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Right now then I have managed to return in one piece, lol.

Curiously the Police are being extremely helpful as regards the attempted burglary (if it is indeed an attempted burglary and not something far more sinister), for now.

A friend of mine listened to da in disbelief at what had transpired over 36 hours. First forgetting the funeal for a baby was yesterday, managing to get up to be present for that. The trousers deciding to do something quite embarrassing needing paperclicks and super glue. Coming home to discover someone had tried to break into my house in broad daylight. Someone quite brain dead too. Then finding out the revaling of a new APU processor I was hoping to buy at a later date turned out to be nothing of the kind and disappointing and then the next mrning wake up to the arrival of the letter from Guys that contradicts that said in the appointment, makes my GP's relutance to prescribe a completely safe drug suddenly make sense and completely omits not only a diagnosis made on the day but does not even mention the test and the pain it caused me.

Anyone that checks out the recorded appointment I posted up in the last post, this morning, will and should note that the appointment was quite long and from the moment I walked in to his surgery the tape runs for 55 minutes and I must have been in there wayover 30 minutes?!

Considering how much of that letter I receieved is complete waffle and based on a medical history he never had and nor does my GP after over 6 months I am tr a loss to explain how he could put that in the letter?! If they just repated everything I told them as I did tell themn much of it it is quite amazing how well the remembered everything I told them chapter and verse and yet cannot remember what they themselves did as well as said?!

I have also emailed Guy's Hospital just to point out the differences and demand an explanation, calmly I might add as after everything I have achieved in nearly two years it is now time to remain completely calm altogether and see if I can get more inthe way of false accusations? I will paste in the email I did via Guy's Hospitals web form below. I do have their direct email address to their Rheumatology department but cannot be bothered to look for it, lol.

Now just think for a moment, all that I listed above all hits in a period of 36 hours.

My friend was laughing today about it. How is anyone supposed to be able to get anything done? How is anyone supposed to get the help they require? How is anyone supposed to rememnber everything with a condition that affects your memory on a daily basis when all that happens in the space of 24 hours?!

Of course I know why and of course you will now realise exactly why I do the things I do along with exactly why I held off on the prublishing of the secretly recorded audio of the consultation at Guy's Hospital.

Now as I stated before I could have stated at the end of the consultation ..

'oh and buy the way, you can tell the over confident idiots in the NHS to stop the crap because I just recorded this and will post it up on my blog!'

This would have resulted in no more shit and if I was amoral and only interested in doing this for money then I would not have held back on this and waited for them to see if they made another mistake only to post it up on here!

Now here lies the rub ... pay very close attention to what I state next ...

When I do anything to antagonise anyone it is based upon the truth to garner the correct actiom and I then monitor and record to see if the correct action is followed ... by everyone!! OOPS!!

Now my landlord was a bit concerned that I had upset someone on here and that they had come round and tried to 'crowbar' their way into my home. Yeah except I left out one little detail with him, because it was over the monitored phone lines, and with the Police and their forensics guy.

I have not been on the electoral register for years!! This fact is banded about now and then on the posts going right back to its very inception!! DOUBLE OOPS!!

Why did I do that and what does it achieve?

It vastly cuts down the number of possibilities of anyone doing anything against me to those that were only ever previously aware of my address! And in no particular order are ...

1 Enfield & Waltham Forest Councils
2 Shop Direct
3 Bailiffs
4 A certain crazed individual who likes to bully people and then jump up and down stamping his feet and threatening you while using childish tactics to bully you with very silly made up names which the Police were not only told about over this break in but alreay have files and crime numbers about from several years ago and a simple check of them being in the country right now when this has happened will lead to an arrest and a charge making the individual look very stupid but if its not this person them its not.


So you see only those that are and previously were aware of my address could have done this as a means to try and scare me. Like my friends said today and he was right to do so if this was someone after my ... 'data' then they would have gotten in and I would not know anything about it! But I said 'well if I worked for them I would leave it so that it looked like an incompetent twat tried to break in!' to which heg nodded in agreement. I also said that of course you would only get this level of intelligence ... well from the intelligence agencies like GCHQ and MI5, no one else would be able to do that and they would certainly have done whatever they intended ... oh that reminds me let me check ... yup one of two items they would not leave here without are still here!!

Saying that it should also be pointed out that I have long since also stated that an attempt to go after these things within my home would be fuitle, as I am not that stupid not to have already made several back ups off premises and taken steps for that data to appear magically if mine here was cut off.

So these two agencies know my adress but not on the list and never were placed on my list from the m,oment I saw the kinks made on the door. In fact |I can now say it looks like a very broad screw driver that has made the damage noticeable.

Ergo someone stupid and not said agencies already mentioned. For them to get involved in anything like this would be fooish anyway because they would make it look like they were for higher to big corporations or government and would not, I repeat 'would not' be that stupid as to make themselves look like 'guns for hire' so to speak. No they have never been on my radar and any evidence they had been in my house ould have come to my attention of far subtler ways that would have led to me to look for my concrete evidence in diferent ways to this.

