Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Now this is weird and I do not have a link to it I am afraid.

Tomorrow, Wednesday 4th June 2014, a national tabloid, which one I do not know, runs an article about former Prime Minister Tony Blair. It states that there have been, I will say, allegations about him stating that he had a Messiah complex and obsessed with making money?!

Well that is only a surprise in as such that this wording due out tomorrow mirrors my own use of the word Messiah regarding Tony Blair just a few posts back?!

More coming out about FIFA and their own corruption too and I knew it would only be a matter of time before that came out. Quite sadly I made this assumption because everyone is obsessed with football and this would make greater headlines and garner more interest than people lives being destroyed and even ended by corruption going on elsewhere.

I think all corruption should be reported about but there is a natural priority in the reporting based on simple morals, or even just the researching, of these things. Unfortunately the priorities of the many have become diluted and are all about face in recent times, not helped by the media and reporters going after names refer than the extremely immoral stories. Unless 500 people have suffered and the person who did is both a household name and of course dead!

I am off course referring to Jimmy Savile.

I wonder just how many stories there would have been published and retorted by the end of this year that closely resemble, mirror and just ape those I have covered in posts?

Probably not another single story now I have asked that question?! Lol!

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