angles?

Oh dear.