No this could be just a chancer and I was told that there had indeed been other burglaries in my road as according to the forensics guy he had been called out to a number of properties in this road. This indeed gave me an idea, and yes of course I recorded everyones visit, and I am going to email the Metropolitan Police and ask them simply for the number of burglary case for only my street and for how many there have been for each and every year for the last 6 years.

I will let you think as to the possible reasons why I would ask this and I am not asking for specific addresses as this ould be both stupid and I would not get a repsonse to and quite rightly so to. Only the frequencies over the last 6 years.

Now I am hoping I have no more events, but will now take precautions just in case, take place and will carry on as normal. On the other hand things might actually start to go somewhat crazy ...AGAIN! God I hope not, thought I was done with all that?!

Only thins time and with the 36 hours of calamitous events you may now end up witnessing a completely crazy few weeks or months that have occured so many times in my life in the last 20 years that I have lost bloody count?! LMAO!

Oh one other thing ... when I told my friend that in the letter the DOctor stated that ... 'I appear to be OK' he then angrily said "How the fuck can he say that based on one visit?! Yes, your right their obviously trying to make it look like your OK so that everyone saves money?! He has no bloody right to say that!"

Then a few minutes later he said that which I have alluded to for quite some time now "Yes someone is definitely intercepting these letter and changing them! Even that odd question mark has appeared on letters from other hospitals!"

Hmm I have typed out an email now and posted it to the Police. ...


Dear Sirs


Thank you for the response you have thus far shown me.

I would like to ask a question due to something that was stated to me...

QUESTION (AND ONLY ONE) I was told in conversation that there had been a number of burgalaries in my street. I was thinking about this and it would be of great interest to me to know how many burglaries, attempted or otherwise, in my street for each year over the last six years?

Do not assume I am asking for specifics here as I am not. I would not be that stupid to ask something like that and you would quite rightly refuse to hand over that data...

...just interested in how many each year over six years s all. It would just be able to show me a few things is all.

Thanks again for your response and I dop hop you manage to realise or indeed rule out correctly so whether it was or was not the name I gave you.

Stating this I would like to reiterate what I told your officers and your forensics guy and that is I am not the sort of person that just wants blame attributed somewhere and to someone despite the history I may or may not have had with any individuals. I am only interested in the truth.

I might also like to state that IF my blog on corruption is looked into and found I want to point out in part that which I have already ...

1 I am only interested in the truth in all things and the proper workings in all things and ...
2 Should a list be bought up based upon my blog and if you are TRULY intterested in finding the culprit you need to be aware that I am not listed in the electoral register and have not been for 5 years now and nor am I listed oin any phone book and was ex-directory when I did have a land line years ago.

Ergo it is not easy to get any one of my contact details unless those that I personally provided these details to, even if L later regretted it like that of the anme of the person I provided.

There is also one other thnsg that you need to know ...

I helped ... certain agencies in the gatering of information regarding terror cells (MI5 and GCHQ) along with domestic violence, Merseyside Police. In so doing two Detective Constables, one being DC Simon Broadhurst of Merseyide Police, visited my property a few years back. On being provided two lots of data separately, being told not to act upon one set as I had already forwarded the data to MI5 and GCHQ, and upon leaving my house I was told I was a genius and they wished I had worked for and with them! I told thenm I get this a great deal.

If you look up anything regarding this person and my contacts with your Police at an earlier date you will note that I was rather harsh and quite critical towards one of your ... do not know the names but public call the Paper Bag, Police Officers this will tell you why. I also had similar issues with you over Bailiffs attacking me and defrauding me out of over £4,000 several years ago too and I was not in the least bit kind to you, based upon the fact I was lied to several times by the Police.

Now I want to stress that I mentioned a blog briefly to all and its only fair that you know about it as the NHS, DWP, Atos, Government, several Councils and several others are aware of it too.

I am proving to be quite popular withi this blog and in just eighteen months have gone from a few each month to currently around 15,000 per month and have acquired 120,000 + visitors. I simply look into where things fail and why they fail.

This is because I have beel failed repeatedly so for many years with all kinds of lame excuses and then single handely went and discovered a fair amount of data regarding an upcoming event to which that, that the White Water Rapids Centre was part of. Yes there was in incident that took place there and yes I am aware of it and suggested this would happen to MI5 and GCHQ.

Thank god nothing happened.

Now remember these Detectives called me a genious and my blog contains much in the way of proof and there is a reason for this. Please remember that as discarding anything I have stated would not be the wisest choice. Just use what I have if your investigations go anywhere. The fatcs I currently provide are simply to help, if and when the time comes.

So there you have it. You just needed to be aware of a few facts so that you con rule out or indeed include people or organisations in the event that anything happens to me. This also involves my daughter too in certain aspects whose name is Sophie Emma Louise Holland and in the event that I met with my demise I would like protection for her until such a tiome that her safety can be assured.

Yours faithfully

Martin Haswell BSc

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