Tuesday, 3 June 2014


I found this one rather strange!

This is the story of how America broke its own long held rules about how they do not desk with terrorists and grabbed over five Taliban Tossers for one American soldier.

His old soldier pals have stated he left his post, uniform and weapons behind and went looking for the Taliban and labeled as a deserter?! That is not a deserter but someone who is ... having mental health issues! No one in their right kind fires wandering if looking fur a band of murderers and radicals, you just do not do it.

This affair was already sounding and looking odd until the revelations came out and it went into orbit! He also has trouble speaking English and instead speaks Arabic?!

One had to wonder when in one side the yanks break their own golden rules and then hand over no less than five Taliban members for just one guy? A guy that deserted? On the other hand you have a guy who stripped off uniforms and weapons and went looking for the Taliban tosspots? Anyone thinking he may have been providing information to them and this was exploited by the Taliban to keep escaping the U.S. Army?

Our even that he was some kind of super spy out in there as a plant like a story in the series Homefront?! 

Makes you think does it not?

There is most certainly more to this story than meets the eye and the American Government obviously think everyone is stupid not to see this, or maybe they just don't care what their public think?

A mate thought it highly peculiar too as we some about it today and he stated that there had to be a lot more to all this and is really strange. What makes me shudder is that if he was so keen to defect to the Taliban then how did he come back so easily? Our more to the point, why?

I also do not quite understand how the helicopter that was carrying the Black Ops and the soldier away from the exchange point did not get passed by an American missile on its way to the location where several hundred Taliban were standing.

Then it turns out the Taliban were celebrating that they had win the war?! Yes of course you did, that is why your still in charge in Kabul?! Mind you the American government have been so bad at this war that Vietnam springs to mind again?! There I actually said the 'V' country, lol!

I wonder if they realise that watching them at work is like watching a locust placed in a vivarium with some water where the locust winds up in the water and keeps swimming into the same corner over and over head butting it each time? Like it refuses to give up until the glass breaks before it drowns despite the fact that a few inches behind the locust is dry land and safety, well until the waiting frog gobbles it up that is! Lol!
I am sure American journalists will be all over this one for some time to come?

Bowe Bergdahl 'could be prosecuted' http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-27682668

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