Friday, 6 June 2014


Well I have had a reply from en email I sent into Guy's Hospital via a webform that has ended up in the hands of Clare Ratner of the PALS service.

I know that name and must have conversed with her previously. Oddly the PALS service previously accomplished about as much as that of a snowman crossing the Sahara, only this time its going to be a ... little different.

Here is the email reply from them along with my email back and I think I put the cat firmly among the Pigeons with this one ...


Subject: RE: Feedback from Guy's and St Thomas' website
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2014 11:14:22 +0000

Dear Mr Haswell,

Thank you for your email.

I have forwarded your email to the service manager for the Rheumatology Department for her information and assistance with the concerns you have raised.  The department will contact you about the matter.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me should you require further assistance.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,
Clare Ratner

Patient Advice & Liaison Service (PALS)
Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust                                                               
St Thomas' Hospital
Westminster Bridge Road
London SE1 7EH                        
Tel: 020 7188 8801/020 7188 8803                     
Fax: 020 7188 3419     

Dear Clare Ratner

Here is the letter attached.

The letter is worded similarly to others I have had which did not match what was stated to me at the appointment and seems to be quite a habit. Please be advised alo that not only do I have a complaint going through with the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman but this subject was bright up at the appointment. One of my contacts at the PHSO is Johnathan White and yet I have heard nothing from them in over three months and now I get this letter.

It should also be pointed out that my medical records have been missing for over 6 months and yet no one seems concerned and yet I let slip to Dr Kirkham that I was well aware why. Also note that it states me medical history in the letter and I am interested to know how this was possible as no one has my medical records currently?!

Just to clarify this I have since seen my GP and they have not receieve4d them and are not concerned and stated that 6 months was normal, umm NO six weeks are normal not 6 months. Dr Kirckham's letter alsio states that he has "YET" to see my back MRI so he cannmot have my medical records if he has not seen my back MRI yet! So how was my medical records listed in such detail?!

Many people are aware of the discrepencies I have spotted and kept account of and many cannot beieve wuite what has been going on and many have suggested that maybe the letters are being intercepted by someone within the NHS and altered?

Now believe me when I state this, as so many disregard it to their downfall, that this is not only extremely an extremelyt srious practise for Doctors to be involved in but also can be very potentially fatal on occasion.

Now I know why my medical records have gone missing and you can tell those involved that not only are they completely wasting their time but that I fully expected this to happen and fully prepared for it. They will know EXACTLY what I mean upon reading or hearing that last sentence and will go looking in the obvious place and they will not like what they find.

It is an embarrassing shame just how rotyten the public services are in the UK and that I have had to systematically rip them asunder piece by piece to get the public to take notice whereas the edia has somehow managed to avoide the moist shocking and depraved practises within what was one the National Health Service?!

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc


Dear Clare Ratner

My apologies and NOW included is the letter.

POlease remind all involved that they are Doctors and swore and that they are not bureaucrats or politicians. Also please inform them that not only am I extremely but that I have been aware of this kind of bad practices for many years and would have to be very stupid not to have been prepared for it.

Also that once the daylight rests upon this matter that it will turn out that there will be many red faces who have been completely caught with their pants down and no escape. I would dearly love to expand on this right now but I will not.

If you are to tell those that decided to send out that letter that I was fully expecting them to do as they did they will know exactly what I mean and go to exactly where I refer to and see for themselves. I am afraid that this is going to get rather serious for them and that there is no way out of this. Especially as I have now got my thrid hospital in a roaw to do exactly the same thing!

I am sorry but I cannot tell you any more than this at the moment in time because quite simply not only can I not trust anyone but that thus far two dozen ombudsman and many advice organisations do NOT work on behalf of the public and instead protect the public services and civil servants who have been in breach of their own laws repeadtly, not to mention oaths.

If you refer this information on in person and the recipient starts to look very nervous and starts to shuffle in their seat simply tell them that I did warn them about this a long time ago. This is well documented and has 130,000 witnesses and they did know that.

I am afraid that whatever occurs over the next 18 months they will only have themselves to blame for being caught red handed while made to look like incompetent fools.

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc

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