Thursday, 23 November 2017


Well my daughter went and started something!

Then I ended up helping and now the two of us kind of run .. something.

A Facebook page and one to do with Universal Credit. It was only intended for the local area as I had two families panicking they will have no money over Christmas.

Turned out to be not .. quite .. all bad. Well not right now. One is not having their benefit touched at all, well once they called her in for a fraud interview today and she was told everything that had gone on, sat opened mouthed and then said "Don't worry. You have a lot going on and your benefits wont be touched until 2022"

Odd .. as not only did I understand that it was all going to be finished by 2020, only Universal Credit for everything, I recall reading or hearing recently that they sped up the .. transition from 5 areas a week to 50. Quite how they were planning to increase the frequency by a factor of ten is beyond me completely!

Anyway I have had long discussions with a lot of locals and several right across the north and there is even talk of a .. protest.

If your local and even if your not .. and want to look at and like the page here it is ..

Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Can or do we eat Jellyfish?

I need to look into that to day something hilariously piss-taking where the Tories are concerned.
I mean .. they really, really, really have outdone themselves this time.

Annoyingly something was mentioned a day or three back back I didn't get the context and nor did I know the whole story.

I do now.

And it's simply .. staggering.

I'm also going to use it to .. rip them a new one and .. oh wait? I've already done this dozens of times already. Ever since David Cameron became Prime Minister, though it isn't helped much. But then Jeremy Corbyn fucked it all with that infamous visit to the camp in Calais. The moment he did that I declared he fucked himself and that he did. It was a full gone conclusion.

Now he could still have saved himself by saying the right things later on. But he didn't.

Claiming to want to help a bunch of people that are only interested in coming here when British people have been neglected, left in the scrap heap or, worse still, murdered over a long period of time. 

He could have said ..

I will make sure that we will be fair across the board with no bias at all or hidden agendas to avoid labels.

But he didn't.

It's what I wanted him to say.

But he didn't.

He still hasn't.

But let's leave Jeremy Corbyn's idiosyncrasies alone for a moment .. this is about levels of intelligence.

This is about levels of intelligence that are so fucking shocking and scary one has to ask themselves a lot of questions.

First off how in the fuck are these people in politics at all?!

By now you must be bursting at the seams to know what it is they said?

Some of you probably already know and where I am going with this?


"Animals don't feel emotions or pain"?!

'Say-what-now?!' was the first thing I thought when I read this on the webpage of the Independent.

They don't?

Hmm .. before we get into the fucking obvious ..

So why is it that the RSPCA can fine people for mistreatment of animals to where you can be fined £1,000, maybe more, for over feeding your dog or cat?!

Secondly .. sorry .. I must have missed the article in the journal Science or maybe the National Geographic where they discovered to their absolute shock that animals don't have a nervous system?!

God only knows why a dog yelps when you accidentally tread on its foot. Or a cat screams when you do the same thing.

I remember reading something many years ago about how fish were not supposed to feel pain. It was likely in response to veggie-heads protesting against someone?

I also recall reading somewhere that plants do feel pain.

The former was absolute shite and though the latter might make more sense .. except for one thing. Evolution!

Many plants have developed defense mechanisms over millions and billions of years. Mostly in the form of producing toxins to make animals ill or worse still .. die.

I've always championed scientists, well the good ones not the TV-Whore sensationalist ones.

Not long ago there was an incident where a scientist would not say what the government wanted them to say and he was fired. In response to this some of his colleagues quit in protest.

I can't remember what it was over right now and I'm thinking cannabis for some reason?

Funny then that they listen to people with money and religious leaders?! Jesus! Oops!

Funny too how this has not ever been followed up by the news media?

Are we to assume that they now have scientists that will ignore the facts on reports or speeches?! 

Yeah .. that's not how science works and it's certainly not how true scientists should work.

Well let's be honest .. your not a scientist, a true one, if you manipulate data.

Your merely demoted to an opportunist and very possibly why you became a scientist in the first place?!

So then? Animals don't feel pain?

You fucking morons and your the ones in charge of making people's lives an absolute misery and families with children too right over Christmas?!

Now what fucking wankers voted these fucking incompetent morons?

I couldn't ever vote for the Tories before and that was just with a few of them being heartless, Esther McVey being one I recall. Maybe work on your communication?

There are probably other names ..

I will never forget hearing about Iain Duncan-Smith from an inside source.

Someone that I spoke to that knew someone that worked with him told me he saw the working class as just slaves to the higher classes!

That statement changed everything for me and changed that which I was and was not willing to do overnight. Well once I realised that he was being serious ..

"But he seemed like someone who would be interesting to talk to and ask his friends defended him in the news media?" I asked while still in shock.

What I got was a look and a slow shaking of the head from side to side to give me a knowing negative to my .. further attempt at inquiring.

It's one of those situations when you realise the person informing you is deadly serious and that they know. You know that they just know.

A shame I can't speak to anyone with insight into other Tory members, like Gauke for example.
It immediately told me that Iain Duncan-Smith was actually lacking the intelligence I had previously thought he had.

