Monday, 9 June 2014


This report has really aggravated me since it first emerged.

What I find despicable about religions, or more accurately this that claim to be religious but are not, are the cowards.

I shall explain briefly, you have your radicals that would do around taking their own life so that they could take as many non believers with them.

Now what annoys me is the ones that secretly rejoice at them dig this but remain quiet. Or actually stating this is not their way but really do rejoice in the murdering antics. These are the kinds of cowards and tossers that have been trying to not only control a number of schools but turning them into something rather unpleasant.

Not done themselves any favours by doing this because they do make it look like Muslims are lying in wait to take over the UK! Utterly stupid because it will never happen and not be allowed to happen and that is all I will say on that, Lol, and I guarantee its not for the reasons you think I am alluding to either!

Utterly amazing that this could and had occurred and sorry but just like the murderous one and those that preach hate those that secretly plot like this and get found out should be carted off.

They have made it abundantly clear that they do not like Britain and it's schooling and are trying to section themselves off quite deliberately from the rest of British Society so the best place for them is in their own country where they can have what they bloody well want. Only thing is I feel sorry for the young girls in the family because they are likely to live oppressed lives as they are radicals doing this.

It is funny really because this opposing of non believers and becoming murderers is encouraged within families of these kinds but then when a member of their family dies as a result they are screening blue murder for revenge?!

No! It's your own fault, despite what I say about the American government, you have no self control or the intelligence to realise that you are your own worse enemies! Of you preach hatred then your family members will pick up on it and if they become agitated to act then they inevitably die, one way or another. That's you causing this no one else.

I often think that these people are so twisted that whether they realise it or not they push their own kin to rally, protest it kill for their own selfish desires.

God either made you equal or he did not. It's not some fecking game so that a bunch of immature and insecure men who are intellectually challenged and in need of sheet management can oppress their own women because they fear they are not up to it or good enough?!

That is the message I often get whenever I hear that they are secretly trying to change things. They come here fur whatever less they tell but absolutely hate the fact that under British laws the women in their lives can have a mind of their own! This often leads to many performing stupid honour killings when the two person to blame are the one that bought them here in the first place! The one that committee the murders oddly enough!
Is so fecking hilariously ridiculous and stupid it does not really warrant talking about. It's a complete contradiction of their own making.

Your not ever going to change this country into an Islamic state and if you have to ask why then I writing answer that this is exactly the reason you won't ever do it. Because you fail to see the impossible and mountainous task you have set yourselves. It's utterly stupid.

I also know that many of these radicals seen to think themselves not only of done higher authority but also of higher intellect and laugh at us, but I know why you laugh and it's one of the many reasons for this blogs existence...
Because here in the UK the British have turned on each other because we have had political correctness rammed down our throats for decades now.

To see a prime example of this then just read through my blog! I have had more trouble from British people especially white British people than I have anyone else! Yup you read that correctly!

All those that I have battled with and all the support which had failed to materials on almost every single occasion is from the British public services supposedly run by British?!

White British people I have seen at each others throats for years now because aiming or even pointing at anything else will get them labeled unfairly.

Yet the funny thing is that when white people here my stories they looked stunned and day it's because I am white?!

Now fur the punchline to end this particular post ...

... black British people have told me that too!! Two black women, mother and daughter, a few years back. Not the only ones either, Lol. They said "it's five way too far!" and that was five years ago or more. Way too far and give years ago which means it went beyond that point many years better.

It still is and it took a black guy from UKIP to point that out to the media. He was write right too because the media seen to think they can alter the meanings of words to mean what they want then to. They only do this with shocking words that get headlines of course.

So yes the media has destroyed Britain because they do not care what side they are on, as long as they can think they can rile up the public's fury over the use of choice words.

Meanwhile these cowardly silent soldiers sit back and laugh, plot and scheme. Blindly wasting their time in the process, Lol.

It's not white people that they need to worry about though, Lol.

Schools 'take Islamic focus too far'

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