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You know some people should keep in mind, or bother reading on occasion, that when one suffers from Fibromyalgia there is a great many symptoms that the sufferer has to contend with. Not least of all that of memory.

As stated previously I believe that this was previously known and taken advantage of and I have an example today as to why I do what I do, unfortianetly the pereson I explain this too does not seem to quite get it.

I attended my Doctors today and I already knew what I was going to get in the way of response and I already told you that.

However there was a wee bit more than that I predicted and it came as soon as I sat down when he asked me to switch of any recording equipment I have on me. I immediately realised that someone had contacted him and I asked him how he knew and he said I told him about the blog. Well yeah I did but I did not tell him the address and I also did not tell him what was on it.

Now there was a point when he made a remark about it and seemed to want give a little scoff, which I found amusing. Not content with me switching off my phone he then spots my Sony A Series Walkman, which is on here and does not record but wants me to unplug it anyway.

I start to smile because confidence is everything in situations like this.

He starts to tell me he was uffended that I had recorded them and posted it on the blog and I start to defend myself. Only even though I quite deliberately started with the small stuff he swats it to one side, so I go a little further. I then point out that he has not batted an eyelid about the fact I said I was lied to. He then repates many times about me re3cording and I am thinking, Jesus Christ is this all you got? I said at one point this was pointless as we wrere running around in circles.

I still had not played my Ace Card hiden up my proverbial sleeve! He continued on about a breach of trust so I then said, "OK then lkets get this over with?! You have the letter where is my Pregabalin?!" To which he sarcastically states like I am some idiot, but do suffer from Fibrofog so have a medical excuse, "Mr Haswell what did I tell you last time?!" to which I tell him to remind me and he looks at the screen and says that they did not deewm my condition worthy of Pregabalin or something to that affect and that they are not going to prescribe it. I smile again and I then reach into my back pack and pull out a CD and place it right on front of him on the table. I then satetd he was no in the same position as the last GP and that he chose badly. He said "Whats that?!" I said its the real conversation of what took place. He said "Whats on it?!" and I told him everything I told him at my last visit that took place. "I am happy to prescribe Pregabalin"!

Looking cofused he then backs away and says he cannot listen to it and I ask why and he states it could be illegal for him to do so. I then pointed out that this disk proves I am telling the truth and if no one is interested in listening to itthey they are not interested in me ergo their patients. Oh yes I forgot he told me my actions were illegal and I said "Ohh no they are not!!"

Then as we are arguing a little heatedly I then realise something has has said to me and I said "hang on! I have not posted anything about you on here?! Or at least I have recorded him in every meeting and if I did post one I do not remember and do not remember editing any. It might have been the case of the missing medical records.

Yes its entirely normal for medfical records to take seven months to arrive! I forgot ab out that and he sarcastically told me he told me this last time.

He still persisted in banging on about my breaching his trust and the fact that I have been lied to by dozens and pointing out he was being somewhat realistic meant nothing. So then I hit him with the best one of all ...

"well hang on, your refusing to listen to my recordings! I am afrid that the issue of trust you keep banging on about goes both ways!!"

However this did not matter, so it seems Doctors careers and their trust ismeans everything while  patients trust is nothing and we are expected to do this even though we know we are being lied to.

I then picked up the disk and said, now how do you expect patiernts to reacts when they are presented with this one way traffic?!" which is in essence the worst kind of double standards that I have ever seen from the mouth of anyone at all. Obvioulsy us mere mortals that are patients do not matter much because when I pointed out seveal times, because he kept repeating himself, that his employers, the NHS, have known since before Christmas that I have been recording them, wo whay er you not grilling them about not telling you?!

It seems were are nbut mere lambs and must go wherever the shephards herd us with no questions at all. In fact when you do ask questions they have no way of dealing with it.

Now this is only a brief descrip[tion of what was said and like I said he asked me to turn off all my recording equipment and I removed my phone and my Sont Walkman and turned them off. Oh yeah and when I asked him if he read much of the blog he replied "Well, No!"?!


Yes well I did turn off those devices. But I am afraid Doctor Kumar that your attitude was wrong as was your reaction to what I said and I am afraid to say I already know that your not going to listen to that disc as you were not even interested in me leaving it with you. So as you will probably read this keep the repeat prescriptions coming if you do not mind, there simply is no need for me to enter you or your fathers surgery anymore. Unfortunately despite you being a Doctor and like all previous GPs you have only proved that your not really inerested in patients as I genuinley thought you were.

