Saturday, 24 June 2017


One thing I prefer to do from time to time is .. talk about science subjects, technology and other things I believe can improve life for us.

If we are deemed as being worthy enough to have it, of course.

Deemed by the powerful, government and even the military. Look up the history of blue laser technology regarding the latter.

I think it was blue lasers? It was a particular colour of laser that was narrower than other colours so data can be stored on narrower lines. So more data could be packed into a given area.

That was to do with optical discs and movie formats for the average consumer.

Here are two more ..

First up my man Stephen Hawkin has called for the Earth to put man on the moon again, build up a lunar base and re-ignite a kind of space race.

I find it absolutely hilarious while equally ironic that thirty years ago or more there was a cooling off from space exploration. That drive towards this started in the seventies and I remember one woman being interviewed that talked about the millions spent on space exploration when you could be feeding the starving.

Even back in the eighties I remember that at times allowing public opinion to influence science is simply wrong.

Move forward thirty years, in reality a small amount of time, and we are running out of space for people on planet Earth.

Not only are there too many people, even stated by David Attenborough, but the rising global temperatures also suggest that the habitable area may be reducing and will be reducing over time.

Take a guess where there is plenty of space, so much space that it was called 'space'.

Only the trouble is to work on this now, allowing large enough numbers to live and work in space, will take a very long time.

So take a guess at just how much more we are going to be pressed for space, money and resources by the time we've achieved that?

But we haven't yet started!

So the smartest man on Earth has come out and suggested that we do start and soon.

Another one is a recent report by scientists that stated that there was a massive amount of volcanic activity that was both widespread and lasted a long time just prior to the appearance of the dinosaurs. They state that there would have been an extinction level event that allowed the dinosaurs to dominate?

Hmm .. a .. very interesting statement.

What could possibly have existed back then they prevented the dinosaurs from appearing?

Hmm it can't be birds because they came from the dinosaurs, or so it would seem?

Amphibians were, or first evolved, technically prior to the dinosaurs soo? Giant dinosaur size equalling frogs and salamanders? A giant sticky tongue coming from 100 metres away to gobble you up? Lol.

I don't need to be an expert on amphibians, except I am and not sure if I ever mentioned, to tell you they hundreds or thousands of volcanoes going off globally would very rapidly wipe out giant amphibians. Might have been some areas where something survived but this would rather depend on the exact extent of this massive volcanic outburst.

Or if their time-lines are wrong on evolution .. previous versions of mammals or even humans?

Are your noodles being thoroughly cooked?

Well time lines being right or wrong won't stop many of the tinfoil hat brigade from coming up with prehistoric population of beings possessing technology.

Just because they sound like they would be wearing these very shiny hats does not mean they are wrong.

Even a group of complete idiots could get lucky.

Yeah, don't think that a room full of Monkeys or Apes are going to eventually write any kind of book, including Tolstoy's War & Peace. Not without a few million years of evolving in the right direction.


So as was obvious they are finding that this bloody cladding is found on many other tower blocks.

So Camden Council have evacuated .. umm .. a lot of people.

Rather bizarrely two people were complaining about Camden Councils decision. One moron called it a knee jerk reaction and was determined to stay?! Yes, good luck with that and let me know how it works out for you?!

Jesus, some people are just plain dense.

You've witnessed one of the worst fires in years, discovered that there are no sprinklers, no extra or alternative flight of stairs. That the cladding is quite the opposite of fire retardant.

And you think the council is going to leave you there?!

Do you even register in the IQ scale?

Someone playing the gamble that they can get on TV and have a moan. Thinking that the chances are that it won't burn down and you will look correct.

Except .. there are dozens of homes and lots of people .. can you be certain that in all those apartments a fire won't be started by someone else?

Are you sure that no one in the entire block is not someone suffering with a mental health disorder they won't do something stupid?

You do know the country is full of terrorist cells that have just been offered hundreds of fucking easy targets all over the news media?!

If it was me and especially if I had a family with children I would be out as soon as they told me about the cladding!

I know I've claimed, predicted and exposed the public services for failures, corruption and lying to the public but .. no one no matter who you are can put any one or any thing in a position of 'your damned if you do and your damned if you don't' scenario. Your simply automatically wrong of you do. So don't make a bloody idiot of yourself on TV.

Jesus, I simply couldn't believe the attitude, naivety and stupidity.

I knew this would happen and I don't live in a tower block.

If I had I'd have been expecting a knock on my door as soon as I saw Grenfell Tower in flames on TV.

Now I'm interested to hear where the Hotpoint fridge freezer came from?

If it turns out to be one of these iffy electrical goods I discovered they were selling people 5 or so years ago, I'll just die! Though I discovered they were doing this over five years ago I later discovered that The Guardian newspaper reported it back in 2003 or 2005.

It will be a prime example of how cutting corners and selling the public faulty electrical goods as new can cause the most horrific tragedies to occur.

These two things linked together are not the only things going on either.

There exists a long list of things that are illegal and/or immoral going on. I know there exists a long list because I created it!

In fact it wouldn't surprise me at all for someone in power that knows that heard about the cladding along with the fridge and realised there cos be a link and advised all councils to evacuate tower blocks.

