Tuesday, 10 June 2014


I have had a good but crap day. A good morning and afternoon which turned sour but it does this every single spring but once over I forget all about it.

I am tanked up on Tramadol today as a result and have taken two, then two, then three and just now I took two or three.

Its a headache I get every single Spring or Summer, depnding on when it turns hot, lol. I go out on my first few rides and I get a cracking headache and they are always worse while on my bike for some reason ... which I think I might know why?!

I call them dehydration headaches as I am sure they come on when I do get dehydrated, which is why they are always worse on a bike, because I dehydrate fiaster because I invariably expend a lot more energy because I venture a great deal further and for far longer.

Now I am pretty sure that these always end up being much more painful when it has gone from cool temperatures and overcast to seering heat and hot sun.

Now this is where I believe I might know why this is and that is because I diagnosed Fibromyalgia and was proved correct and already knew before I discovered it that I have trouble with extreme heat, espcially humid heat, which now links to the inability for the body to deal with vast temperature changes. As a result I think that when it gets hot I automatically start going out expending energy and therefore dehydrate fast without even knowing it. This then brings on the headaches and the worse ones always coincide with the first week or so of cycling in the hot sun.

It takes weeks before you get used to it too and is a real pain in the posterior, as most things with Fibromyalgia are.

While out I was thinking about a line that was said to me about this blog and what I do. I am not going into detail here about who said it or why they said it but they stated "maybe you should lie low from the blog, what you do ... people find it too much!"

This was form someone who was a non-believer a couple of years back and I have seen nor head any evidence that they have read the blog or even just elements of it. They certainly have never remarked about anything I have put. Indeed I do not even recall them asking for the address or me offering.

Take today, I met a great chap while at one of my haunts while hunting down as much wildlife I can find and anything else that is worthwhile filming. We got chatting and I ended up talking about corruption then what had happened with the NHS and he stated he was suspicious of a few things but that it was down to mostly incompetence. I stated that I was afraid to have to tell him that no, it was all quite deliberate and gave more detail. I also explained that not only did I have a blog on British Wildlife and a YouTube account where I publish my potos and videos, that was what he spotted that caused him to speak to me, but I also had one on corruption that had a great deal of secretly recorded audio that I performed myself.

He pulled a notebook from his pocket and a pen, Moleskin I think it was lol, and asked if I would write down the two blog addresses. This was a nice chap and he was obviously intelligent. He had suspicions of his own for sometime but probably could not quite believe that which he was told but was more than a little interested in putting the stranger before him to the test. AFter all the blog contains far more than the secretly recorded audio to prove my point and proves it over and over again. With quite a few public services too.

In fact the gentleman uttered a few words that I had lost in the annals of my memory that ape that of a whirlpool these days, thanks go to the Fibromyalgia for that.

Darn it! I cannot rmember but it was something like a charter that states that all men be treated equal and from a time long since past. It was a term I knew but had long forgotten. Nice to meet someone intelligent and inquisitive in nature.

So what is too much for people I do not really know. Of course there are many different types of people that all fit into some pigeon hole or other. Maybe the section I need to pay attention the most and tell others they know of me and this blog cannot take it all on board? Maybe he was saying that your average Joe will think it some kind of joke, or scam or something untoward? Perhaps even that I had somehow faked the audio recordings? If I was that good I would be wasting my time blogging, that is for sure!

Right now I am awaiting notification that a mate is going to turn up at some point. He wants to ... borrow somethign from me and I have a disk for him with a secretly recorded piece of audio on it. The one of the Police Duty Officer being unfair and extremely rude! That gentleman today never got to hear about that and would have been a perfect story to tell him ... no wait I did tell him I think? Lol!

Anyway he told me yesterday that he had told the Police about the recording and they turned nasty, threatening and intimidating?! Oooh boy I hope they find out my details and come doing that to me?! You can imagine from my reactions to some things said that it will not be a very nice response if they come trying to threaten and intimidate me!

After first lying and trying to say it was illegal to record, no it is NOT, they then said "Well I am warning you, if I were you I would destroy that tape and any other copies you have of it!"

Now what the fuck does that mean? They sound like pre second world war NAZIS to me?!

