Sunday, 15 June 2014


I am sitting on my sofa in a whole new postion which I am realising is far too relaxing as I am fending off wanting to fall asleep while I await a delivery from Amazon that has already failed and re-ordered.

As I sit here clock watching and wanting to get out to get some bits from Sainsburys before it closes, 4pm on Sundays, I keep wondering about different things.

I find it truly amazing that people within the so called proffesion they call the NHS can actually make bold stetements and threats without any foundation or based on any factual evidence over then the fact the ego says ...

'Oh I am inmortant because I have a degree and I work for the NHS and I cannot go down without them going down so I am protected!'

However where this was really bad in the past and that is because the nevr bothered reading the medical records now they do it while no one even has a copy!

If I had known that the Doctor at Guy's Hospital was just going to waffle on about what I spent ages telling him I would have coloured it up a little and mentioned my cancers and leprosy?!


None have known anything at all about my condition and that is a very key point going forwards with all this abd needs to be remembered by all. Also I think really I managed to do OK at that recording because I was expecting to go in and have a genuine conversation with him about the corruption within the NHS. I was expecting to give him the disc which had the blog address on it, this one, and discuss certain ... aspects of what is going on.

I did not really expect to happen what did, though I always suspected it would but taken so long I become blaise about it it must be said. So I was caught completely off guard by the situation if the truth be known. But I know that a few that would have listened to that recording alread would have noticed this and as time went on notice how I fought my way back to gain the upper hand.

Upper hands are not always immediately obvious and in this case is easily explained.

He agrees he thinks I have Fibromyalgia, yet I put him on the spot and he has read nothing about it whatsoever, oh and Manish? Like I told you on the day I did not post your appointments, or at least not most of them maybe the odd one, but do not worry as I do fail to disappoint on those expectations and you will clearly be heard stating that you know nothing of Fibromyalgia and never heard of Sodium oxybate, which neither did Doctor Kirkham, depist the fact it is prescibed under the NHS?!

So my row with the NHS was not even over the CORRECT DRUG FOR FINBROMYALGIA!


Yes and about Fibromylagia it explains exactly why I have done all the things I have dojne, even if later I used these to attack back those that would lie and cheat me.

Or perhaps the powers that run the UK now expect us to all behave like sheep and are fully expected to believe the utter crap and drivel we are fed without question?

Not have minds of our own? Hmm not what does that remind me of?

I mean it already looks bad enough already but it will get worse as now I have managed to recreate something alomst to the letter that I not only went through once before and he was beaten in the argument too, oh yes by your own admission on the recording I might add and in your own words!

However I was removing the kid gloves when I registered with you but your father, also a DOctor Kumar obviously, lied to me on the first meeting and I told you this and told you again and is also on the recording. You said and I quote, do not worry as I do have the recording but did not post it ... err I think, "Oh that is an easy mistake to make" when I told you that he told me that a department for Fibromyalgia does not exist!

I can tell you now that is not what several societies stated to me! A very bad thing to say to someone that has educated in IT and you have a computer sitting in front of you. No one does a good lie anymore but so many have been fooled by bad lies I am astounded, lol.

Well I am hoping ... no I KNOW this blog will change that and I assure you that you have not read nearly enough of it to realise the scale of this blog. DO not read it all, I don't particularly care as that is what I have banked on all along! Not that it matters anymore now that 130,000 plus people have visited me.

Funny how it is just not realised by these so called intelligent people that they may be being forced o fall upon their own swords over these incidents?

Oddly enough I get no thanks for this as I clearly stated from day one I am not interested in monkeys and only the organ grinders! This is achieved by actually dropping a series of GP names in it which could only be achieved by pushing each GP until I was kicked off under some false allegation as there would be no other legal way of doing it.

You see Manish, I use not only the truth but real laws to do what I do and do no fabiricate or incorrectly quote laws because of too much American TV shows which are mostly fiction at any rate.

Illegal to record while doing their job when paid for by the taxpayer or answerable to the taxpayer because you are paid by them?!

If I have not at the very least shown an utter disprespect for the taxpayers money purely because they have been 'educated' but this is questionable, then I do not know what I have been doing all this time?!

