Friday, 27 June 2014


Well I see I am attaching a great deal of likes and followers from Fibromyalgia sufferers among others.
Due to the sudden rush in attention I will post and give you a preview of bit only what I had planned for sometime now but am currently working on.

It was always my plan that once I had figured out enough if the details of Fibromyalgia Syndrome that I would do a detailed account of what I had figured out and anything I had discovered. This was always inevitable and one group of people sneaking around on here should have seen it coming. For two reasons ...
1 Because I am, by my own nature, helpful

2 Because there is nothing I like more than to embarrass over paid petiole who are supposed to be helpful but are anything but and mostly clueless

3 Those of mine enemies that failed to see where this blog was going, well I assure you that this year of 2014 it will show just how bloody clueless and a waste of money you all are.

4 That way the members of the public that said these exact words "but Martin, these people won't give a shit!" wool finally realise Luke so many other times that they WILL!

I have had this said to me so many times in the last year it is not true and I am afraid congress from a basic error in human nature I have long known to exist. This is extremely difficult to work around and like many other things attempts to explain leads to glazed eyes.

This is of course based on the fact that at first the idea of what I was doing is preposterous and would never work. Then the surprising rise in numbers makes them think it will work ... for awhile. But then hearing the numbers become ever mitre impressive eventually becomes boring and the negativity returns.

What happens then is their is a inordinately lengthy amount of time whereby nothing much happens over than the odd funny post but the idea that they think it all fails gains an ever growing confidence.

This is basic human error.

I try to counter this by simply starting the following to make people think and it's absolutely true ...

It all only heads in one direction.

If there is a beginning and and end and your always heading in one direction then it is certain that you will get there, the fact that the velocity gains ever more traction in the journey should therefore show that just add you get comfortable in your own confidence suddenly, and before you know it, boom, it all suddenly happens...

How can I show people on here and later this I know personally that this would happen? Well because I have always stated it to them and also stated it on here in the most basic and simplest of ways that I possibly could. No complex and convoluted twists and turns like other things I have tried to explain in the past basically because complex, convoluted and twists were necessary. I simply stated ...

This year is when it all starts to happen.

We are only half way through 2014 and it was only about three months ago I stated this. I always manage to surprise myself despite my own self confidence ... by actually surprising myself!

This little detail is the most eyebrow raising of them all!

So I have completed about half of the document that will become the breakdown on Fibromyalgia and ask the things I discovered for myself. Best of all in this is you will get to hear first hand the things I assume that the NHS would want to hear so that they can then help you?!

For that was their biggest ever mistake that will take and reverberate throughout history for decades to come based on another little line I have uttered and typed for years now ...

If you refuse to listen then you cease to learn!

However members of the NHS, except actually my last GP Dr Kumar junior who first made a statement he then decided to ignore, did bit feel they needed to listen to me or anyone else because quite obviously they know all there is to know and there is absolutely nothing new to discover in medicine at all!

They must be birthed from their mother's baby canons with all medical knowledge pre-installed quite obviously?!


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