I bet there are a number of people having trouble sleeping lately and fur the foreseeable future?
I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Camden flats: Hundreds of homes evacuated over fire risk fears -


Well I'm going to state something I've stated from the very beginning and repeat from time to time.

The need to repeat things is annoying but necessary. Because there are new visitors all the time that are not aware of certain things.

Sure they could go back into my archive but .. will not everyone does this and .. well the archive is now huge.

I think it's over 3,000 posts now without actually looking?

Now before I started this blog I already possessed a mountain of evidence. Probably around 50GB?
I also started the blog later than I wanted to, by a couple of years, because of something very sensitive I was involved in that was looked to a major public event approaching at the time.

Once again something that the details of which along with the proof can be found in the archives. 

There is also a search function .. but then you would need to know who it involved.

MI5 for one.

I sent a shed load of documents and evidence to the national tabloids, almost all of not all, and TV News Networks. I didn't get replies but then I never expected to. Because way back then I was already convinced that the news groups were picking, choosing as well as completely avoiding news stories.

But what was important was what I told them after I pointed out that their was large scale corruption going on. Mainly in the public services. I said ..

"Don't think for one second that you have to go after the names I have you. As it's been in 100% of the paces I have looked you only need check out the nearest hospital, GP Surgery or council .."

After awhile those that knew me that thought I was mad stated to hear one report after another in the news mirroring what I had been claiming.

This got to the point when people would just say "Another of your stories is in the news!"

My point was that if I had looked at and investigated dozens of public services, full of people with self-entitlement along with delusions of grandeur issues, and find each one to be corrupt .. then it was everywhere.

My investigations were not limited to London and included the North West. Added to this many other public services are not based in London but scattered all over the country.

Ergo it was everywhere.

Now I point you to the link of the BBC News story below were no less than 15 councils have this fire hazardous cladding installed on tower blocks.

Two things to note ..

Firstly I don't know if they have finished checking yet, I saw what was presented to be a Reuters news report on YouTube that said that hundreds of tower blocks had this same cladding?

Secondly .. why are they narrowing the checks down to tower blocks alone?

What there isn't anything outside of a tower block where this cladding has been fitted and endangering the lives of residents? I doubt that very much.

The total number of blocks is 27, as I said thus far, across these 15 councils. You will have to realise that not all councils, or at least I am assuming here, will even have tower blocks within their borough. So I would be interested to see the total number of councils that actually have tower blocks and how many of those used the cladding?

This is a Hornet's nest. Whether this turns out to be the Hornet's nest I've been expecting remains to be seen?

To be honest I thought that this catalyst would more than likely come from the NHS? I thought that once it was realised that there were absolutely scores of Doctors and Specialists that were not only willing but actually are lying to patients and falsifying tests that it would .. explode. Then the mere realisation that Doctors could do this would open the floodgates.

In other words the public would suspect every one and every thing.

But then maybe this won't be the catalyst and my prediction will still play out as I figured.

Because it has to.

The more your up to no good then the more you have to do it, the longer you are it it for and therefore the more likely it is you are going to get caught.

And you can bet the odds are way better fit getting caught than they are for winning the lottery.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Cladding fire tests failed by 27 high-rise blocks -


Huh? Not long after I first posted this an unusual story was added to a friends well on Facebook ..

As it turns out two people have quite the Shelter charity, another one that did nothing for me, and there seems to be some very odd things in the report by The Guardian ..

Myers is a former chief executive of Kensington and Chelsea council, which owns Grenfell Tower, while trustee Tony Rice is chairman of Xerxes Equity, the sole shareholder in Omnis Exteriors – the company that sold the cladding used in the tower. - The Guardian
Wow that is .. concerning!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Yup .. this is late. As so often is the case it is fashionably late.

Yeah .. well I am fashionably late yet again.

Oh but wait? No and just like all the other times .. it appears to be me is in fact down to someone else that already has the long since label of being .. well, fashionable late.

The public services.

Now I have done posts leading up to some big changes and changes that will spread right across my blogs .. except and as would be understandably so thought, it should have happened before now.

In fact my last post about this thing was titled 'The Last Week' and I had and very almost did post one called 'The Last Weekend'. But I held back because .. I had a gut feeling. Except and as so many may have previously thought, I should not have gotten this right. I should not have decided that what has been given to me was wrong. It was against the odds. Let me explain..

This change has a date that I do not have and then a transition period of a couple of months where a lot of similar changes are going to happen.

Now this is following a .. procedure that is defined in law that cannot in any way be changed that would affect me or 9 other people. Not for the worst at any rate and only for the better.

NOW! In charge of this process, only acting as a go-between, between a court and us, is a solicitor not really reachable by me. Well .. not in the face to face sense.

This process involves ten of us and there is absolutely no one else between us and this process.

So if and when explained the above line will become absolutely clear, something I thought I would have done a few days ago.

Now we get to the point of the matter ..

I can both show at a later date, which I will, that this process was to end on Wednesday the 14th June at the latest and given two days for a letter to go from the solicitor and me .. should have reached me by Friday 16th June. Except it did not.

