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Do you know sometimes I just have to sigh in despair?

No matter what people never cease to amaze me and they do not do their research or check their facts before starting how things are.

Now maybe I have something very, very wrong here and if so and just as I always promise I will hold my hands up and say I am wrong. After all it had been six months, lol!

Now as I understood it all the benefits were being phased out, with the secret agenda being too remove the weird disability from the welfare state despite not having the property infrastructure or support in place to make this fair. Feck me they do not even want to cure you, treat you or give you the correct drugs and yet still stand behind you with that Cat O' Nine Tails and people still don't get it even when you spell it out.
When the benefits were all phased out they were to be replaced with just two, Universal Credit and Personal Independent Payments, UC and PIPS.

Now I either have this completely wrong, in which case someone previously reported it wrong but do not remember who, or this reporter at the BBC is reporting about something that everyone else had seen as defunct and useless for sometime now?

I mean this change to the welfare state had been an issue since the Tories got into power and a general election is due in less than a year, so it's a fairly outdated!

My own argument over this reform was not over the fact there was a reform, I indeed thought it seriously needed it and could not remain how it was, no it was that they were going to make things worse by conning money from the poor instead of streamlining a seriously inefficient and wasteful Department of Work and Pensions. Also it should be chest to all by now that I am utterly stunned as the modern day attitudes that have spread to all public services that instead of doing things properly and efficiently to save money it is best to lie, cheat and manipulate everyone resulting in an almost zero service in each one that is paid for by the taxpayer that only hero's those that have far too much money and do everything NOT to pay their taxes?!
If having a disability is black and being fully fit is white then where are the shades of grey?

They seem to view hate handing out taxpayers money to help support those that are disabled, jobless and poor but have no issues whatsoever with taking over ten times that much before considering the expenses when their sole purpose is to chest the poor out of money?

It absolutely makes me want to hang my head in utter disappointment when I meet or hear of people that do not see that! I just write simply do not understand it.

It is not about having opinions.

It is not about being right.

It is about the truth and being fair, that is it and that is all!

Now if strong willed and opinionated people seem to thinks it's perfectly OK to force their options into others without an one of understanding for that which your arguing about you also should consider ... THE AUDIENCE!

The Internet today is an absolutely massive window where you can both advertise your wares and stand on your soap box. When standing on your soap box you have a crowd of people paying attention. But as more and more people arrive your soap box gets inevitable higher. So the basic mathematics can be out into simple layman's terms thus ...

1 The more you speak ( or in my case add provide evidence, paper work, recorded audio and all others) ...

2 The more people come

3 The more they discover about both me and what really goes on and ...

4 The higher my soap box gets

In mathematics and in computing you have two types of data, one is known add CONSTANTS which speaks for itself really add it never changes.

The other is known as variables and these are dynamic meaning that they ... CHANGE.

In the case of this blog, or any big that I write to I am the constant because I stick to the facts. This way the hope is that visitors over time start to see this and realise if I get it won't I hold my hands up. That is, of course, provided I am speculating and if I am not you can take what I type to the bank!

The variables are the numbers that are produced from the blogs, now these can either stay dead level, a very tiny possibility that would require several years of no posting at all and this is my area, unfortunately for Google, so this is a given. The time might be different but I often find myself reading a website and then thinking this sounds old, look at the date and it is from 2009 or earlier which is 5 years ago.

Ergo people can be visiting the blog years from now while I might not have posted a damn thing?! SDI that is what it takes for visitors to drop off to nothing, bloody years!!

Right that should be chest enough and easy enough to take on board, lol!

But the whole time I post my blog posts climb ever higher up a search engines list, ergo mitre and more visitors see the link and subject and if it is of interest to them then they click on it. My numbers do not go up for appearing in a list, or search engine results, only if people are interested and click on said link! Got it?! Lol!

So I post and the numbers go up, not down but up. Add time goes on the amount it goes up gets higher and higher and I have explained this before. But some do not get it and I simply do bit know why and they just do not see their mistakes, lol.

Now a few nights back I was given some information that, and I mean this most sincerely, blew me away and left me completely humbled, but wondering if feeling humbled was correct.

I was told that I had 493,000 followers. I was simply stunned to hear this and immediately questioned it's validity. I was assured of the figure and what it was for. But even so had it been only total visitors across the board I still would have disbelieved it and felt humbled.

