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Well here we go again!

You know I think that people in power and with far too much money are just so fecking stubborn that it is going to take something drastic for them to stand to attention like someone had just shoved smelling salts deep into their nostrils?!

Now in computing I have always been with the Windows camp of Operating Systems exceptor when it's mobile devices, well apart from the first smartphone which was Windows Mobile, sorry Apple no way before your iPhone. Since then my next stint was with Android OS and this was followed by three more. Only now I am wanting to move week away from Android add they are slowly ruining the operating system. I also won't waste the huge suns they charge for magazines now because the reviewers seem to be way off the mark for one reason our another?!

Just today I bought Micro Mart magazine after it failing to materialize write bizarrely last week! Several visitors to two major stores over several days and a couple of weekly magazine failed to arrive! The stores were Sainsburys and WH Smith and that was the bizarre part. Anyway today I bought it because it talked about a APU processor codenamed Kaveri and compared it with an Intel Haswell chip, yes there is a processor with my family name just add there is an amphibian thigh I do not know why, Lol. In the article though it praised the Kaveri APU it completely failed to talk about, therefore consider, two of the major technologies involved with Kaveri. Technologies that will be used due to the fact they exist in the Microsoft XBox One and PS4.

So incomplete is one thing I have noticed about reviews in recent times, biased is another with one magazine that is in contrast to that of the magazine's primary focus which includes gaming and the very sane chip. They are biased and have now been priced wrong by several reviewers on YouTube and various sites. What they champion is two other chips by two different companies which you have to pay more for for each one to get the same result in gaming.

Bear in mind this dues bit even take into account the clever technologies included in the cheaper chip, nor is the fact that for another 70 quid you can add to the having power quite significantly and that those that they suggest you buy you will so absolutely no visual difference in gaming for your extra cash.

Stupid and amateurish and bizarrely biased is what it is.

Therefore when I walk into Sainsburys and am tempted to buy a technology magazine which were two quid years ago and now 6 quid or more I think that I will get it gone and dot many things missing from reviews and many things missing in group tests two! No question mark at the end of that last sentence because I came home with two magazines, one is a note expensive one called PC Format, and found this to be true in both! In fact at the end of the section of a Solid State Disk Drive group test they even knew their group test was way incomplete and have excuses at the end for some of their inclusions as well as some of their omissions!

If you do this, using the excuse of things not arriving in time, then you are not fully informing your readers. For the cover prices charged this is abysmal! Don't do it, it's as simple as that!

These days I tend to read reviews on Amazon and look for items that have a large number of reviews that have several tens of review but preferably several hundred. The higher the reviewers with the overall high score then the more assured you can be that this is an ace product and all you have to worry about is the price!

Again I was talking to a local friend about this and the fact that even today I still get people looking at year old videos of my faulty cameras sold to me as new and leave comments the same has happened to them?!
Then I pointed out that if you think about it if people are still coming across videos and posts that are over a year old then this shows how the more I add in content the higher the wetly and monthly figures rise. He then realised how the blogs and my YouTube account have the potential now to be huge and therefore being able to reach and help a lot of people.

I always tell people that you cannot reach everyone. There will always be naive idiots that simply cannot see the wood for the trees, well until their friends read it and see the truth and then call them idiots down the pub?! Lol!

I have also complained about Android and even now I cannot believe the mistakes it makes in my typing and places in words whereby many letters I did not go anywhere near or stop inside the key square while typing! What is worse if that when I do realise it has made a mistake I highlight it and then it immediately offers me the correct word I did type out and it's like it does it deliberately to drive you crazy?!

Sometimes I think that Erik The Viking Schmidt has done trusted sense of humor and that now that he thinks that Google and Android will just continue to rocket Android is coded to drive you bonkers!! It never used to do this back in the Gingerbread days! Today I have two products miles apart and yet they have the same issues! I mean how can the software immediately ignore the keys you stopped on and instead insert a word where several of the letters you did not even go anywhere near?!

It is so utterly amateurish I could not do it justice! Also text formatting had become a problem and several are incompatible! Blogger in Chrome is incompatible with the formatting with bold, italic and even line spacing with WordPress! It gets worse too because the Blogger App is also incompatible with Blogger itself, it's own bloody service and removes line spacing, making posts look utterly amateurish and messy and much if the time loses keywords too! A common one is inserting petiole every single time I type people!! Every single time on both my Advent Tetra Note Tablet and Moto G phone and both use the same version of Android, Kitkat?!

I could not use iOS, I just couldn't. So I think of ditching mobile phones completely as I do not really make calls and only one person I know phones me on a semi regular basis. I primarily use them for Internet tethering for my laptop and I am not going to get started on how utterly shit the mobile networks are! The best signal as my home is still crap and that is Three!! Impossible as it sounds I have been unable to get a signal here string enough fur broadband and neither have visitors who have phones with everyone else! I am the only one I know on Three, weird add they also are the only ones that offer unlimited Internet and on oat add you go too!