Now as we left it I clearly told you to write to me asking for the disc and I would give it to you. You should be interested in hgow many pateients you have given false information about provided by the NHS and their hospitals as should the last GP. You did not so I have no compunction is saying the following...

Do not ssume that because you saw two devices switched off that they were all indeed switched off! It was insulting to my intelligence to think that I had not only expected this but prepared for it for the last 3 years!


Now the funny thing is I only provided this blog address to two organisations and you can make of this what you want and get no influence from me. Of course if it turns out ... oooh wait?! Did I tell NHS England? No, no I deliberately did not tell them but told the last GP. I never gave the NHS the blog address but did tell them what I was doing ...

So the only two organisations that actually were provided the exact blog address was the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman and very recently the Patient and Liaison Service. Now it clearly appears to me that one of these is not acting in MY best interests now are they?!


The letter that I was confused about because I thout he said he posted me a letter, but inseat handed me an envelope on the way out...

So as you can see they clearly believe that you are not supposed to take steps to protect yourself and the despite being lied to 100% of the time over the last 8 years I was supposed to INSTANTLY know that he was going to be hoinest and upfront with me, except refused me the Pregabalin!

This drug is going to become famousbefore the year is out because as I told him that this was all stupid, if what he says is true. The NHS has gone through all this trouble, I clearly state, to not give me pills that I might stop taking in a few weeks anyway as they mayt make me ill like the Gabapentin that I can clearly be heard as saying to him that I do not want it! Why?

Here I will take a picture and upload it and show you why ...

Now I do believe I did state that they made me ill and that I stopped taking them on my own?! Boy did that cause me some problems and I had to ease the dosages down gently.

This is the drug where he states they will start me on Gabapentin, well no you wont becuase I keep telling every that treats me like a lying twat that I have already been given them. Hm maybe they removed this from the medical records?!

I particulalry liked the way he was insistent that he had nothing to hide before I switched off the recording equpiment, lol.

Same old same old and you know if you think your going to hold someone to ransom? Yeah you had better make sure you have something to hold them to ransom over?! Manish Kumar I am afraid you really gave me diddley squat my friend and I am sorry but you were incredibly unrealistic to expect me to just take the word of someone of which a dozen of his predeccesors had lied. Talking like that and then scoffing about the blog, yes not a good idea!! So do what you must because ... well I know a little something about my own condition now and that the Fibromyalgia is all encompasing. All that to which I have been refused help over I am still refused help over, so what do I get out of taking an unrealistic leap of faith?!

Oh and when I was called in I was the only one in the waiting room but as I walked along and turned the hallway Dr Kumar was utteriung again about being secretly recorded so I said out loud I do not like being lied to and why I have so may recordings of Doctors lying and as I turned the hallway there was a waiting room that had become a sea of shocked face all staring at me. I simply smiled at them and left.

I did state that I would get found out eventually, the fact it has taken the NHS a little under two years is astonishing. Oh and note how I ask if he is going to take up the fact that I was lied to he sauys no thats down to me? I said "So oh when it suits you all you want us to do the dirty work?! No I am not a Doctor, you are and your there to look after patients so technically and literally its YOUR JOB!"

But no if the tests and scans are falsified and lied about or they make promises they do not make good on its tough titties!! LMAO!

Well I am never one for forcing anyone, I have said here what I have said and I said to him on the tape everything that I needed to, but that he was more frustrated than me refusing to be stupid and unrealistic than he was about patients haveing test data falsified.

Go figure! I guess he thinks that a blog tyelling the truth is not going to be taken notice of by anyone, so I told him how many visitors I had, had and how many I get each month.

Oddly after telling him all this information and the little he gave me he actually told me to 'reflect on what I had done"?!

Yeah right, mate!

Oh, oh, oh I just realised, maybe he was threatening to take me to court and thats why he asked me to reflect on things?! Maybe I am sup[posed to start crapping my underwear right about now? Oops, no!!

Oh yeah and I forgot, here is the disc and note what I scribbled on it so he can visit and read it?! Lol...

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