It's like hearing David Cameron and his entire entourage managed to leave a public house without one of the children.

How the fuccckkking fuck do these people manage to pull the proverbial wool over everyone's eyes and end up in power? Or worse still, Prime Minister?!

With Theresa May what it was for me was first a suspicion about her coming out of nowhere to become Prime Minister. My money was on Boris Johnson, hell I even thought the disliked Michael Gove had a chance. I even preferred Angela Leadsom out of the Tories.

It's hard for me to like Tory members and it's getting worse all the time.

But then they are a deceiving and deceptive bunch of wankers that promise you stuff and then break those promises.

Hmm .. I've had a thought. Surely someone somewhere on some webpage keeps a track of everything they promised and then later backtracked on? I'll have to Google that.

Funny as well is that I just remembered that I was called a "baller" by a friend of one grandson. I'm taking that as she that whinges about stuff. Others probably think the same but ..
Long list of injustices performed against me and my daughter, still are and about to get worse ..
Children .. they have no idea what's coming their way of things don't improve and quick!

What's funny about it is that I'm trying to change things so that they don't have what we as adults have currently.

Children think that money and objects of desire grow on trees. It's what kids do. It's also the way parents have been influenced to borrow and buy then stuff to 'keep up with the Jones''.

If things don't change then XBoxes, PCs and Playstations along with Android phones and the infamous iPhones won't be being bought for their eventual children.

Kids think tidy that they can just get one because their mates have one.

Or wasn't like they when I was a child at school and I had to use all my birthday money to buy a pair of Adidas Los Angeles trainers just to stop other kids in secondary school taking the piss out of me. From the moment I walked in with them I instantly went to the top of the popularity list and everyone wanted to ask me about them.

I don't know about the ones they released recently but .. back then those knobbly things in the soles could be removed. There were red ones that made the sole hard. White ones that were softly soft and then white ones that were very soft.

On a final note I was in a room with three other adults all complaining about Theresa May and stating how they would love to see her go?

I told them I'd love to see that but don't expect a single thing to change if someone else takes over as PM. I also explained again that this targeting of people with disabilities was not only planned to go from one health condition to another but started under Tony Blair.

I told them how I met someone who sounded middle-class years ago and even she didn't like what the country had become and what the government was up to. That was several years ago a year or two into David Cameron's role as Prime Minister. That was before they started lying to everyone's faces and the whole welfare reform thing. God only knows what she thinks today?!

She said one thing I'll never forget .. "It's like there is a secret government within government?"
I was pleased she said that but I told her that though she was right .. I believed that someone other than the government was running the country. Badly. But they weren't within government but someone else entirely.

Speculation on who this could be could run and run but there are the obvious ones ..

  • The Royal Family (I very much doubt this)
  • A Consortium of Big Business Owners (Highly likely)
  • American Government (Less likely)
  • American Big Business Owners (Highly likely and ask the biggest ones have interests in the UK)
  • American Agencies (Like the ones Trump didn't seem to like and there is evidence of this over the GCHQ spying fiasco so the most likely for me and likely influenced by those in the last possibility)


Still hearing of more local issues in the North West all the time.

It's funny how here I hear things from actual people and not being told stuff from digital friends. Or from the biased and selective news media. At least everyone here is far more aware of the bizarrely selective nature of the news media. Not like London where they only suspect something 30% of the time.

They are also just as pissed off with hearing about Brexit as they are in London. That's a relief.

No even on my first visit in the warmer months .. I heard something on the local radio about a bridge and it's fees. Didn't know anything about any new bridge to here at the time.

Then today I was sent a news article by someone from back in London regarding a traffic scam.

Wait for it ..

It didn't state who but motorists we asked to go past a speed camera at 80mph with an incentive involved, food vouchers maybe? If I was asked if assume they wanted to test and/or calibrate the camera. This was in Essex .. near Southend possibly? I'll link the photo on that was sent to me.

Anyhoo what happened was the reward never arrived .. but a fine did!

Speaking of fines .. the Merseyside Gateway Bridge?

Another building project that ends up costing far more than originally quoted. Why has no one ever asked how in the fuck this works?

I would not accept a replacement tyre to my car costing £20 more than they started prior to fitting it!
So local residents were to get to cross it for free .. except it's not with a £10 a year pass. But anyway .. I read reports that fines amounting to £1 Million, some say 2 to 3 Million, were wrongly issued within the first month?!

First you pay tax for owning a car, no it's not fucking road tax, then you pay tax on your petrol when they talked about combining the two twenty years ago. Then you pay for parking, though you've technically paid twice already to use the road. Then there were the tolls. Then the fines of you make a mistake, are a little bit late or had an emergency.

You would think it couldn't get worse than it already is? Yeah .. it does and in a number of ways too.
The article states that the tolls are supposed to go when it's all paid for. As I said to my daughter .. 

"No. Just .. NO!"

