Thursday, 5 June 2014


Well, I am always proving myself wrong on many occasions and this time is no different.

I attended Guy's Hospital recently and finally got the diagnosis I have been evfter a long time and many of you would have read about that. Many of you may have also thought that the posting and contents were a little ... SHORT?! Well you would be correct.

In fact within my posts I bleated on about those higher professionals and how they would not stoop to the levels of others and lie or alter facts at a patients expense to save money.

I was wrong.

However I am not a complete fool either and I am afraid to say that my ... wording of particular previous posts were in such a way to appear almost inviting for more attempts as before. Yes I did state that I would rather everything done professionaly, normally and that it was over. But it just never works out that way.

On the day of the appointment with Guy's Hospital and a Dr Kirkham I was told that I had Fibromyalgia, had a test on the right knee that caused me to yelp in pain and was also told they would prescribe Pregabalin abd that he had no problem with that.

Yes I went into much greater detail at the time and yes you may have noticed I was happy and relieved?

However the letter I have received this morning is vague at best when it comes to Fibromyalgia, I simply cannot see a definitive diagnosis for my right knee!! In fact the only knee ailment mentioned is within the paragraph about my medical history and has an odd placed question mark near it. There simply is no mention at all that there was a test on my knee!

It gets better as there is no prescribing of Pregabalin either and only going back on Gabapentin which I told him I did not want to do as it made me ill and also told him lower doses did not work. Only after about a month I noticed a difference, though like Amitriptyline feet only. He then saus he has happy to prescribe Pregabalin.

Now recall that I mentioned my GP looked rather worried about something when he entred the surgery? Keep that i mind.

Remembe I said that the content I provided of late might be correctly seen as a little ... LIGHT?

Well here is the letter I just received from Guy's Hospital followed by ... recordings I am currently uploading!

Well yes, of course I recorded all the meetings and appointments I have had and yes I have stated this several times throughout!

WHat do you think me a fool?! FOOLS!!

Here is the recording of the Guy's Hospital appointment and I think this recording speaks for itself here...

Odd though how this time they have performed less of the lies while more of the vague, like trying to contnue on with the battle while being somewhat ... LESS obvious?! But then this would be naturally obvious to any fool that once they had realised they had been found out while thinking themselves still unbeatable this is the foolish attitude they would take.

Foolish because I STILL have my diagnosis along with the one for the knee, though I will need to now go through the recording at some point to see what he says it is! Maybe it was torn meniscus except I am familiar with that term and would have recognised it immediately, even whilke clutching my knee in pain. Well it was quite painful maybe it was torn meniscus he said. Well it is on the recording at the end of the day.

GP visit after Guy's Hospital where he says he will 'wait' for the letter to turn up before [rescribing Pregabalin which he then rather conveniently wants to do over the phone! Make of that what you will...

OOOOHhhhhhh, that's gonne hurt in the morning son!!

Now all that remains now is to see if the current GP refuses the Pregabalin in both the first instance and then me telling him once and for all about both the recording I did on the day and this blog?!

Man, I liked that Doctor too. I really did not want it, or indeed expect it to go on after moving to the new Doctor!

Note how I also challenged him about his Dr Dad fibbing to me, thought the word fibbing would be less insulting in all honesty, he asks how and why and I tell him.

Not knowing that Guy's Hospital has a giant department for Fibromyalgia is an OK mistake to make apparently. Yes like knowing where all the emergency surgey departments are to stop someone from dying? Yeah what could possibly be important about knowing where the biggest departments within the NHS are for an NHS GP?! Not important at all.

He was finding it harder to defend the fact that he fibbed about the existence of a drug that deals with excessiive sweating not fact I am sure he mentioned the drug Popranolol, which is yet another drug I am familar with and say is that not for depression or anxiety and he looks away from me and says no.

It really is a very, no extremely sorry state of affairs the National Health Service is in this country and it amazes me at the lengths they will stoop to, to save money but when it comes to the huge amounts they award themsleves which outweigh their savings by a factor of 100 I am sure, then oh no not a chance,


One tupsy-turvey country in a topsy turvery world!

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