Thee idea of the post title 'The Last Weekend' was to write it in such a way that the readers would be left wondering if this was .. well the last weekend or the forthcoming weekend. In case it was late.

NOW! Here is where I let out a little more details ..

We have had something wrongly taken. In the form of a rather large .. object. There that will get readers wondering.

This was not only wrong but there was a huge play to misinform as well as manipulate a lot of people and one of those groups has me in it.

Think about that .. me. Lol.

The person that did this does not pay attention, thinks they know the law and was someone I used to see very regularly and was very close to .. except I stopped doing that some years ago and there were two reasons for this ..

One was that they started talking bullshit.

The other I wont go into .. I have to be careful about saying too much and giving anyone some info that would allow them to .. well let us say 'prepare themselves'.

The game has been afoot for a fair old while. Longer than you probably imagine and then when you guess that it goes back about 18 months because I have dropped hints on here let me tell you this. It goes back to around two years before I started blogging!

When I started I said I was going to do many things. I said I was going to achieve many things. I also stated I was going to catch a lot of people and organisations out that would otherwise be seen as impossible to catch out.

After all I am merely one man and with no resources or tools, at least when I started out, so what exactly could I possibly do? Many large groups and organisations have attempted to achieve the things I want to achieve and have failed. Over and over again. From solicitors to protest groups and even including Memberss of Parliament, though too few with the latter. Far too few. These had many individuals working with of for them and had resources and therefore money.

No single person was ever going to achieve anything. A person acting alone could not possibly be seen as any kind of threat against some of the biggest organisations.

How could any one person achieve any of these things. It is not even worth thinking about.

But it does, can and is working. But how? Well I suggest you read the above line again and then think about it for a few moments.

Who would ever guess that one person could achieve anything?

Most people I know even think that one person, they or someone else and even me, could never achieve anything or change anything.

I have provided you with yet another clue.

NOBODY .. WOULD .. SUSPECT. Even when made aware. Lol!

Also this individual would have to do this in a clever but very slow way .. think of an assassin, if you will, on a mission to .. well, assassinate an individual. He would be not widely seen and would be camouflaged, move at night and even then .. move slowly. He would focus on the areas that are .. neglected. Or in other words study to find weak points in areas that they could capitalise on to achieve their goal.

But awhile ago I was seen. I have also seen plenty of evidence that people that could not possibly know as they did not know from me .. have become aware. Giving themselves away to being informed about me by their actions or indeed, lack thereof.

How many of them have been informed about me and possess a file? I do not know.

I am not interested in knowing. It provides me with no benefit whatsoever so not worth my focus and it becomes obvious to me in time anyway. I just .. do not let on. The only signal I would likely give away is a wry smile. But no one would even take that as a sign that I know. Because when it is realised that the person knows that you know there give a certain .. look.

I have not had the look.

So then .. after reeling off all that to get the picture in frame let us go back to the point.

On April 10th I got an eemail and then a letter from a solicitor that did not say very much, other than to point out that they were following a set of rules in law that cannot be changed. Which I already knew.

I wanted two numbers and I never got them.

Sometime around the end of May I emailed them again and I tried to sound a little .. demanding and I was also being very sarcastic while not being .. obviously sarcastic.

To make things clearer I was told that “This wont take long” .. except .. I was given no time frame for how long it can take, between the shortest time and the longest time, plus I was not told when it started. Even though I specifically asked about the latter..

“When did this process initially start?”

I asked this because I did not know and we were informed some while after it as started and I not only could but already did look up the time frames. There were two. Which of these two time frames were involved would rather depend on whether yet another public service, though I use the term 'service' very loosely here.

And now I will tell you that I specifically asked if this other public service would be involved. Once again I got no answer.

So now think about this for a moment .. I am, along with 9 others, the ones to directly benefit from this which is laid out by law. So 9 of us have the right. Except at least eight of us have not been told anything.

Let me put it to you that if I was to ask you that if someone stated to you that 'This wont take long' could you tell me on your opinion roughly what time period is that? This was not given to me at any stage, despite asking twice!

Now imagine you were given a period of two to eight weeks or another of eight to twelve weeks for the process to be carried out? What would you need to know the exact dates of the earliest and latest it ended? Well you would need to know when exactly the process was started, of course. Yup .. one of only three questions I asked .. TWICE!

I have been told of which of the two time periods our process has fallen into and nor do I know when it started. But I did eventually get told something. Which was only garnered after initially poking sarcasm their way. Despite the promise of updates. I will get to this shortly.

Oh solicitors, solicitors? They are just so fucking stupid when it comes to Information Technology and yet when they speak .. anyone would think they were the Queen of Sheba. Or, indeed, the King of somewhere?


So I had one single date which was the 2nd of June which was roughly an idea that it would end somewhere near or not long after this date.

Yeah so as I said I was given .. a time period after being sarcastic while not obviously being sarcastic? How did I do that, I hear you ask?

Well .. we was all promised it would not take very long and with that we were also promised .. updates along the way. Of a process that two to eight weeks or eight to twelve weeks that had already started prior to my initial correspondence.