We've had this in the south. Ten or twenty years or even more later the tolls still stand. Never once has a toll been lifted or ceased to my personal knowledge.

I can also tell you that the mistakes with fines are absolutely nothing of the kind.

Think about it .. it's easy to say it's all a mistake while it's impossible to prove it was anything other than a mistake.

Now as just about every industry is being exposed for one thing or another it would by stupid to assume this industry/company/public office were immune to corruption.

With that in mind and with a plan to steal money off the public that's impossible to prove what do you think they would decide to do?

It quite literally is elementary.

I bet the mistakes continue for several months because they are difficult to rectify?

Funny how money to be paid to big corporations and public offices/bodies have deadlines to them and fines for not meeting those deadlines?

Funny then that when it comes to them paying out .. that they take fucking forever or don't pay out at all and there are no consequences?!

It's that two-rule system yet again that had not only continued for decades but is now in your fucking face because there are no legal rights.

Legal rights being enforced requires legal representation which itself requires .. well .. money. At least that's how it's been since Legal Aid was unfairly destroyed in what was a deliberate attempt to take away everyone's rights before they started to get kicked in the balls, head and any other proverbial place.

Well .. just like a pressure cooker of old .. there is always a point when the pressure has to release in a big blow off of steam.

This is a natural human reaction when too much pressure has been applied and punishing people for doing something that is first of all, natural, second of all affects everyone including the privileged and thirdly .. completely understandable is nothing short of completely absurd.

Don't make me say "I told you so".

What I find funny is how people have to go through hell just to get a home. "To stop the rain hitting you on the head while your watching EastEnders while drinking tea!" is how someone out it to me.

Paying through the nose in one way or another for a home isn't actually a home. A home you should feel safe in. But thanks to bailiffs and other Wolves you can't.

Your home is merely somewhere they know they can locate you when they want money out of your or take away what you've worked hard for so they can get that money.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017


Well since I have been here on the Wirral I have heard of a great many things.

I was told by someone on the Universal Credit Survival Facebook page that there was an incident where a judge, ooh I am LOVING this, was arrested 'civilly' by a bunch of protesters in what was pandemonium. But we are watching it now and it is being cast to another device.

The court in question was in Birkenhead and the group in question were the British Constitution Group. Before attempting to arrest him and still outside chanting “Freedom” and “Arrest that Judge!” Oops!

On leaving the building they chanted “Do your job!”

One shouted to the Police while inside the courtroom “How many coppers are you going to need?” which turned out to be quite a few as outside more turned up, riot dogs turned up and blockades were set up.

Odd as the protesters, they are the British Constitutional Group after all, clearly stated to those inside the courtroom that there is an old law stated in the Magna Carta that I am not too sure exists today. Or even if it was what he claimed it was?

Nevertheless .. what there is in this video is a major uproar and this was only regarding council tax which was supposed to be so much better than poll tax?

The fact is that while these services have done less and less and less and then put more and more and more responsibility on the public it was always going to boil over at some point.

Right now people on the Wirral are being forcibly switched over from whatever benefit they are receiving to Universal Credit. In doing so they are going to lose a weeks money, I am and this is the second time that a public service has done this. This must surely be unlawful?!

Think that is OK?

If you do then please feel free to go to your energy supplier, landlord, loan provider and bank and say “Sorry .. we re going to not pay any of you for a week .. tough titties!” and see what response you get.

It is simply and utterly ludicrous.

I am also wondering if there is one other single country that pulls thee tricks and lies? I was told to cancel my Housing Benefit years ago and go onto Local Houing Allowance as I would no longer have to pay the shortfall in my rent. But in doing so I would lose a weeks money. I thought “to heel with it, it is worth it to then not have to worry and remember the shortfall every month!”

Only I did it, lost a week and the rent payments were either exactly the same as before or even slightly lower, meaning I lost a weeks money for nothing and that they .. LIED!

Oddly enough they took me to court for council tax a few year later, I wrote to the court and provided bunch of paperwork .. the council got ordered to pay me £300 and Enfield Council never ever asked me for Council Tax again for the next 7 years. Half-wits.

They were not the only ones I beat in court an not the only ones that I did without even having to turn up to court. Very Catalogue were another. Odd .. I just realised I do seem to do better when I do not turn up in court and always lose when I do?! Weird.

Anyway what happened today is I spoke to the expectant mother who has been told that not only will her benefits be stopped but also wont have any over Christmas. She was shocked and when I pointed out the missing weeks money she confirmed that someone had mentioned that to her too.

Then the two mothers looked t me and said that they guaranteed that there would be a load of trouble on the Wirral over this and that there had been talk of a protest.

That could be .. interesting.

They are giving the Police a weeks notice apparently.

This could be very interesting?!

If so I will be going .. unless I have to look after two autistic grandchildren and two other grandchildren because there is no one that gives a fuck and no one to help look after them.

Well .. there is one person but they are .. somewhat .. unreliable at the best of times. So right no I just do not know. But I will be there in some form or another, trust me on that.

