Sunday, 15 June 2014


I am afraid to say that Amazon have shown themselves to be entirely incompetent as after sitting in for a whole day that has been fecking wasted they have once again done what everyone else likes to do n the UK these days, LIE!

God I am furious about this!! I am closing my account as soon as this is over, I have been rude in my response to this and once this fecking fiasco is over I am cancelling my account with AMAZON FORTHWITH!!

Here is there incomptent, lying twatting email followed by my extremely rude and foul mouthed but totally deserved response!


We’re sorry to tell you that today we tried, but failed to deliver your order, containing the item(s) listed below. We’ll try to deliver again on the next working day (Monday to Saturday).

"Crucial ************ Adapter" (link removed) If you want you can check the latest status of your order in Your Account: (link removed) using tracking id Q********.

If you would like to make an alternative arrangement, or if there’s anything we can help you with, please contact Customer Service:, or visit our Help pages:


Customer Service Department


Now your taking the f*cking piss!!

Why the f*ck does it state that a delivery was attempted?!

Where in the world do you find the bloody half-wits that work for your god foresaken company?! Morons 'R' Us?!?!

Cancel the fucking order and I will go to a company that has at least 6 brain cells working as a f*cking team and put my money back in my f*cking account IMMEDIATELY!!


My fecking God can you believe I put the line 'at least they are trying' in a previous post?! LOL.

Ooh and I forgot to tell them I am cancelling my fecking account to, no I just wanted to vent a bit more to the dickweeds!!


Can you please cancel all my fucking orders and return the money and none of this business days bollocks!!

As soon as you have returned the money I am going to spend the next twelve months focusing on your ocmpany and running it down for every single thing I can and their had better not be any dirt about you on the Internet because if I hear about it I am going to post about it!!

Never have I felt so insulted and taken the fucking piss out of as I have your company as late!!!

NEVER will I EVER use your incompetent service and your idiot delivery people ever again!!

You are so NOT the company you was when I first used you and I havew warned you in serval emails over the years about this but like everyone else you fucking ignored it because your just focused on the fucking money these days like all oother AMerican companies and seem more fitting of Nazi Germany than you do in the modern world!!

WHat a totally evil greedy and useless piece of trash you have become!

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