So then we are back to landlines as well as Windows H8, sorry I mean 8! Lol!

Here is an operating system that is utterly dreadful. For me it is simply a hand arsed attempt at an operating system. Write what they were thinking I do not know. I did not like the tiling in any device but on a large monitor it was madness. I did not mind this really add I thought well I wok just put it on classic mode. Except despite Windows 7 having an utterly gorgeous design this was more or less binned!! What the feck was Steve Balmer on when they did this I have now idea!

Oddly another thing that has driven me nuts with Windows is that not only is it by far the most expensive operating system out there, many are actually free you know, but that for your money you get an operating system that refuses to play with others and lies to your as to why, absolutely shit when it comes to getting hacked, viruses and adware but for your money it somehow managed to be very good at spying on you and handing over your details?!

Only the fecking stupid American government could do that and I knew that fecking about with a system that is used around the world would not end well. What I don't get is how those that work for the company don't out their foot down as this stuff coming out well mean curtains, oh yeah they are naive idiots I forgot!
Now despite the fact I do like Windows, though not any of the 8s, and have no choice but to use it anyway currently and hoping that Windows 9, or another update to 8, outs things back the way they were, I am going to state something that will surprise.
I actually think that the best thing in the world that can happen is for Microsoft to go bust!!
There I said it!

Why, I hear you ask? Well because the company had been going for long enough, wait for it, had for big enough and had an envious monopoly most companies dream about that by going bust by their own stupidity, completely using and back stabbing their users it will cause something to happen. Every single owner of every big company and every single lazy, naive and incompetent board member wool realised that not only can you not do this with your paying customer base but that if it can happen to Microsoft with the heights they reached then no company is safe and you cannot take your position as a given or customers for granted!

Even recently only a month ago a computer journalist, in PC Pro I think it was, said that the only way that Microsoft would survive to come back to the fore it will have to release the Home Premium, ' Premium' Lol premium what, for free! I believe he was correct in his assumption and has a good finger on the pulse of the varying technologies out there.

What makes this worse is that not only are their dozens of operating systems based on a more efficient core (kernel) but a well known and respected (for now) name suddenly announced their own operating system which has got computing fanatics like me salivating at the mouth at the possibilities!

I can assure you right now that Microsoft week be shitting themselves over this and so will Sony! Do a search on either Steam Box or Stream Machine, as Valve prefer to call them, and you wool see some very nice compact and stylish conjurers in a small form factor that are in essence games consoles! I have read many people on forums taking about either buying one or building your own and the Operating System, called Steam OS, week be completely free!

If I went to build a PC today I have to factor in the price of Windows and now knowing fur a fact it is coded to work against you, will refuse to work with certain technologies, wool let everyone hack it, be slow before too long and because it's spying on me and sending my details to God knows who?!

So yeah they are in deep shit and thigh they are concerned I can assure both you the readers and then that they are bit concerned enough! Their complete move over to cloud based software instead of client owned and based software is another time bomb.

Trust me Microsoft why would I want to rely on an Internet connection and pay a monthly subscription to use office?!

Libre Office and Open Office are both free and mite or less equal to your professional editions of office and I am amazed out how many people are not aware of this. But these facts are slowly becoming nitre widely known.

You see they also forget that computer boffins like myself get she'd things by others all the time. Even when I was at university computers were owned by very few people. In my own family only one other member owned a PC. He unfortunately died and yet today three people own one half a dozen own smart phones and all my friends have a PC. They ask me, I tell them and they tell others and mostly done using the Internet!
One of these days they will wake up and smell what they have been shoveling add it's been shoved back on their own doorstep. I only wish it does not take the demise of Microsoft for others to realise this and Microsoft refuse their pitfalls before it's too late.

What I find utterly astounding is that the man that created this bloody mess in Microsoft has now fecked off and now bought a fecking basket ball team!!

I am afraid everyone wants to make as much money as they can in a short a time add they can. The unfortunate part about this is that things that make people like us happy and hungry for more ends up with a body long wait add they have nitre money than God and are then ripped off and heart broken because the new version or indeed the follow up is half arsed piece of junk and we feel ripped off. Spend a week looking and reading different forums on the Internet and you will see that a great many millions of people have felt like this at one pint or another!

Oddly I am not like that. I might be able to prove this as done point in the next twelve months or so but if I suddenly came into money I would not sup being creative, innovative, informative or just helpful to one thing or another or indeed one cause or another. I have to keep busy working on something or the other.
Lol, a shame there are not a rest many people like me, and maybe like you?


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