The process that would not take long has gone on for more than 6 weeks when I contacted them and poked sarcasm.

In the email, my 2nd email was not answered, I stated that as we was promised it would not take long and that they had promised us updates and then received any over a period of more than six weeks we all believe that something must have gone wrong and could they confirm this suspicion so we could take another course of action?

You see what I did there?

Of the three emails I sent only the first one, which they were … let us say publicly asking for, got a response, the second no response and the latest one with sarcasm garnered a response.

In this I was still not told the two figures I had been trying to find out since January the 8th of 2017 and was told the following .. which really gives nothing way soo ..

The 'documents' were given to the 'public service' on the 18th May (2017). This takes between 2 and 3 weeks to come back in which case I ask you all how you want to 'receive'.

So therefore .. as I stated previously the process would end roughly, or meaning when we get told the two bloody numbers we have wanted to know for 6 months, on the 7th June at the earliest and the 14th June at the latest. THEIR OWN WORDS.

Look at the date that this post was posted, along with the time.

It is roughly 22:40 now and the date is the 20th June and just like everything else I have asked .. I have been told .. nothing.

Except .. the solicitor was wrong. The solicitor also did not explain a certain something and I believe this was not only deliberate but also in violation of the law.

Yeah you see she got the period of time it takes this public service .. wrong.

It is not 3 to 4 weeks but in fact 3 to 5 weeks.

I gets worse as this period falls into the first of the two categories, or periods, I had constantly been asking for but had not gleaned an answer out of them.

What do I mean by that?

Well .. remember I said that the process can either take 2 to 8 weeks or 8 to 12 weeks and you may recall from an earlier post that due to my knowledge (in other words I always mean FACTS when I bloody well state this!) our process should fall into the 8 to 12 week category?

Yeah well the factual 3 to 4 week process falls into the 2 to 8 week category.

Now is this clear? The 2 to 8 week category. Meaning that the object removed was bigger than first appeared. Remember that to for a later post.

Sooo .. if this falls into the 2 to 8 week category then why the fucking hell has it taken .. more than ten weeks?! The 2 to 8 week process cannot take ten weeks!

Oooh … did I say it has taken ten weeks?! Oh deary me I am sorry ..

Well as I stated .. I was told by someone lse that a solicitor had already been instructed so .. PRIOR to me being told, which is why I specifically asked them. When this was first revealed to the very first one of the 8 of us, yeah yeah just ignore the 9 and 20 numbers, that was after a two day delay in response to a specific question.

Yeah it gets more confusing because I discovered the solicitor handling what is essentially the affairs or interests of 10 people by doing a Google search. Then I emailed them and solicitors are also fashionably late and so .. the 10th April was only the date that I got an answer.

The fact that my whole affair is actually listed very publicly means that the website had to be set up at some point. How long had that actually been there when I found it? It was the first .. search I had ever did on our affairs. The odds on me doing my very first search the very same day the web-page went live is .. well you can imagine the odds are astronomical.

Also the solicitor has to instruct this … office of public affairs, let us call them that, and it would take time for the web-page to be created.

So you can imagine we must be looking at, at least a week they were instructed prior to me discovering them. At least a week so could be more.

So we are not looking at 10 weeks here we are looking at more than 11 weeks and with no confirmation of any type of .. finality to any of the proceedings.

Soo .. we are looking at a 12 week period for a period that was supposed to take 2 to 8 weeks and we have been given zero in the way of an explanation for this.

Soo I had to inform three of the other 9 involved. Yes, yes the number of involved switches between 7, 8 and 9? Patience, patience. I had a response from one half of this group and he stated that I need to talk to another member of the group (incidentally the one that was told there was a solicitor involved) as they have now decided to .. well, hire a solicitor.

About bloody time!

But .. I cannot blame them because I know they simply had trouble believing things, I know I did and as I stated I simply could not believe the things I was told and among those things I was told of what was to come and that I and two siblings, two brothers and one sister, was OK with it.

It also turns out that this .. action was not as it was first portrayed and was a very, very clever ruse and once again it was me that discovered the ruse.

In fact one family member called me the previous Saturday and said “Have you heard from the solicitor?” as it was now 3 days past the final possible date she gave us. I said “Do not even talk to me about that! They are late but I do not even know if they are officially late because they wont even provide me with a timescale, category or even the date the were first instructed!”

Now here is the interesting bit ..

He said that he wondered that the reason it has taken longer than the solicitor quoted is because this public service had rumbled the truth and that someone must have forewarned them and he wondered as to who it could be. I simply said ..

“Are you serious?” He said “Yeah, why?” before I explained that when this started back in January that it was I that contacted said public service and when he then expressed complete surprise I simply said “Ryan? They were the VERY FIRST people I contacted”

I could hear this doubt in his voice and I simply said “I can forward their reply emails to you” and later I said to my sister that I was shocked that he did not seem to know that I contacted them. I gave both of them the email address of the public service and the London based one at that. I later found out, cannot recall how, that it was indeed another office up north and I emailed them too. Back in January and trust me I did no beat about the bush, gave them exact details as to what had gone on and what witnesses I could provide for each instance that I could work out what had been stolen. Very easy.

