Sunday, 8 June 2014


Well someone thinks that there is something in that missing passenger plane?!

I do not know Ethan Hunt's motivation in the crowd funding idea to give out a reward, as he is not related to anyone who was on the flight, but it is a good idea!

I like good ideas like this because it encourages others to come up with innovative ideas. A shame that there are so many hell bent on crime to get money, or virus writing and scamming, phishing and Good knows what else. Plus those with false profiles on dating and social media sites!

Good God do I hate these morons while anyone innovative, coming up with good causes and genuinely honest people get my admiration!

Yes it is possible to raise my eyebrow in surprise as well as gain my admission. The hard part is keeping hold of it! One good turn does not make up for a series of bad ones! Or one bad one, unless it's very good to slightly naught that is, Lol.

As far as the missing place is concerned I could not even hazard a guess. Maybe if someone comes forth with a theory that is not only plausible but had something in their possession that suggests that it is the case, I might come up with a theory.

I would imagine that journalists have already been through the fight manifests and spoken to everyone related to each passenger to see if there is anything or anyone that someone wanted rid of without a trace?

If say for arguments sake that umm ... Dali Lama chap was on the flight and, I think it's the Chinese Government, someone in said government saw a chance to get rid of him before he should the beans? That's an extreme example really and anyone that high a profile would have been spotted long before now.
So someone or something on the flight that one government or another did not like or want talking or seeing the light of day.

Of course there is still that theory I ear about which had never got another mention of a pilot or co-pilot being aware if some secret military base on an island somewhere and intending, or maybe they did, crash a plane into it to highlight its existence?!

However what goes against these ideas is the existence of satellites as though the Americans got up there first they are no longer the only ones. Unless of course one country knows the truth and is blackmailing another?!
Hmm what would be the word for this I wonder?

Missing plane 'whistleblower' fund

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