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I heard of a very strange statement being uttered by the BBC reporters over the outcome of the having scandal of the News of the World and Andy Coulson.
Now I long since posted about the fact that Rupert Murdoch was lightning fast to be at Rebekah Brooks' side.
So it is only of little surprise to me that she was cleared and the Police are reported to now wanting to talk to Mr Murdoch. Oops!
Of course there was the accusation of bringing a criminal into Downing Street in the House of Commons.
Now the statement I found of most intriguing interest was the one that said that there was an accusation or remark about government being far too cosy with the press.
This mirrors something I stated eons ago on here and have repeatedly stated.
Those that have followed closely and researched the archives on here will know that I am averse to the media spotlight. Much more importantly is the fact that I have directed areas of the press in certain ... directions of ... investigations and research. This had also been explained and detailed on here and can be found in the archives. The details and the recorded driver receipts to the fact I sent no less than FOUR DVDs to dozens of recipients within both tabloid and TV news media groups.
Since I did this a great many things I have uncovered have appeared in the news. In sometimes a very similar form and to varying degrees to a loosely similar form. This has not give unnoticed my myself and I have highlighted these stories wherever I have come across them.
I did not sit around scrutinising every report as I did not need to. It would be noticed several times without this action of that I was sure. In fact one of the very main factors of this big was to release much of the same data I sent off to them and mirror what they were doing so this would become ... apparent.

While this proceeded along I would also continue as I went doing exactly what I was doing previously and posting and publishing as I went.

This would not only show how I did things but that I was entirely capable of doing and acquiring exactly what I stated I did. But catching out the industry that was the British News Media would need an entirely different approach to everyone else and a large part of this blogs existence was indeed that.

Only this would take time to Anna's enough people to see what I can and do actually do to show that what I posted in the wait days I did actually do. Of course what many missed was that I posted a great deal of data extremely rapidly in the first few weeks to show that there was no doubt that I had been doing this a very long time before the blog started.

I thank you!

Also it had to take something very serious to come along with the press to put a question mark on their ... sincerity and ... impartiality that would leave no one in little doubt. Evertor the most naive and the amoral. I only hope that there are not to many of either of these two!

Enter stage right the hacking fiasco of the media.

Now one has to inevitably ask what the reasons are that even after posting this stuff for two whole years, nearly,  that I was never ever contacted, android does not like the word 'contacted' Lol, by any section of the media?

I kind of ... expected zero contact but sent off so many to make it look ... obvious on here to all but the most blindly naive. Of course this was something else that would simply need a lot of time to make look obvious.

Reasons for the lack of contact? Well the remark in the news of the government being too cosy with the media is bang on for one possibility!

News is a multi million, if not billion, pound/dollar industry and maybe they just wanted to make my ideas theirs? Selling them off to each other? Well I sent much off to many people so that kind of puts paid to this possibility. Unless they did bit bother going through it ask and sought did each other stories they actually all possessed already?!

Now if that turned out to be the case ... well I am sure anyone and everyone can see the irony along with the bloody hilarious side to this?! Lol!

What is also kind of funny in its own way is that if they had indeed been beavering away on my four DVDs ... well ... I have actually been posting it all in here asking with enough additions to make ten or more DVDs!! Lol.

So you would be correct in thinking that this entire blog was indeed a trap for the British news media.
Now what turns out to be the case I do not know the answer to. It is on ongoing thing but it's safe now to admit to this. Fur of they were to act on my disks then they have long since done so. They cannot alter what they did or indeed did not do on this particular subject. Oops.

I wonder if I will be reading of may tech advisers and reporters losing their jobs at some point in the latter half of 2014? Lol.

In a way I have been laying out lessons that I have previously nagged them shut but chose to ignore thinking themselves smarter, far more important and adverse to any real work thing nothing could be discovered of what they do or do not do.


However some things will just have to come out on their own. Of this I am sure will happen if indeed the facts are there to be found out?

But what is for certain is that many I know outside of the Internet that knew of my involvements and the FOUR DVDs I sent them were stunned when after months it was clear no one was even going to send a single email or even a letter! On asking me why, like I magically knew the answer, I simply said "Well you will have to ask each of those I sent the DVDs to that question!" LOL.

Quite strangely singer of these individuals had forgotten my statements that I had thought fur years that there was something decidedly fishy about about the press!

Just two UK industries that thought they had left me looking like a nutter and a liar to those in my personal life! Ooh wait a minute?! That sounds strangely familiar?! Mad and a liar are two labels that have had attempts to stick upon my persons by the NHS in very recent times?! Hmm now that is a coincidence?!
Now do you see why I did not blurt out the blogs existence within the first eighteen months? Those that are naive and desperate would get one single piece of ammunition and attempt to use it to get the service or help they should be getting anyway. Not me! Mine was a very long game that was going to attempt to get my opponents to play each of their aces along the way.

So any anger and frustration I showed was a genuine feeling allowed to be shown by myself to encourage their cards to be laid out.

Hmm now think for a moment ... this blog but only proves I was playing and prepared to play the long game it SHOWS that I did just that.

About about those NHS and Local Council post it notes? I would look for a new adhesive of I were you, because your all out.


Good God I do so hate Android! It refused to route the word 'hacking' too and insists on substituting it with 'having'! Hmm maybe the media have hacked my Android OS and altered it to refuse to recognise words that will be extremely damaging to them?!


Judge rebukes Cameron over Coulson

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