So yeah .. I did state to my brother that as soon as Saturday came and I still had no email and no letter it crossed my mind that the solicitor and the thief were both about to get a big surprise?

What did I state at the beginning?
Large and/or professional organisations with lots of money? Hwo could one person possibly do anything to these organisations or public service?

Yeah .. I did that.

I am also doing this!

But what do I mean when I state that 'I am also doing this!'?

What I am doing and have always been doing, that's what.

The clues are all here and have been here for a very, very long time.

Now excuse me .. I have to go and try to remember to type out a letter to HMCTS! Plus send it, of course. Damn these memory problems and blanks .. something else I have to work around along with no financial back up or resources.

Miracles are not exactly easy in this situation, you know!


Sunday, 18 June 2017


I am both shocked and at the exact same time I am not shocked.

But I do not know what has happened just yet, at least at the time of typing which is very early in the morning as due to some chest pains, heart palpitations and heat .. I have not slept at all.

Late last night there was an attack.

Now before I talk about the details and some of the idiots that have spoken on TV I am going to stress that as of right now no one actually knows what has happened.

But that has not stopped idiots from opening their mouths and stating things they cannot possibly know .. along with at least one thing that was claimed, along with all others, has turned out not to be true which only goes to prove my point.

Late last night a van ran off the road and ran into a group of Muslims who were coming out from some midnight praying .. thingey. Oddly it was being reported that a van had mown down some worshippers?! What the van entered the building and crashed into a load of people while hey were praying? Or was they all praying outside on he street by the traffic lights in Finsbury Park?

If you think I am bing harsh on reporters, trust me it is nothing compared to what the Muslims, and one other idiot, was saying to the reporters last night.

The Muslims there were angry at reporters for NOT stating that this was a 'terrorist attack deliberately aimed at Muslims. What, they were watching TV live was they? If they were then they would know that the news media cannot simply state what the attack was because they did not know and do not have ANY confirmation as to what the attack was so cannot say.

In fact the idiot I referred to spoke over the phone to the BBC and had anger in his voice, non-Muslim I believe, that the media should be calling it what it is but then contradicted himself by stating that some things should not bee said because they just do not know and that videos that had appeared online should be taken off.

Oh I see .. people should do certain things according to your rules and then ignore those same rules when it suits you? Moron.

It gets better.

In their anger at the Police and reporters and in defence of their claims that it was a deliberate attack against Muslims that the driver got out and started stabbing people. Some, or at least one, even said he was a “white supremacist”? Yeah .. I think not somehow, I could be wrong but I initially thought this was not the case and wondered if it might have just been a drunk driver?

But I kept wondering why the insisted and one after the other they all did the same thing and made the same claims. Only ..

Later a statement was released from the local hospital where the victims had been taking and along with the sad news that someone had died they also said the following “None of the victims had suffered any knife wounds”?!

But wait a minute here? Many people were claiming that the driver had gotten out and stabbed load of people?

This is worrying because one of the things I had thought might be going on here was that the Muslim communities might be a little worried about being the only ones that do these attacks and that here they had the opportunity to say “look we are not the only ones that do this!” which is not entirely true.

You cannot compare a one of attack which could be a nutter, drunk or drug filled moron to a global network of co-ordinated attacks.

Oh there were also conflicting eye witness accounts of the attackers too .. one said there was only one, another said that there were two people in the van but did not state what happened to the other one and others said there were three and that the other two ran away? Well which one was it?

Co-ordinated attack where of the three people two get out and run away and the other one does not stab anyone?

There could also be another side to this which could very well blow up in the faces of the Muslim communities.

You see I do not see any of them in those communities getting angry when it is one of their own doing the attacking. Oh sure you get a few of the leaders come out and state that “you are in our thoughts and prayers”, my God do I hate hearing that line and regardless of who says it.

So it might come across to people like, oh it is OK if you get attacked but .. you have now attacked us?! How dare you! Do you not know we are the master race?

Now this could be something that is just born out of sheer desperation because of the guilt they are feeling over these radicalised Muslim attackers. Yeah I do not really buy into that one, not from experience to be honest and that I have had a lot of. Or .. it could come across of the 'holier than thou' attitude which will only spark off more trouble down the line.

It also seems like it is one thing after another too lately and the previous thing that has happened may cause issues down the line too. Because I have noticed things to do with that terrible fire and if I have noticed these things then you can bet your arse that others have too.

Two things I noticed from that fire in Grenfell Towers and I am not talking about what the council did or did not do with the building beforehand or its handling afterwards.

It is more in relation to who they gave the homes to in the first place and how they are going to help them after said event.

I am going to make an astonishing change this time around in that I am not going to point out what these things are. But if the things noticed cause even more trouble down the line I am certainly going to say .. yeah, I thought this might happen.

Things happen. They just do. What amazes me is how no one seems to realise they are going to happen and then only make things even worse when they do and want to blame it on everyone else but themselves.

When you try to have this out with public services you get 'buzzwords' thrown at you in extremely patronising ways while they are looking down their noses at you when the truth of the matter is they do not have an IQ larger than 100. Very often some way below that mark from my own experience.

