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So we are currently in an age now which is odd where people of celebrity status that have abused this for years and somehow got away with it, a fact they should never be forgotten, but I find myself of this has actually stopped or there are despicable and depraved things going on on other areas?

You don't only have to be a celebrity to do depraved and sick this to others and get away with it. Money and power will do a far better job than simply being in the public eye. Far, far better.

Of course there ate the ones found guilty and the ones not and you just have to asks yourself the obvious questions.

The simple fact is though that after all this time it is much harder to find a guilty verdict than it would have done much cost to when the acts occurred! Anyone that has failed to realise this ... well what can I say. Funny how almost everything has a statute of limitations on it but no one either dare suggest on rape, even statutory rape. Only right at this moment there is someone appearing in court who has been caught at doing this twice already and not been to jail. So this is the third time and the latest is the best one of all and I for one am waiting to see if they let him walk yet again!

The details of this case will simply blow away anyone and everyone and especially in my detailed, straightforward and to the point way of explaining things! Though this will be with venom and four letter scorning the likes of which no Police Force would have ever endured before and never will again!

That is unless of course I have set of thousands upon thousands of people currently following my blue print throughout the UK while they are all currently focused on me?!

Oh now I would oh so see that as so very, very cool!

Just imagine how cool it would be latter in the year when others have collected enough information and data asking with digging it old letters to scan and street ousting then on here? In the comments sections? Imagine the fear that would strike right into the souls of those that ate guilty of evil things?

Remember only those that are guilty could fear, that is how it works you see. Only those that are guilty and know it would ignore me time after time and it's obvious how many have ignored me.

Good God, would In love to know how many have had their heads in their hands at this point rising to God they had not ignored me, even if they had been ordered to do so?!

I have to admit that Rolf Harris doing this I never ever heard anything if in the past and I for one found as a complete surprise!

However the one thing you will note about me is that I will stick to the facts and therefore the truth. In any event that I have discovered that something I have stated is wrong or off I wool say so. A bit like the followers I was told I had recently, it was a simple mistake made by someone else. It did not sound right to me for a while list of reasons mainly because despite feeling like I was deliberately ignored by the media, and likely was, followers of half a million would be way, way, way beyond that point where the media would either realise they cannot ignore me or end up in the group of guilty looking industries or realise they tossed my evidence and data and now have to eat humble pie feeling extremely stupid indeed, because they would now realise millions of people already know this!

But I corrected the mistake because I did not have half a million followers. I would have been stunned at a famous celebrity having that many and would think it would need to be someone globally famous.
Globally famous, or just well known is a humongous task and for someone starting from nothing as a nobody, which is in essence what I am at the end if the day this would be impossible. Well impossible being the wrong word it would have to take time and I would likely need to be well known in the UK before I would other countries. Because I know not how the search engines in any given country, including Google, work or filter out things.

Now with a famous brand or person the pages would be promoted everywhere I am sure. Then there is the stage you need to get to brute they can be bothered to translated your page or promote your page. I simply do not know how it works and likely changes every year or two?!

It would be of no benefit to me to know these details, especially if I cannot do anything about it, or would be to hard.

But ... Rolf Harris? No I would not have guessed that one correctly but it's one of those funny situations when you just already know he was guilty, or I did and maybe it's just me? I can call these quite well and I knew he works be convicted.

This is why I made remarks previously about how his family all stood by him. Not just the being there, yes at his age you would expect nothing less. But the remarks by them about statements made by others where accusations were concerned. I commented before but now will go into detail about what it was that occurred to me. Which may have not been wise to do so at the time because there was a court case going on. Even if I have questioned the role of virus and judges and wondered to their own actions on occasion.

Now the fact that everyone seemed to be there in his family it was like they were out in force, to do battle. Let's say war?

Everyone knows what the driving force behind war is these days and it's not what it used to be even if they say it is. It is religion or money and often the religious reasons only hide the fact it is about money.
So maybe my subconscious knowing this to be fact saw the tour de force for Rolf Harris and thought they were out not protecting him but protecting the brand? Or to not to put to fine a point on it, the money?
After all in the aftermath of the Jimmy Savile fiasco the family members were so dropping themselves because there was talk of all this money being forced to be handed over for compensation? I heard whispers that Jimmy was not the only offender in his family either and if true then they should be stripped of it and the money given to a charity, a genuine one that dues not see itself as a business and a means to but duck islands and such like.

Herein lies a problem in human nature in that the families of a brand, whereby done of who may have had this holier than thou attitude with hides in the air to many, suddenly turn into rabid and feral animals when their ability to be able to act this way is suddenly in danger of being taken away?!

Just possibly and I am just stabbing around in the dark here based on what I have seen if the selfishness, self obsessed and also self preservation in just about every and any part of society or industries you can think of.
My God, the owners or Horlicks must be running their hands together with glee in recent years as will the drug manufacturers of zolpidem, zopiclone and any of the benzodiazepine drugs or anything ends that may or may not help you sleep?!


Yes I am familiar with the help you sleep drugs, which in experience only knock you out cold when you take far too many, this much I know and is on my medical records!

Of the benzodiazepine drugs I have had diazepam, lorazepam, tamazepan and probably a couple of others I have forgotten.

Rolf Harris guilty of sex assaults

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