You quite obviously do not rceall me telling you that I am not only educated too but was offered a PhD I stupidly turned down and that was to help code the software to teach keyhole surgeons how to perform operations, meaning I would have had a fair deal of medical knowledge once over.

But I do not go around thinking that I deserve a £200,000 salary in a job to lie and not do as you swore on oath to do just because I am edcuated!

In fact I would tell you that had I accepted the PhD and then discovered the corruption everyone would already be locjed up in jail cells or just booted out of their health positions never to hold one ever again already!

I am just going the long way around!


I will now explain one last thing and this one on its own will deliver reverbarations for some time to come ...

It has not gone unnoticed by me how absolutely everyone I have been involved with has gone extremely quiet and that was PRIOR to me giving the impression I had not recorded the appointment at Guy's so giving them the chance to lie and cheat me once again so that I could get what I FORGOT to do last time, get what I stated happened with the last GP on tape and that meant yet another GP refusing to even touch the CD I presented them with and catching that on tape too!

I would NEVER have agreed to an appointment without a recording device switched on as I just knew how it would go. I have several business owning friends and many others that will tell you that I knew long before I even walked into your clinic that I would not get Pregabalin but I was fully intending not to have gone through all that crap for nothing! So I did not.

I did not NEED to be told I had Fibromyalgia! You condescending and patronizing twats, I wanted the Pregabalin and that was all I was interested with. You screwed up and fell into my trap which was there in case everyone tried to squirm out of it. No drugs,lots of data while making them look foolish and guilty.

Not bad for someone with a condition that has affects on your memory?

ALso one that can make you suddenly nod off without warning which has been becoming far more frequent lately but we never got to talk about becsue you and your superiors were too busy squirming.

Do you even remember me telling you that they wanted to pibn the violence label on me?! Did it never occur to you that just maybe your were given enough information to huret your ego so that I thumped the living daylights out of you so they escaped 'jail'?

No I guess it did not, though I fully expected it if something was to happen.

No so everyone has gone quiet and now I will rund down a short list of the organisations I cannot get a peep out of despite laws stating that they have to answer and do as requested within certain time preiods ...

1 Police
2 PHSO (No answer as tho WHY they told my current GP I was recording him?! No updates since March 2014! I had better put the year, eh? Eh, eh, eh? Lol)
3 PALS (No answer to being asked how my GP found out I was recording him)
4 DWP (PIPS or old DLA Departments no answer to previous DLA claim and no answer to PIPS claim)
5 Atos
6 Enfield Council (need to email Waltham Forest Council + few others, no anser to the Freedom Pass owing and rest of rent email)

SO the list is pretty short these days as I have been through all the others and those above before and the end result is the exact same. Their reactions are the exact same across the board and their silence the exact same.

It is funny because it is almost like one small group runs it all but claims that several large groups do and claim the money for it?! Lol, no one could be that smart though!

So then what might we extract from this common behavioural patterning? Such a similarity of people who sit atop their high stools looking doan upon mere mortale uttering the same malign statements to one and all, what gives?

What gives is you have a huge bunch of fraudsters feeding of the British public like proverbial vampires and thinnking themselves untouchable via breeding or education or whaetever. Only now they have looked directly down benath them after hearing noises and murmurings only to realise that I have been standing at the foot of their high stools wiedling an axe and chopping away at their foundations!


So ths silence treatment then? What is that? Well there are but a few possibilitues here and that is that forst off they are all actually corresponding with each other to come up with a plan, an exit strategy and/or damage limitations?

Or they still do not talk to each other and are shitting bricks with fear hoping that I decide, or later the public decides, that someone else is more to blame?!

Do you know I suddenly realise why it is illegal to receieve stolen goods?! I never knew that previous and thought it weak, unil right at this very moment!! LMFAO!!

I am stabbing way at the keys awaiting a knock on my door and it still refuses to come.

No one does a decent job in the UK anymore, there is no respect, pofessionalism anymore and no regard for human life or pain anymore within this country I once called home.

Now I find myself pining for far away lands to call my home?!

I think possibly my reputation finally does precede me at least with some.

This will be quite something between Christmas 2014 and Spring 2015!! LMAO!

I bet they give ATOS NOW?!

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