Right now my own daughter is now panicking over whether she will now be told she will get no money over Christmas. I am also told that they fucked up last Christmas too by HMRC and some twat Mickey Mouse outfit of liars and cheats called Concentrix.

These fucking idiots actually contacted a pre-school teacher a while back and threatened to have her Chid Tax Credits stopped because they believed she was living with a partner and told her she had 28 days to prove it?!

Twenty eight days to prove that you do not live with another adult?! Are they fucking serious?! I know maybe they wanted photos of empty rooms as proof? Maybe they wanted a picture of just this poor other sleeping in her bed on her own? Maybe she could have asked Casper's Ghost to take the photo?!

How the fuck do you prove your living alone?! The fucking stupid morons!

How the fuck does such an incompetent company get a government contract like that to do checks on members of the public? Especially when that is not a check but is in fact threatening and bullying behaviour with unreasonable or impossible demands to stop the bullying or withdrawal of money or support.

I think that 'e' should be a 'u'? Work it out. By syllable. All three labels easily applicable and all contained in one word just by changing a single letter. Perfect!

More and more people are talking about the news media up here and this is a significant difference to that of talk back in London. One minute they are suspect of the news media and then the next they are literally asking “Well if something like that was going on in WOULD be on the TV News!” Yeah .. umm .. no. No it simply does not work like that any more and last time you were doubting the news anyway and now your defending it because you simply do not want to believe or face up to the new realities that are life in Britain today and the lying cheating organisations ripping of the taxpayer for billions and millions in a number of cases while pointing the finger at poor people at blaming them for being the cheats. Yeah .. right!

All the time people talk about where thing are going as if it were akin to the 'End of Days' and in all honesty .. yeah .. it is actually starting to feel like this.

Maybe it is because I reside in an area where it is being felt a lot closer to home by the local people and they are suffering more than they are in London? I simply do not know .. at least not .. yet.

A second Christmas in a row screwed up by the public bodies responsible for welfare payments to the sick, disabled, single mothers and the poor?

Yeah .. you might want to check mate as you really cannot get much lower than that, outside of being a serial killer or murderer of innocent people. 'Innocent' people only and 'self defence' does not count. Oh yeah .. rapists too.

What I am interested to know is where in the hell has Jeremy Corbyn been during all this? Cosying up to immigrants that are mostly full of crap, no doubt?

When is someone in politics going to actually talk like they want things to be fair right across the board, instead of trying to get brownie points and making themselves look good to the rest of the world or certain .. maybe communist or socialist countries?

The situation is now getting worse by the day whereby it was first by the month and then by the week. With these awfully implements transitions about to take pace at a time of the year where people really do not want bad memories to linger for years afterwards you can rest assured it is going to get pretty bad out there.

And as per usual the national tabloids and mainstream TV news media will be nowhere to be seen and the poor get no media representation once again.

I would dearly love to see an end to all this and now that I have been informed of the things that I have I dearly hope that it ends before Christmas and I do not fucking mean Christmas Eve either. It needs to end with plenty of time to spare for people to salvage their 2017 Christmas before it is too ate and there in no time left to salvage it.

I foresee unrest and am hearing of it first hand, taking place prior to Christmas. If this is not amended and fast then they had better hope that many parts of the UK get snowed under for weeks on end because .. I feel people will be out in force otherwise.

Something I actually missed some time ago .. thanks mainstream media, was a song by Captain SKA called 'Liar, Liar' and all about Theresa May as Prime Minster. In the video it states all the things she lied about or promised and did not do.

Before the link below that has details in the bullying of the HMRC, who incidentally seem to have overlooked all of those rich people recently exposed for stashing cash to avoid paying tax which has now gone suspiciously quiet, is a video to the song.

Below this is a video or two of someone recording Heart FM and/or Capital FM who refused to play the song when it was at Number 10 in the charts. Hippocrites as I would bet that if there was a song about Donald Trump called 'The Twat, The Twat' I get they would play it in a heartbeat?!


Damnation to who? This may very well what you are asking yourself but I will say this ..

Damnation to all!

Our situation is one that would very probably be the highest priority in a great many situations and in many areas throughout the UK.

You have two with a horrid disability trying to care for and get to school on time four children half of which have a serious disability.

All this after a case of domestic violence that came close to costing a life with an arrest, charges being bought against a man we are constantly hammered by the media are peace loving people.

My health has deteriorated while I have been here and am having that rapid referral I mentioned previously to do with my heart.

The other in this situation has the same disability as me but with a recurring blood clot and now some abnormal cells that are infected that could be serious and they are being rushed in to hospital. Should be at a Doctor's appointment today, right now in fact. Hopefully. She has been reluctant to go and her two parents who have not seen eye to eye in over twenty years are keeping on at her to go.

If your working or own your own business then your inevitably paying taxes and those taxes go towards paying for a whole range of services.

There are many of these services but the main and obvious ones are the various Police Forces, NHS and all of its trusts, GP Practices, Hospitals and maybe Care Homes and the Local Councils. Lastly there is the DWP of the obvious services. There are others.