I stated tonight to someone I know about this and some have not quite grasped it. After revealing the figure I them mentioned someone famous, in the UK and likely several other countries and someone I follow and admire and mentioned in here. I said to this guy "now do you think I would have as many followers as him?" to which he laughed and said "well no, I would not have thought so" to which I said "well actually I have double that amount despite not being at this for two years yet!" he was surprised to hear.

I then explained that this was why I had trouble believing it!

Of course I always knew I would get to these figures, unless I felt like people preferred to live in ignorance and I was wasting my time and stopped before hand. I just never thought it would be this quick to that figure! Even just visits alone I would not have expected this until very late 2014 at the earliest and up to a year after that.
When I say living in ignorance I will explain how I see this because there was a surprising scene in a film that explained this in a round about way. The film was The Avengers or Avengers Assemble if your in the UK like me, lol.

The scene is where Loki, God of Mischief in Norse Mythology and brother to Thor, the God of Thunder. He had just acquired the scan of someone's eyeball so that Hawkeye, played by Jeremy Renner, can get into a vault ... umm to steal something I cannot recall, lol.

Loki dies this in a rather violent manner at an event whereby it seems that the rich and powerful are in attendance with all the pretentious stuff that cones with an event like that. Everything moves outside and Loki orders the group of hundred or so people to kneel. He then rants about how the kneeling and cowering is our natural state and we want to be ruled.

Of course any one watching with a heroic streak and do-gooder tore nature wants someone to kick his arse. So the soldiers, with a demi God our two, turn up to do what the cowering people are not prepared to. Kick his arse. Only just before this happens one man stands up and makes a stand to Loki starting that he had seen his ilk before.

I sometimes wonder if their was an intended statement in their? The man looks out of place with this crowd being old, ordinary and looking like he was walking home in a raincoat. Everyone else were replete with dinner jackets and evening dresses or similar attire.

I thought how similar this was to reality and that when it comes down to making a stand and being tough those with the lives of luxury ate the last ones to make a stand. It takes someone who looks like he was walking past outside to stand to where all else do not.

They're are many films with similar scenes to this and one of the most famous is Die Hard.
Obviously the writers were thinking something when they wrote that scene?

So what sort of psychology occurs with the ones quick to kneel? Better to just accept the forceful nature of a being whose power and resources are greater than their own? Better to keep you head down or risk it being blown off?

The odd thing is I see this in people a great deal when the dangers could not even be classed add that. In fact I think those in this situation may refer to it as 'stress' or 'aggro' and claim they do not need it.

The of thing is just add America is the only country that had this gun problem of some murderous nutter shooting and killing innocent people, or even bit so innocent people, who fail to realise that no matter what this is wrong, British people are the only one that had this self protection thing going on over a bit of, in their own words, 'stress' and 'aggro'! At the same time they have ideas that they utter that are so mad and of the mark that they have had drummed into them by idiot politicians for years that they actually believe their crap!
What is also unique about the British is that they switch like the wind depending on what they are going through. When the stress and agro gets to much they start talking about the things that the member if the public in other countries do on a semi regular basis. But that is ask they do, talk about it. As far as actively doing anything the feeling guess away and you ate back to the statements you hear the most whereby one is starting things that sounds like they are shagging George Osborne or the other one is also something the British government, sorry governments, love by saying "You can't win, you won't ever win!"
Suddenly your brain, oh OK my brain, is trying to deal with the switch which may be in a few weeks, a few days and on some occasion a few bloody minutes!! Lol!

So I see it that the powerful and the politicians see us like the kneeling people in that scene with Loki. When we are stressed enough we wave or fists in the air declaring our anger but before long revert into a submissive role. Of you stress out one person enough then any think he or she may do in retaliation or fun the flipping out is OK because no one week join he or she and they have lots of labels and punishments to stick all over the individual when they do act.

In essence this is the message that this blog was intending to attempt to convey, to make people think mitre clearly, get the facts (ergo the truth) right and stop flipping to and fro like your trying to watch several soap operas at once. You will never, and I do mean NEVER, get anywhere like this and nothing will change. If you do bit change then things do not change.

Now look at the world as it is. Look at what we have done and think about where we are going?
Now ask yourself one thing ...

If nothing changes what future does the human race have?

Or maybe the question would be more accurate if it were ...

If nothing changes what horrors does the human race face?!

I know.

Hell that is why I stated writing this blog!

Key sickness benefit 'failing'

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