They have all become clicky-clubs where the benefits of entry mean that you must have a higher IQ then you actually do and therefore everyone eelse has a lower IQ then you and you can therefore look down your noses at them and if they argue .. well you cal always fall back on those buzzwords, like 'protocol' and 'legislation' though they do not have the faintest idea what the word means.

In fact with one I said to this stupid girl “If you say the word 'legislation' one more time at me I swear I am going to raise such a commotion in here I will put you on the front page of the news!”

I complained like fuck and she later got fired … in fact … there is a little bit more to it, like I caught her chatting to two mates about where they are going to go clubbing next when she was supposed to be working. Oh yeah .. .when you work for public service as well as complaining you do not get paid very much you can sometimes do fuck all work at the same time! Not always, as I knew a man who ended up taking on the work of three different positions within Barking & Redbridge Council .. umm I cannot recall if that was the name of the council?! Well it had 'Redbride' in it! Lol.

No a few years later I was in this council office and was talking to a rare person that was helpful and I said “Oh .. not seen Dionne in theese offices for a fair old while?” and she replied “No .. she got into this altercation with a member of the public who would not let it go and they got rid of her” before she went on “How do you know her?” before I replied “I am the member of the public that would not let it go” and her eyes went wide and her jaw dropped open.

She had to call upstairs to management and I said “I think you will find that they might have heard of me?” and her jaw dropped once again as she put the receiver down and said “Yes, Mr Haswell, they have all heard of you upstairs!”

Yeah .. make my life a nightmare and I will bring it back on you tenfold.

That council .. this council? Well they got off lucky.

There are, however, others that have cause a lot more pain and for a lot longer and them ones I have not quite finished with. They are still making my life painful but I am mostly .. umm dealing with it. Lol.

Bottom line?

They do not realise it but they are idiots and have been idiots for a very, very long time. Another thing that they have been for a very, very long time is unfair.

Currently they are being unfair on national TV and in more ways than .. three!

What they are doing is still trying to be political and hiding the utter shit that they do and have been doing a long time now.

This has to stop and it had better stop soon.

If you do not then I can tell you that what will come to pass is something that people now come to me and tell me that they fear that not only will it come to pass but that it is already happening.

No .. it wont be me, though I am sure they will try that one and I have just stopped them and have prevented them from using this route several times previously. It wont be some other bollocks they come out with. It will be them.

It has been and always will be them until they realise that you simply cannot do things they way you are doing them any more and you cannot be unfair in the way that you have been unfair any more.

What is it that I think will happen and have done for ages but that people now come to me and tell me this is not only happening but they feel is inevitable?

The collapse of society in the UK.

I do not want it to happen today and I do not want it happening tomorrow but I see us heading for it and I have seen us heading for it for many years. Even before radicalised Muslims starting killing innocent people in the UK. In other words you cannot say that it was that which caused me to come up with my theories .. no it was already going on long before then.

In fact the day that the protesters tried to kick in the doors of Kensington and Chelsea Council I had someone I know texting me saying that the collapse in society was going to happen that night?! I said “no, it wont happen tonight” but he kept repeating it would and I said “NOOO it is not happening tonight” and in the end I had to point out and admit that though it was not entirely impossible it was my strong belief that it wont happen that night. A riot was possible but I did not think even that would happen that night. But he kept insisting.

Of course society did not collapse .. but that does not mean that it wont.

I think it will be a combination of things that occur close together .. one will be people's finances but it has to be harder than it currently is and affect more people. Certain .. groups of people and long with a series of realisations that they have been lied to about everything including austerity measures. AS things get harder they will then realise that these lies and tricks have been going on for a time way before there was even any talk of recession.

Along with those things there will be a catalyst of some kind or other.

I did initially have a two year period in which I thought it might happen and that would be 2020 to 2022 .. ish.

Unless of course there are some major course alterations in the meantime?

But then I seriously doubt I will ever see the course corrections I know that I need to see to avert one of the, if not the, biggest catastrophe to hit the UK in modern history.

Might not just be the UK either, from what I keep hearing. Many around Europe are saying it and yt their respective news medias are not exactly reporting on it.

Oddly enough you can see videos of things actually taking place on YouTube and yet there has been this big push towards fake news to discredit these videos. Yeah, right? I am watching these things you do not report on with my own eyes .. but it is all fake!

The people causing the problems have to hold their hands up to being the ones causing the problems and have to be seen, very visually, to proactively doing something about it.

Not just bullshit throwaway lines and buzzwords that everyone seems to be repeating over and over and over again until you want to reach for the proverbial bucket!

Things are unfair and could not possibly be seen any more unfair than they are and people are NOT dealt with equally and instead dealt with politically. Politically does not, nor ever has been .. equal to equally.

Think on this .. when it happens, which it will if you do not make big enough changes, it will be around 2020 or a little later, I will have millions of people and I will be there to say …

I told you so!

Unless, of course, I die mysteriously in the interim?