To convince us over the years that they are doing thing correctly and not abusing the taxes they take from us ombudsman have been introduced over time for each area. There are dozens of them. Then there are the governing bodies too.

After all that you have the charities. Lots and lots of charities though in my experience they mostly ask the sufferers for donations and .. well .. write the odd letter.

Some seem to have many bodies, like the NHS ..

  • PHSO
  • GMC
  • NICE
  • Patient's Association
  • PALS
They likely have more than those three?

All of them being paid for along with the NHS and all its trusts and they do nothing or very little and yet they cannot work out haw to actually save money? Are they fecking serious?

So when you have an entire family in trouble an two of those being children and with the two adults having very potentially fatal conditions what do you do? You ask for help. You ask for help because the first lie of help and though knowing the situation, don't do anything.

So who do you go to for help?

Solicitors? Sorry .. despite claiming to be a civilised society and having laws there is no way to enforce them unless your wealthy. If your wealthy most of the time no one would do anything to you anyway.

Oh and they slowly took away Legal Aid without dealing with the fact that fees were getting way too high. I bet there are a lot of new solicitors having difficulties today?

Oh then there are the rights groups ..

  • Disability Rights UK
  • Age UK
  • Scope
  • Disability Law Service (which is not actually a law service and has not been in years)
  • Citizen's Advice Bureau
  • A myriad of other Advice Centres
  • Disability Specialist Solicitors you apparently have to pay for
  • Pro Bono Solicitors and Barristers which are like finding Rocking Horse Shit
  • Disability Charities
  • Specific Disability Charities
  • The Tabloids
  • TV News Networks
I guarantee that if readers sent the link to this specific post to any of the above nothing would happen.

In fact the reason why I am doing this post today is that I want to paste in a letter/report that I have sent out to almost all.

I think the only ones I have not contacted is PALS, dealt with them before, and my specific charity for my condition and that of the children, Fibromyalgia and Autism.

Make no mistake despite my vast and widespread areas of knowledge I am flying blind and a fish out of water and even my daughter is getting worn down.

Considering that we was told that everything was going to be rushed .. that was over 8 weeks ago, I am paying for my belongings to remain in storage and not even been able to get back to retrieve anything. Despite several attempts to do so.

I have already lost one car I paid for since being here and that was thanks to Churchill Insurance being incompetent along with the DVLA being incompetent.

There is not an organisation or person outside of the professional health visitor who I had a good feeling about anyway and told my daughter so from the start, proving myself correct once again, that has done anything.

So then .. before another catastrophe occurs that has me go missing with my posts on here for several days, already caused me to go missing with my other blog posts for several months, here is that letter/report with a detailed description of everything that has occurred and that I or others close to me have witnessed ...

Remember .. I am just trying to work, do my thing while helping some others while I am here ..


Dear Sir/Madam


My problem is threefold ..

First and most important points start with the latest and the reasons why I am here and then stepping back over a couple of months.

I have very literally been led down a garden path, tricked and lied to over and over again and then as a result of my honesty I was .. cut loose at the worst possible time.

  • I have been forced to apply for Universal Credit which I am expecting to be refused
  • I cannot even apply for Income Support after all this time because of the crazy amounts of time it is taking the NHS to diagnose anyone .. like my two autistic grandchildren


  • I have moved to Wirral from London
  • My daughter has no one
  • My daughter was subject to very serious domestic violence, court case pending January 2018
  • Shortly thereafter we discovered one of my daughter's four children is seriously autistic
  • I decided to move here to help .. because I knew the authorities would not and nor have they since I have been here, instead of seemingly sniffing for things against my daughter
  • Now discovered since arriving here that youngest grandchild has autism more severe than older child
  • Tests all done .. paediatrician appointment to be made pending an audiology test
  • I was struck down with a cold virus I have had since I got here over four weeks ago
  • I still have belongings in storage in London that has cost me three months rent and counting