Like an warning to do something ... or else?! Oh and what might the 'or else' be?! SOmething really bad happening and you get taken to court? For finding out and recording public service staff and civil servants are doing their job appropriately when it is the British public that pays them?! They are ANSWERABLE to the British Public and along with not having a clue how cameras work they also do not know how computers work, how networks work, how the INternet works, how smartphones work, their own equpiment (chest mounted camera) works and yet they talk to members of the pblic like they are blithering idiots that are not worthy of their services?!

Oddly what they fail to know is that not only do I have proof of all their crap I can prove that this attitude also includes children with no money and even very young children.

When its the media via TV News or Tabloid Journalists or anyone famous or with money then they are quick to talk about all the horros that go on in the world but as soon as they realise your a penniless nobody your scattered to the four winds! regardless of age or gendre and lying becomes paramount upon moving their lips!

This is called being two face, or fake, or immoral deep down and internally while showing fake sorrow and compassion eternally. Picky and choosey about who they are nice to and they like ferrying old people home as they may have a nice little nest egg saved up that they just might get left them in their Last Will and Testament?!

Oooh trust me I have seen this at work and up close too.

Like the depravaties I now see revealed on a daily basis by the very organzation that has committed some of the worst ones imaginable, so the worst kind of hypocrit you could say, the depths people will go to to satiate their own depraved and even morbid desires knows no boundaries, they really do not.

This seems certainly common place amongst the rich and famous, yet this is the only faction of society the Police are prepared to put any effort into?! IN fact they have made this so abundantly obvious for years its utterly incompetent!

For argument sake, back at that terrible tragedy at Hilsborough the revelations revealed lately showed us what the top tiers of Police Forces reallt thought of the football supporters that died. I listened in utter shock as I knew for a long time thatthe Police were capable of many terrible things but not even I could believe what I was hearing. Now had this issue been taken place up in the expensive boxed, or boxes I think they call them, areas they would have been all over it like flies and the proverbial ... SHIT!

Like the GP Surgeries asking you if you work, completely pointless unless asking you if you work with any dangerous substances or chemicals so obviously, to see if your worthy of having money spent on you?!

The funny part about all this is that I also know people that DO WORK but have also been treated like shit and lied to.

Now here is the rub that no one thinks of but the things that WILl occur to me early on in something. I knew that if I discovered I had something hereditary that this would be a time-bomb ready to go off! Why? Because if it then turned out that there were several others within my family that now realised that they had this and that they themslevss were also being sent away empty handed, I know as I have recently had this conversation more than once, that given time they will realise and get angry too!

Now upon this factual information sinking in they will then run through their own ailments to which tests they all had done came back normal and then talked down to or dicked around by their GPs or Hospitals would then fuel them with anger!

A few days ago I saw a brother who was notorious for getting up very late in the day. He was taken the 'piss out of' and moaned about be friends and family for over twenty years. I always told family that I had thought he would grow out of it but have been convinced for some time now there was something wrong, little did I know I would discover it! I asked him about the sleeping issues and he said it drives him mad. I said he must have been really fed up with the things people have said over the years and he said yes. I then explained how Fibromyalgia works and then it can easily be bought on, if your particularly subsceptible to it, by a blow to the head. I asked "Can you think of a time that you had a blow to the head?" His eyes widened and he swaid "Yes" and I replied "Yeaaah I thought you might?!" before walking off.

I cannot remember if it was my late father or his partner, MAragaret, at the time but someone came hom to find my brother unconscious and freezing cold on the shower floor. He had passed out from a build up of Carbon monoxide, ro was lucky in one way, and smashed his nose around the bridge on the edge of the shower floor knocking himself unconscious in the process. Until hours later when he was found!

Oh fucking OOOPS!!

This was a brother I had not seen in awhile and that I had told two other siblings that he had this now, though there was disagreement at first this has changed with two of them. I now know that there will be several conversations over the next couple of months. I also know that this conversation will spread to my extended family down in Southend!

Many members of my family are just as difficult as I am to try and fob off and ... well there might just be an increase in the number of health rofessionals, Doctors and GPs with broken jaws over the next two years?!


So really the whole time I appeared to be just one difficult patient on here ranting off about this, that and the other, no, no, no NO!

For nearly two years now I have been creating an army of warriors that can see the truth and have been taught ways to get around the flack and the bullshit! Trouble with my family is that they just take forever to take anything on board and get around to do anything. Sometimes even just seeing each other can go long perios without this taking place. But then you get a flurry of get togethers in just a short space of time.

