Monday, 9 June 2014


I was sent an email by Fibromyalgia UK, week they often do as I an on their newsletter list, and I found a couple of interesting links.

The first one was for an app that is for documenting your illnesses, pains, share ups, pills and sleep amounts. I did find this odd because Fibromyalgia can vary wildly from person to person. But this claims to cater for the fact Fibromyalgia is very specific with each sufferer, except on some things like sleep for instance.

The second link is to do with a possible link to something in the brain, did not read it all as I'm tired for once, called Microlgia I think it was. What I found interesting I'd that they said this could be linked to not only Fibromyalgia but also M.E. (nicknamed Yuppie Disease years ago) and ... err another one that is a coming known name but my memory, Lol. Annoyingly the latest Android won't let me dock back to the page because if you share it like I did here to another app then selecting the browser from the switching tasks icon brings me back ... well here?! Lol!

Another thing that has become a pain in the arse with Android in a growing list.

Anyhoo, the link is provided and I will look into this further. Also the app is £3.99 in Google Play but be aware it does seen to be UK specific. It may not be a problem for people in other countries as I have not used it. I will but in all honesty I know I won't be able to record everything as I will end up adding stuff to the app well over a dozen times a day. Not possible and things will get forgotten!

I will buy this but I must admit to bring somewhat ... perplexed that societies for health conditions seem to want to sell things to the sufferers?! Maybe I just fail to take certain things regarding these societies?

But when you consider that I find it odd that there have been ask these cancer charities for donkeys years and when Herceptin came out it was ducking expensive!! Not available on the NHS and in all honesty I have now a list of things not available on the NHS I find worrying and disgusting. Seem to have plenty of fecking over paid middle men to tell us 'no' though, eh?

Herceptin is probably still not available on the Internet? Due to iTs cost. Probably why Sodium oxybate is not available and Guy's Hospital have not heard of? Also hmm that one for your joints, Glucosamine sulphate? In fact when I asked one of my GPs why Glucosamine was not available she simply said 'money'. Now considering that I have since seen the pills for sale in the 99p Store for a bottle of thirty pills I find this even more disgusting.

I started using it because I get painful ankles from time to time. Comes on suddenly normally descending step stairs that come in very painful and loud clicks. Can affect either ankle but oddly never together, touch wood Lol! Boy does it bloody hurt and will stay for several minutes to half an hour. Achilles tendinitis was the closest description I could find in medicine books. Since the Fibromyalgia I have assumed everything was down to the FMS. But like what happened with the knee test suspiciously omitted from that letter is hard to know what is and is not like to FMS.

hmm that reminds me I do want to email some societies on FMS and ask what, of anything, people do to help themselves fall asleep? Also I want to point it what happened at Guy's Hospital and then explain the letter to see their reaction?

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