  • NONE
  • Semi regular visits from Social Worker
  • In beginning visit from two or three social workers and Police together plus Victim Support
    • This now appears to have been all for show
  • Semi Regular Visits from Victim Support
  • Highly regular and highly professional visits from the Health Visitor and only one that has genuinely attempted to help repeatedly
  • Calling me accidentally thinking I was my daughter .. returning my daughter's call I told Victim Support that my daughter was after a house and that she thought that the Victim Support might help her get it
    • Reply in a not very good tone
    • Oh she was just have to apply like everyone else”?!
    • Now either there is major and front page newsworthy issue in the Wirral where attempted murder in a domestic violence case that has led to a historical court case and two of four children are diagnosed as autistic or as I had previously stated to my daughter .. do not trust Victim Support they only aid the local councils
  • Meetings to be attended by council, social workers, victim support and health visitor along with an Independent Review Officer from Northampton
    • All attended first meeting
    • Second meeting council, social workers and victim support were a no-show annoying the Independent Review Officer (IRO)
    • Third Meeting the council, social workers and victim support were once again no-shows now pissing off the Independent Review Officer (IRO)
    • Fourth meeting and after having to walk all the way there on return to her home and me opening the door my daughter gives me a look and just says “Just don't! Dad, your not going to believe this!”
    • The council, social workers and victim support were once again all no-shows causing the Independent Review Officer to go into a rage and start ignoring council staff when they said hello
    • My daughter tells me I was right again by stating not to trust Victim Support
    • VS have this tactic where they work too closely with the council, had me suspicious when I worked with them, promise you loads of things, state they will work with the council and after awhile it just goes .. dead
  • Yet I have discovered while here that along with vastly unfair fines regarding bins and recycling, which is based scientifically on .. bullshit, that there are unfair pressures on parents regarding school at tendencies
  • Despite the fact tat since I have been here, only an effing month, I have seen schools tech children how to make dangerous items involving optical disks, sharp when broken, and tea candles which will melt optical discs and one set fir to a living room within an hour of it being in the house
  • Young children coming home with old mobile phones to ply with complete with batteries attached which are well known to be fire hazards
  • Several children coming home with black marker pen ik ll over their school jumpers
  • Violent Crime
    • The last incident involved three masked individuals in a stolen hire car pulling up outside a school in Prenton where my grandchildren attend with a boot full of weapons and on calling the Police they answered .. “What do you want us to do about it?” which is not the first time I have heard that line from Merseyside Police. When they did arrive .. sorry, when HE did arrive he was .. well obviously alone
    • This pales into insignificance of an attempted murder where my daughter helped to try and save young man who had been hit, looking deliberately so to, by cr while on his motorbike.
    • My daughter came into the house covered with blood, Police arrived for a statement, stated they wanted her clothing which was covered in the victim's blood but did not take them. Several days later they still stated they was going to pick them up and that the victim had died and now was a murder investigation ..
    • But .. the clothing was now useless and contaminated and could not be used in any investigation in any way, shape or form!
    • That incident was within two hundreds yards of where a Police Officer died using a spike strip
    • Then my daughter and youngest grandchild was nearly killed within the same hundred yards or so of the above incidents by a drunk driver who ploughed into a number of cars
  • The Independent Review Officer's remarks about the situation were damning and even went as far as stating that these people were 'not professionals' echoing and proving what I have been stating for an absolute age now and publishing on my blog .. one set of stupid rules for the public while no rules for them and those rules they do have they constantly ignore and have no accountability for
  • I still reserve my right to NOT trust the Independent Review Officer until she actually takes a series of actions against Wirral Council, its Social Workers and Victim Support
  • The level of both incompetence, laziness and complacency by a bunch of so called professionals working for public services, being paid for by the tax-payer and whining about their pay caps is absolutely staggering, remember the NHS have their on accusations made and proved against them elsewhere in this report
  • Taking payments for jobs they do not do is fraud and very possibly theft in every other area of the UK but oddly does not apply to the government or the public services


  • I was on an NEA course because I was going to receive inheritance and wanted to start my own business
  • I did the entire course and was approved TWICE
  • During that time my PIP was stopped
  • At the thirteenth hour the DWP and Job Centre cancelled everything .. including my NEA
  • This was after promising my daughter I would relocate here to help her
  • Except they stated that £20,000 received in inheritance is different to receiving £20,000 from them?!
  • But I had already spent over £20,000 on a car and professional camera equipment by the time they informed me .. hence the thirteenth hour .. above
  • Also purchased a car for my daughter and grandchildren to use
  • I have had expenditures of several thousand pounds since this cancellation
  • Had a family member steal £35,000 inheritance from me


  • Mary Ward Legal in Camden took me on as a special case to get my Personal Independent Payment back but they have taken forever to answer me on most occasions and .. after emailing me with shock at my upcoming situation has not answered any further emails
  • My condition is Fibromyalgia Syndrome which causes ..
    • Plantar fasciitis like foot pain (in reverse)
    • Hypertension Stage 2
    • Postural Hypertension which along with the above causes black outs and falls
    • Short Term Memory Loss – otherwise known as Fibrofog
    • Anxiety Attacks that can be so bad that they lead to ..
    • Fibromyalgia Rubber Legs .. complete loss of use of legs
    • Skin Conditions
    • Over 100 symptoms in total and wont bother to list them
  • Chest Pain from Irregular Heart Beat .. North Middlesex Hospital wanted referral to cardiologist just prior to moving .. has increased since arriving in the Wirral .. every time I walk to local shop
  • Of note is that since being here my daughter has many of my symptoms but without foot pain but added recurring blood clot in the leg!
  • Physical problem right knee that along with Fibromyalgia was ignored and then lied about y NHS for many years


  • Not producing an income at present
  • Based on a a dozen blogs and a YouTube Channel
  • Required a whole raft of photographic equipment of which I have acquired all but three items I now cannot purchase
  • Required a new PC I intended to build to be able to edit 42 Mega Pixel RAW file photos from the new camera and 4K videos .. I now cannot purchase

    • Corruption in the public services – Over 100GB recorded evidence
    • British Wildlife
    • Exotic Animals
    • Computing and Gaming
    • Orchids
    • Digital Photography
    • Astronomy & Astrophysics
    • a few neglected others on films & music

Ombudsman have all already been tried and have proved time and time again and with each sector of the public services that they look out for the interests of their associated public service and, of course, themselves and their so-called careers (see IRO remarks above for that one).