I am a pretty fair person .. until I meet a group that no matter what, other than bending over a barrel, wont be reasoned with. Then my tactics and attitudes change, if I cannot walk away and ignore them or what they are doing, that is.

Friday, 16 June 2017


I got contacted by someone who asked me if I knew what was currently happening and pointed me to a stream on Facebook.

I didn't realise what was happening and initially thought it was done news article running down the Tories.

I've been listening in and I've just heard something I thought I'd never hear .. I just told my friend this ..

"I can't believe this is happening and right in front of my eyes?!"

First off a BBC reporter was ripped into by a member of the public and said "Well don't ask me stupid questions!!" while another member of the public interrupted him mid .. reporting to correct him on his false account.

This was in the space of just a couple of minutes and then one got on a megaphone and said "the BBC are not interested in listening to members of the public".

Funny as they went back to the studio after that and stayed there for a while.

It seems the real fake news is out?

I said to another friend that it would appear my message about the news media either avoiding or twisting things has gotten out.

Of course the Police have turned up on high yellow jackets.

Someone tried to keep everyone calm, a member of the public I should add. He got some answers from the council but .. well as he stated, they weren't good enough.

I have noticed that the crowds seem to be mostly of ethnic origin.

The sensible one stated that the Police turning up and going inside with some pushing and shoving and baracades going up is not helping. He says it's only making people angrier.

I have heard several times of the claim of the different rules for 'us and them'.

Of course the council don't have the money and .. well I've gone on about the reasons why this has happened and would happen for five years on my blogs and a lot longer off them.

Three days after the fire and the council have not contacted anyone about where they are going to live.

I'm being asked if I think this will be the start out rioting?

Yeah well of they had controlled house prices like I did they should, they should not have stopped building council houses, like I said they shouldn't.

Many believe that there had been this push to get everyone out of London to keep it for the rich and wealthy. There was even talk about building a wall around it. Someone been talking to Trump?

The tenants want to be rehoused in the borough and even I know there is simply no way that there are the available houses. Especially council houses.

Sorry to the government, councils, NHS and others but .. I told you so.

But then it's easier to deal with one tower block going wrong than it is for dozens of them? Cheaper too?

They have played a game of Russian Roulette with people's lives all over money.

Deal with it one at a time when it goes wrong .. only this had now become the catalyst they forces things everywhere to all go wrong all at once!

As for Theresa May? I can guarantee that she is "getting on with the job", somewhere?

Oh wait? She has no doubt heard of the protest and has announced £5 Million for them. Huh thought we had no money?

Hmm maybe to save billions of pounds they cut corners and keep a few piddling million aside for when it does go wrong?!

Funny too was hearing one member of the public claiming that someone stated that they are behaving this violent because they are Muslims and this is what they do? Where in the world did that come from?

Oddly I only remember seeing one white guy among the protesters who seemed to be doing a lot of shouting. I hope he is not one of these anarchist extreme left wing people trying to stir things up?

I also heard that the protesters reacted badly to the announcement of a public inquiry? Oooh .. I wonder why that could be? Because no one ever gets done, it is all just a farce to feel us naive and stupid members of the public? Because this shit just keep on happening?

It is funny because I have heard enough things said by the protesters that I am started to wonder if everyone has been reading my many blog posts?

It is somewhat surreal to hear people on TV, members of the public or not as the case may be, saying things that are word for word something I had stated on my blogs at one time or another.

I think this will lead to some bad things happening and if the signs I am reading are right and the crap keeps on spewing.

I mean, Jesus Christ BBC! I heard your reporter state in the evening that people 'wanted a quicker inquiry' when several tenants clearly said to you much earlier 'We don't want a public inquiry because nothing ever comes of them'.

Fake news in action, ladies and gentleman and I am sure that many people will be picking apart all of this and I bet that despite re-running the same sections over and over again they will not -re-run the sections where the BBC reporter gets ripped, not one or two or three but several new holes?!


It's amazing isn't it?

If a T-Rex was running around any city roaring it's head off in the UK it wouldn't go unnoticed, would it?

So how come something way, way fucking bigger than a T-Rex with dozens of voices rising their heads off goes unnoticed?

When I say 'goes unnoticed' I mean by everyone and that includes the mainstream media.

You can't tell me that if a whole organisation sets to something online because they feel that strongly about it .. your telling me no one approached the media? With emails so easy to send?

No bloody way.

Noticed now, haven't they? Now they have a big story their sprinting down to Grenfell Tower run up to people not knowing if their missing family members are alive or dead and asking them "Hour are you feeling?!" I do so wish someone would answer "How do you think I fucking feel?!"

It's guy to happen one day. They simply have to go up to someone who tried desperately to get the media involved and knock them spark out when they ask a bloody stupid question.

I know I would.

I was amazed to hear one guy, can't remember who he was, who said that architects and builders overseas simply can't believe that the UK builds tower blocks with just a single fight of stairs.

Tests on the aluminium paneling had shown that it does indeed burst into flames at high temperatures. Also and as I stated recently a tower in Dubai, thought it was Paris, caught fire and spread the exact same way. It had the exact same aluminium panels installed!

