Friday, 6 June 2014


I have absolutely no idea what is wrong with me today?!

I did the things I needed to do yesterday, did not sleep particularly well arose this morning and went to retrieve some things from my friends store that I forgot to acquire yesterday. After about an hour I started feeling nauseous so I left and went to the library.

After awhile I was feeling OK and then I went home. It had turned warm and I was soaked with sweat when I got in the house. I pulled out a table I want to get readyt for something next week and put on my laptop to play a game. While playing I started feeling nauseous again and it started to become distracting. DIstracting to the point that I kept rolling my head and neck around listening to the familiar crunching in my neck. AFter awhile ot just got worse and I started to feel cold instead of hot while still sweating.

I tried to rest my head and turned off the game and let my head fall back to the settee and rest my neck but the nausea and cold sweat has persisted. I cannot really put an illness to it other than maybe food poisining.

The one thing about Fibromyalgia, I am not sure if this is linked to it, is that there are a number of things that are just fecking horrible and when you are bad with it you think 'no this is the worst of the symptoms!' until you get another particular thing and then think the same with that and so on.

I have taken more Tramadol than normal the last 12 hours but still well within the maximum dosages for the period and so its not that.

The temperature outside got quite hot and the sun was on my head and neck while walking home, or limping I should say, so not sure of I have heat stroke?

Cannot remember if I have eaten so working my way through a packet of Cherry Tomatoes which were really meant to go with cheese in sandwiches, lol.

My taste buds are off kilter too, I know that much.

Thought of something to post about on here on the way home and cannot remember what it was now either!

Boy I feel like absolute crap and I hope to God this is not another bloody symptom of Fibromyalgia ot go with all the others?! Over the last twenty years I do sem to have slowly acquired a new symptom every few years with almost all of them down to FMS. I have often got nausea with it but not quite this bad and indeed nausea to thwe point of blacking out is what I often get but this is nausea to the point of feeling sick and wanting to throw up instead which for me is worse as I hate feeling sick.

Think far too much to drink to the point of being dizzy and going to pop at any point, chuck in a cold sweat and your as near as dammit!

Oooh now I remember I managed to almost walk past my GP Surgery and forget to go in to make an appointment ... well almost! I have now made that appointment and I have a little plan for when I attend that appointment.

This is going to be, quite bizarrely an exact re-run of what happened at my last GP over the lies about the ultrasound test results. The GP there, John Gubbay, was given the choice of lkistening to the evidence which as a Doctor and carere/healer to his patients he should have listened to. He chose most unwisely.

Now let us see how this GP chooses to side?

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