So as you can see .. I have been set up and tricked by the DWP and my previous Job Centre and this has had an adverse effect on my symptoms.

By the time you read this I would have now had my first appointment with my new GP, I had to weirdly wait two weeks for, to speak about the anxiety attacks since being here, increase in chest pain and irregular hear beats and the previous referral at my last visit to North Middlesex Hospital to a cardiologist.

At a visit to the same hospital previous to this one one A&E Doctor stated that there was no way that the DWP should have taken away my Personal Independent Payments with my medical record.

The DWP previously told the charity Fibromyalgia Association UK that they fully accepted that Fibromyalgia was a debilitating disability and would not target any body with it.

Considering all that I have included in this letter/report you have to ask yourself that with everything listed above the lack of help and support from absolutely everybody is quite damning.

In the event that this becomes public, and it already is in parts, that everyone within the UK's population along with that of others from around the world they will wonder what in the hell everyone is being paid for within the UK and its public services.

If the fact that two adults with a registered disability are trying to cope with four children and with two of those with autism that is constantly disruptive as well as trying to continue to build my business you have to ask yourself ..

  • If not us .. then who, exactly?

So much for honesty and transparency.

I hope that you can help me with my never ending war with the lying, cheating public service that is the DWP, NHS, Local Councils and the Police?

I look forward to any correspondence.

Yours faithfully

Martin Haswell BSc

Monday, 20 November 2017


You just can't seem to go a day without the public services doing something stupid. At least that's how it used to be. The government obviously was not content with that.

Today my daughter attended her fourth meeting to do with all the strife of recent events. So this would involve the domestic violence and the fact that she has four children to contend with and get to schools at different times.

Bearing in mind two them are autistic and that the older of these is having an ever increasing amount of major meltdowns. Communication is not too great either. We petrified add were told this will get worse plus the younger one is starting to have her meltdowns and before long she will catch up to the older one with intensity and frequency. God only knows where the older one will be by then?!

And to think the second oldest boy is a problem too .. half of the time. Didn't listen, is crafty, lies through his teeth to get what he wants and does dangerous things that the autistic ones are bound to copy leading you to fear that they will do something, like electric themselves for one.

They all get through a useless child gate .. hell themselves to whatever for they can get their hands on and throw the rest.

The older one has shown signs of moods too, who was otherwise not much bother so maybe early puberty?!

Yeah so without the scare of the 'C' word hanging over us currently there is the fact that we both suffer with the same disability but that carries a danger in itself to each of us. Just different dangers. 

Blood clots and heart problems.

Yeah .. so the meeting was regarding a family of six, four which have bad health issues.

Oh did I mention the domestic violence which has led to a historical court case?

Yeah .. well .. for the third time in a row now the social worker, no one from the council and victim support woman all failed to turn up!

The health visitor did so as she normally does, getting angry about them last time and taking my daughter for a latte afterwards. As did the Independent Review Officer who herself wasn't impressed. 

That was the second time in a row.

So would it surprise you to discover that just today they all failed to turn up yet again from Wirral Council and Victim Support?

This did not go down well with the Independent Review Officer and my daughter was impressed with her reaction to the no shows.

Now I'm not cynical. I've just been at this long enough to know that not only can you not trust anyone but you also cannot find anyone to actually and genuinely help.

In other words I hope that the Independent Review Officer is just in on the charade to keep my daughter happy and stop her from approaching the tabloids or TV news groups, not that they are guaranteed to cover a top news story anyway. What with my positive on that and my willing to bet they are pretty accurate to boot.

The .. IRO was going crazy and decided to totally ignore council staff when they said "hello" to them. She said something about my daughter and her children not getting anything in the way of support from authorities. She became angrier still when she learned my daughter was witness to two crimes with one being a murder where she tried to help save the guys life. They thought they had until he died the days or so later.

So then .. twice in one day? Well .... No!

Upon arriving home with the children, the older two while I looked after the younger two with one having a constant meltdown, she told me that the Job Centre had just for her friends that they have her their benefits stopped and weight be getting any money until after Christmas?!

First off this is this Universal Credit bollocks, apparently, and secondly .. this could have a five year old little girl. It gets better as the father has her anxiety issues, I've witnessed this, and added to all that the mother is .. pregnant!!

My daughter said to me that the Job Centre have asked her in to talk to her .. this Thursday and she is panicking now that they will say the same to her?! She said if they tell her the same thing she will "kick off".

She also stated that if this is what's coming it's going to go off around here. I think I'm going to be needing a camera before very long?!

