Tuesday, 3 June 2014


OOH Sorry this did noit get posted?!

This one should be read prior to the one called THE TRAVELLING FILES!

Well I must say that the plot ever thickens! I also believe the NHS are trying to call my bluff now but it's not going to work.

I won't make any moves, NHS, until you have made yours! You really do not think me that much of a fool and that naive? Lol!

That will have to be explained in a few weeks now but it seems that the NHS fiasco will continue on a little longer!

If for the reasons I suspect it will turn it to be sooo funny!

I also and quite honestly expect today's events would take place. I also honestly did not want them to and just rather be at an end.

I shall explain and it only need to be brief...

My letter from Guys Hospital had not arrived after three weeks have now passed by?!

That is utterly and absolutely ludicrous. It is also highly suspicious too.

Suspicious because after way over 7 months or more, depending largely on whether it was the 4th December 2013 I registered at the GP surgery or a couple of weeks earlier, my medical records have still yet to arrive?!

Now does anyone see the problem here at all? I deliberately have not brought this to to show people that maybe doubting things out wondering about why I say some things what they miss when I spill the beans.
A member of your family ends up in an accident and rushed to hospital and needs a major operation do you think it might be a good idea if they had access to their medical records?

Like many I have meet being administered a drug your allergic to our indeed bit given a drug you rely on prior to an operation can be fatal or worse disabling via a forced amputation.

I have never known medical records to take longer than six weeks and I have known them to take as little as one week or thereabouts.

If I registered on the 4th December 2013, I was in there that day, it has been around 30 weeks and still no medical records?

Now let's see shall we? Now the method here is a cat and mouse waiting game to see who gives in first. Despite my desire to just get what I want, monetary value for losses and pain, I will instead sit and wait!
To this of you crowded around the paintwork your wasting your time and now making yourselves look far, far more guilty than I could ever make you look!

Buy then that was the plan, always nice to see them cone together when you don't expect them to fall for things yet again.

"Ohh, piece of Candy!"


Did this while walkling to Sainsburys after Doctor appointment where I came back with Minced Horsemeat, no doubt?! Also with chopped tomatoes, kidney beans and Hot Chilli Con Carne but oddly the only thing I went in their for was Cherry Tomatoes and guess whether I have to fecking go back out tomorrow and get the fecking Cherry Tomatoes?!


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