Sunday, 29 June 2014


Jingle jangle the bells do ring a sign to all men of the joy that such a time should bring. After the autumn leaves have turned and the ground grows in white will men ever know truth. The look of hate that many a man gives is forgotten for those brief periods that are all too short.

Once the white recedes one wonders if man will ever learn that being alone is no option that being with others means you need to learn to live with one another? But all to often one mans ego is all consuming and renders the man of suffering into total blindness or possesses tunnel vision at best.

In ones travels it is plain to see that those that speak true are not believed to exist. That is one truth that renders many a God in tears. If such a being were to exist he would surely be asking where he went wong while he watches while those that common titles of honour show nothing of deserving of said title.

One looks afar and under ones nose and still it be lost from view. Many fail to understand the picture before them and the plan one makes so very obvious to all who cometh. But the little remnants of data that strike a nerve or two must be left to lie dormant until such a time that the individual becomes directly affected. Once this is so the reality once ignored is brought to the fore like a Tsunami enveloped in emotions, anger and confusion. Suddenly there is a change in things and what was ignored before must suddenly be paid attention to.

By the one that was ignored so many times before which shows a naivety that scales beyond the other worldly while commanding things not realistic as reciprocation is much like trust and must be earned and not expected at one's beck and call.

A journey long traveled and many horizons are gazed on this lengthy path and one that others fail to accept nor give credence to for wisdom is something that is not learned it is provided by birthright only. Or so many seem to think. You cannot expect of others what you yourself are not willing to give.

For those that fail to see this are exceptionally low level numbers of the grey that makes it all worthwhile. The world turns still for some while expecting a halt with others and the realities of life and what one can fairly expect are … just not aware of.

The eyes only seek out the white while disregarding the black and all shades of grey for the white is a scarcity that none care of. But the white is all important and must be sought out and then combined with. But where does one look for the white when all else appears grey or black?

Some also have expectations due to the levels that they have learned but do not extend this courtesy to others and many a time do actually underestimate. Time after time after time the blindness spreads and channels of communiques grow ever wider in girth and greater in number of individuals connected.

But still the underestimation persists and despite all given opportunities to not venture into the grey or the black venture in they consider to do so to the utter disappointment of the one. This one is all to aware that the efforts needed to drive their way home however achieved and normally once ones ego has again been caged.

One waits as patiently as ever for the education of ones enemies to to reach their peak before they then realize that the endeavours achieved were in fact far to great and complex to battle against. One must also learn to accept the consequences of ones own actions and not lay blame to others when the rope was merely handed over and it was others that made the leap of ill fate. Warnings were provided and the pitfalls laid bare but the decision taken to ignore was not of my own. Therein lies the decider who decided most … unwisely and I offered every hand of help only to have it burned in the worst way possible.

One wonders that when ones history finally turns up what those reactions might be? After all one professional is easy to manipulate if he is not aware of the entire history, despite that history being made available in many formats and close at hand. Or maybe it is the bearer of the hand of friendship who would be at fault? Not reading more that would only inflame your own egos to the point of over reactionary was not the way. Birds can sing their hearts out but it is no guarantee to gain an hen's interest. This particular bird knew that singing alone was not nearly enough and doing this for a few brief moments would not nearly be enough also.

So once the data had been collected for several years one starts the digital book of a set of true stories to shake the system to its very core. But the reach the levels of shaking required to affect said system one must start in gentle shakes and progress to build upon gradually until the tension goes pop. This would inevitable take about two years to achieve, maybe three or more but the quick changes of subject and direction would keep it all building almost simultaneously to the point that once members from each one realize theirs is large enough to affect them then realism that the whole measures far beyond expectations and the herculean task at hand would be far too great even if it were illegal.

One chuckles long about this one for its a law that is forced that it be illegal to tell the truth. When one swears on oath with bible in hand to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth can one say that he cannot because all those on the other side, of which there are many, are here to prevent the truth from being told?

One wonders when he will not create conundrums for oneself to solve and will it coincide with the realization of mere mortal men that the acts of life and of knee must be dropped and learned to live with each other.

For if you cannot converse with one that is only interested in the truth and for the safety and well being of others then what chance is there? Maybe such churlish individuals that insist that law is there to prevent their own truths from being seen far and wide will drop the act and the law makers make it again law to settle ones disagreements like that of aristocracy of times gone by?

A duel? Or fists? Oh but no, only those of mental impairment result to such tactics, those of schooling, education and breeding hire lawyers to perform such tasks.

Come what may readers of this can be sure that regardless of events and no matter what transpires these eyes will only ever see and search for that which is purely white.

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