Though familiar with the phrase I used for the title of this post, Death From A Thousand Cuts, it was mentioned to me recently by a GP when describing what life is like being a GP today under the NHS.

After hearing first the failure of so-called professionals who are also supposed to be so-called servants of the people and then what they may well be about to do to the locals around here, as well as Humberside/Grimsby, I'm wondering if I was meant to be here for more reasons than one?

Life in the UK truly is becoming akin to that of a form of capital punishment and torture practised in China pre-1905 and introduced around the tenth century?!

I first off simply cannot believe the inhumanity of it all and secondly and just as shocking add the first .. that the fucking corrupt news media are not nor have not covered this at all.

Extremely bad journalistic research?

Ignoring the thousands of people that must be emailing them or writing to them?

Ignoring them because they have been ordered to do so by their bosses or owners?

In which case, complicit in the murder of tens or hundreds of thousands of people, it's far from over yet, to save the wealthiest some pocket money due their next Ferrari?!

Those history books I repeatedly refer to cannot be published fast enough. I just hope I just love long enough to actually read them and witness the reaction of the wider public.

In fact I very much long to see the reaction of the wider public when the truth is finally realised and I get to see whether or not we are truly an amoral nation, and how we become one. Or if we still have some values left in what was once a stand together nation of strong Christian values?

Hopefully not too much time will pass before I can tell?


As strange and as mad as that might sound it is getting there.

The Conservative Party really are doing their utmost to make the Nazis look as good as they could possibly be.

I literally was just told something that I could not believe and I said “Fuck me .. things were better under the Nazis unless you were Jewish. Even then they killed you fairly quickly!” well .. when they got around to it and did not work you to the bone.

But that is also coming.

Someone with Multiple Sclerosis has been turned down for Personal Independent Payments.

So I was told about this Facebook page where this story about being refused PIP for Multiple Sclerosis.

Jesus Christ you wankers at the Conservative Party .. grow a fucking spine and at least offer people voluntary euthanasia. It is far more moral than slowly and quite deliberately killing people and then pretending your getting the jobless numbers down to win brownie points over the piles of bodies!

Apart from being worked until I am nothing but skin and bones I would much rather go straight to the Nazi's gas chambers than live the next few years within the UK.

That is coming from someone who has asked a couple of General Practitioner's years ago if I could have my feet removed and replaced with robotic ones. At least I could have gone back to work back then. But no .. they would rather refuse you every single thing that would help you stay I work or get work and then stand behind you with a proverbial whip and beat you when you slow down from your health problems.

I am getting to the stage where I would be more than happy than to shoot the people that have made these decisions without a single concern for anyone's state of mind, physical pain or just health in general.

I talked someone out of burning down a Job Centre several times, not a million miles away from where I now am in actual fact, but there is going to come a time where they are indeed burned down and it would not surprise me if this was quickly followed by others and spread around the country.

Well I say 'spread around the country' but I am sure that areas that are predominantly made up of people of a certain .. faith these will not get burned because these people are not subjected to the same torture tactics as those that predominantly have their own people. I am just going to give a educated guess with that one. Call it a prediction?

Oops .. it seems I got into a conversation with the lady refused PIP and have been giving advice .. also got into a conversation with someone else who was very happy to hear about this blog, that I was and have been recording stuff for a long time and .. that I am still doing this and in the North West.

The page is on Facebook and is called 'Universal Credit Survival' but it does appear to be a closed group.

Within its page I spotted something that I clicked on that remarks about that with I have constantly harped on about for years before I even started this blog nearly five and a half years ago.

In this instance they are talking about the fact that no one is talking about the link between rent arrears, homelessness and Universal Credit. Though I am sure they have just started to talk about .. well .. Universal Credit and the six week wait. Nothing about missing a whole week. Nothing about the fact that tens of thousands are going to have the worst Christmas ever after thinking the last few cannot possibly get any worse. Well it is just about to get a lot worse for a whole bunch of unfortunate victims who did not see this coming and who I feel extremely sorry for.

So then .. will the powder keg go ahead with its creation and will the names of those responsible for the worst crimes against humanity in peace time be etched into the annals of history for the next several hundred years?

I fear that the first one will be the case and that the second one? Well for those that are involved and directly responsible it is far too late. Except maybe for some damage limitation.

As far as I can tell my personal and new Job Centre seems to be leaking staff like there is no tomorrow and my personal Job Coach, while it lasts, seems to be OK presently. But time will tell ad even if it is all smoke and mirrors I do not think he will get the chance now to show his true colours, that is indeed if there is a more sinister side to him.

I say that because other than one person I called 'The Canary' from another Job Centre I have not met anyone quite this understanding previously.

Ooh yeah .. for those that wondered about my little bird at a previous Job Centre I called 'The Canary'? I previously said that despite the obvious there was a reason that I called her 'The Canary' and that if I ever divulged this it would make some people laugh?

Well .. she is retired now .. was Canadian and her name was .. Mary. Hence 'The Canary'. LMAO!

Now then .. anyone know the directions to that gas chamber?!