So .. what company are they from, what country are they produced in and why wasn't they ordered to stop manufacturing them until they solved the problem?

Or at least made it completely illegal to use anything other than the most fire retardant materials on death trap buildings like tower blocks?! Especially when they only have one fight of stairs?!

I had a friend of mine text me later last night. He knew I would have heard about this horrific event and straight away asked my theories.

I told him that as far as I know a tenant stated good fridge caught fire and it spread like wildfire because of crap materials. No fire alarms, no sprinklers and one lady tenant even stated that she had seen loads of fire engines parked outside, therefore some time had passed by, and she didn't even know her building was on fire?!

She said "Why didn't they buzz everyone and tell them to get out?" Why indeed?!

Another shocker is the tenants being told to remain in their homes because it's safer?!

I told my friend that if it later turns out that the tenants fridge was bought as new from PC World, Argos or one of Shop Direct's mail order catalogues I will not only do the biggest facepalm ever but this will open up one giant can of worms.

I told him to imagine it. He knows I've exposed the retailers for selling faulty and used goods as new, to the poor primarily who take them home and place them in unknowingly into their fire hazard homes?

I said this is exactly why I've blogged my heart out for so long and tried so very hard to tell the mainstream news all this over 5 years ago.

Just as the tenants have discovered prior to Grenfell Towers caught fire, no one listens and no one cares.

Until it happens and then everyone listens, everyone takes notice, everyone says questions will be asked and there will be a public inquiry that will run for years that the taxpayer posts for that won't do a damn thing.

Or at the very best they are in a secret meeting right now trying to figure out what pawns they have below then that they can sacrifice and throw into the barbecue?

And where is Theresa May? According to the news media a fleeting visit, not a single tenant met or spoken to and then off again.

Funny actually because I caught her little speech about the terrible event and I'm sorry. I didn't buy it and it sounded terribly insincere.

I find myself picturing her at home with her husband and wondering whether she actually expresses any emotion or possesses any compassion. I really didn't detect any with her.

But then you've got to be pretty ruthless, more so than the average Tory, to do what she did to become Prime Minister.

But I tell you this. As everyone knows she did fairly badly in the general election, due to her puff pastry competition. Well .. this didn't do her any favours at all and it's going to very worse.

Yup .. unfortunately it took a terrible tragedy such as this one and I hope to God it doesn't need something worse than this, for things to get noticed and voices and concerns heard. I knew something bad would happen and now it has.

Yup .. this is a very potential whoop arse can of gigantic sized worms slowly having its lid removed.
Yes the names of the pawns are being scribbled onto little rapidly turn off strips of loo roll and around a week from now they will be going into a hat.

It's quite obvious why, or at least should now be becoming so, these things keep happening?

Because the ones that are ultimately responsible are never the ones held to account.

Trust me, my conclusions are based on a hell of a lot of experience and I have to listen to some pretty tall theories I have to spend a whole load of time proving is wrong.

But then when people have been treated so badly for so long by their own mind it makes sense. I mean if you could never treat people this way you ask yourself how there are those that can do this.
After a long time all manner of theories go through people's minds. Even as far as a secret lizard people race running the country.

But .. I stated that though I don't believe it I reserve the right for others to believe it. Just recently I said to one guy .. think about it. Sounds mad, right. Well just go and try to disprove it?!

I told him that as a child I firmly believed that about all the stars you could see had planets when scientists and astronomers alike thought the opposite. They thought that very few of any had planets.
Indeed it was this theory of so few stars having planets which was used to disprove conspiracy theists .. umm theory of aliens visiting Earth.

Funny then they since they discovered that only the tiny fraction of the night sky viewable to the human eye is littered with planets no one speaks about aliens visiting Earth. When they do is all about E=MC3 but .. the Alcubierre drive gets forgotten too.

What I'm saying is, it's hard to know what to believe in just about everything.

Also that some of the most fantastical theories might sound that way but are far more believable and likely than the existence of any one of the scores of deities claimed to exist.

I'm told that there are around 4,000 tower blocks around the UK? It's funny, I thought it would have been more. I would have wagered it was in the hundreds just in London alone.

I've been and stayed in many places with tower blocks, like Birkenhead, Bristol, Birmingham and Liverpool and they all have tower blocks. Then you have Leeds, Middlesborough, Sunderland, Newcastle, Sheffield, Brighton, York, Carlisle, Wolverhampton, Dover even. I bet they ask have a fair few?! I could go on and ask if Norwich, Kings Lynn, Scarborough, Clacton, Blackpool, Exeter, Plymouth, Portsmouth and Southampton all have them too?

Do you see what I did there? If you get a little insulted, don't worry. I deliberately left or Northern Ireland's, Wales' and Scotland's cities for shock effect and realisation.

How many of the tenants in all these tower blocks in all those places are now asking some very serious questions now?

Here is a scary thought .. how many have already been raising the exact same concerns about the exact same hazards and materials?

Oh and I didn't think Sadiq Kahn sounded sincere either. A bit lame in fact with that "I share your anger" line. Now where did I put that bucket?

Did tenants get fed to trying to speak to councils, government, ombudsman and the news media and turn to the EU at any point?