Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Hmm...I been cats! Lol.

The front pages of the tabloids reminded me of what a shock it was to her that Rick Mayall had sadly and suddenly died.

After seeing him reappear in Bombardier adverts back to the firm he did so well I have expected a series announcement from him.

I grew up with classics like The Young Ones and in all honesty this was not only a golden age in TV but one of many and likely the last one ever?!

Today TV is filled with drivel designed to make air heads spin while awash with emotions that I am at a loss to understand.

After one of my mate told me about Rick Mayall I said before long everyone that we knew and he yo with will be gone and we will stop recognising names?!


On one cover and the one that provoked me into posting this was the did at Energy Watchdogs! I have waited for what seems like an eternity for the media to start being sarcastic towards ombudsmen. Well that is outside of the one they have made famous and their personal favourite, the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

They still have several dozen to go and I am reminded yet again I have to type up that hall of shame?!

I found the dig mildly amusing at their attempt at humour when I have provided them with comedy and sarcasm gold with the General Medical Council, NHS and the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsmen. Of course there are many other ombudsmen in many different fields where each one would be easy to generate some bloody hilarious remarks. I probably came up with some little gems on here no doubt. Letter in year there Wii be several I assure you of this!

EDIT: Oops and Google's Blogger App has returned to dropping the insertion of keywords from posts when using the Android App?! My bloody word if they are not careful they are going to turn into a company that history will remember as one that should never have gotten involved in computing or operating systems because their attitude and approach is all wrong?! LMAO!

Energy prices and statins row - the front pages http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-the-papers-27789299

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