Now in my own immediate family I now know that there are three other members, besides myself, that now realise that they each have it. That is all of us as the elders that had it both died in suspicious circuemstances and that was my father and his mother my nan. However they did have another son and like my father he also passed away in his fifties and any suspicions I had to each and every death of these three is well documented and sired by me on posts going back nearly two years now.

My Uncle had kids of his own and six to be exact so more of them than there is of us! Lol! Now I know not of their medical histories but one female cousin has had knee issues and other pains for years and bever seem to have been sorted out fully, hmm well Fibromyalgia might explain that one. Another had a health scare but cannot remember what is was, terrible memory. Another one had a health scare but I cannot remember what it was, terrible memory. Sorry I just could not resist that, lol!

Now they will find out about htis that is for sure and many of them will then be researching it to see if they have been affected and its fairly easy really as like one brother realised that if you have gone back repeatedly over certain pains or symptoms and they have never worked it out along with pills never working and added to that any tests proving negative repeatedly then your bang on the money I am afraid.

The tests for Fibromyalgia are appalling in all honesty, well you have seen and heard them at work first hand and with a front row seat! They claim all these things about four guadrants and then so many pains and this factor and that factor but at the end of the day when Fibromyalgia starts it shows one symptom. Just one symptom.

Think about it for a moment, it has to start somewhere does it not? There are a total of around 200 known symptoms to Fibromyalgia and I have in the ball park of 120. Have I not stated over and over again that these came on one at a time every few years?!

So according the NHS its perfectly acceptable that they cannot state you have Fibromyalgia until you have pain in four quadrants of your body? You might have five or more areas of pain by the time you reach this ... pinnacle!

Now lets do a little check up ...

Forgetting hernia and heartburn and groin pain ... oh yes and right knee pain ...

Back first and then a couple of years later the hips and then the Achilles Tendonitis. Now these are around two years apart at least and despite the feet being mentioned here the Plantar fasciitis came on many years after the Achilles tendonitis! Then the knee but this is now 8 YEARS but despite the four areas of pain it is still not in all quadrants!

So it is safe to say that the NHS decided that they would not even entertain this condition until you had suffered ten years minimum. Since the Plantar fasciitis 13 YEARS have passed but its over 20 YEARS since the first of the pains flared up!! I kid you not!!

If you have come here because of some pain you were searching for and think me bonkers for suggesting that the NHS lie and cheat and go out of their way not to diagnose you of they can ...

I am really sorry bu these are not claims and nor are they of anyone else I cover on here!

I often inform my readers that there are quite literally dozens and dozens of audio recordings of quite a few Doctors telling quite a few lies and even admitting falsifying test results. These are facts and are only up here as an aid ... think of it as a public service lol, and nothing more.

This is because I relaised a long time agao that the only way to stop the British public being treated like rats, dogs and worse forms of low lifes would be to make enough people aware of it.

Now I am well on my way to reaching that milestone and I think I can say that it is more likely months as opposed to years before that will be reached!

Because people are slow to actually realise such horrid things, there is a lot of posts to go through, there are a lot of audio recordings to listen to and a lot of reports to read.

I could never EVER prove that this practise was rife with just one or two examples and you must realise that I had to do this over half a dozen departments with dozens of meetings and apopintments. I also had to do this with every public service to, no easy feat I am sure you will appreciate.

I have spent a very long time creating it and gathering it, I have spent nearly two years posting about it and I was fully aware that it was going to take between 2 and 5 years for enough people to read enough of it all to realise. A tipping point will then be reached where enough people are so shocked at what they find on here that they tell friends, family and work colleagues and it spreads like fire.

Also I have always stated that the audio recordings are free to download, the blog is free, the focuments are free and to do with as you see fit, the diea being that after two or three years my documentations, audio recordings and letters of conflicting statements would be sitting on hundreds of thousands of smartphones?!

Not far away from the two year anniversary of my very first blog and it will be interesting to do a check on the numbers of visitors I have ammassed when the time comes. Mainly because the monthly visitors will rise significantly from the 12,000 odd they do currently?! In a few months time I may also be able to predict when this number will reach 50,000 per month and even 100,000 per month? Fingers crossed, lol!

Here is a short monologue on corruption while looking at a beautiful Lily flowering, lol ...

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