Thursday, 5 June 2014


It would appear that sashes at Tescos is way down ... and someone states they are going to turn it around.

And when you pull my other leg you get jingle jangles because it had bells on!

I have had a number of issues with Tesco it had to be said and I have spoken about them in here. One issue I had with them had them argue with me by lying about their mobile network, again on here, in front of quite a few customers and never one to give in it walk away looking wetting when I am right I persisted. It was not even my mobile phone I was returning!

Cutting it short I returning it and said that we had thought you could just put on O2 din in it because it uses the O2 network.

"No sir we have our own network!" Said the sales woman in front of dozens if people.

"Err no you don't!" I said back and she insisted twice more before I pointed out that it was bit a good idea to disagree with me because I know my gadgets, have a degree and do not like someone trying to make a fool of me by lying over a cheap crap mobile phone.

She once again insisted before I green set it explaining to her and the manager standing nearby that only five companies own the rights to the mobile networks, Three, T-Mobile & Orange who have now merged into one, O2 and Vodafone. All others rent a slice of these frequencies off this five companies. I then pointed out and emphasizes that

"... You rent frequencies off O2!"

In a desperate blundering attempt to make herself look correct and me look wrong she then blurted out ...
"No, sir! We don't! We use Orange now!"

To which I then smiled and said "Umm yes and you just priced you were lying in front of write a few customers, good luck selling any phones! Now while we are at it I want to point out that on your boxes nowhere dies it state what network you use and nor does it state the phone is locked and cannot be used on other networks. This is a £50 phone and that price is not subsidized in any way. Ergo you have a bit of a cheek blocking phones from don't certain things and then claiming to be providing a good honest service to your customers!"

Now with the two of them completely floored and looking rather stupid and embarrassed they still refused to either change the phone or give a refund. I then pointed out I had a blog and that Tesco have already done something even nitre ridiculous at another store and this won't read well to readers.

The other issues was being set upon nitre or less for using my phone to capture pictures of Orchids?! I got into an argument and told this guy he was talking through his back side when he got sarcastic with me and threatened to get the manager!

I said "OK sunshine, you toddle off and get him and I will wait right here!" The cocky one was surprised to find me waiting ten minutes later when the assistant manager said I can't take photos and I said "Err, yes I can!" Then there was a tit for tat before I pointed out it was not illegal and that they could not do a dam thing to stop someone using the camera on their phones. He tried to say it was when I stopped him and said "Look son, just don't, OK. I am not one you want to argue with over this and for a list of reasons. First of I am not wasting my time standing here arguing as I don't want to take pictures because the Orchids have been dyed in color. I grow a lot of Orchids and the color surprised me and I was going to send it to two members of my family who also keep Orchids. So you are arguing yourself out of several sales for a start. Secondly this is a smartphone and not only is there no law to stop someone taking photos but also the camera in smartphone is used to scan barcodes which when done in your own app you can work out what your spending and added to that order the stuff you scan to be picked up our delivered! Ergo it's not illegal to use the cameras in smart phones and tell your management who did not have the balls that many others would have gone mad over your actions and taken this a lot further.

I won't because I don't really care but next time you might not be so lucky!

He then nodded in agreement and I told him to not out himself in awkward and potentially embarrassing situations for management who do not know their arses from their elbows!

Forgetting for a moment the horse meat fiasco, the two for one prices being dearer that buying two singly there are likely other issues I had with them, oh yeah the other day all cheeses two packs for £5.00 but that the self service machine contradicted their labeling on their shelves. "Oh that ones not invited in the deal sir!" Fifty fecking pence was the saving, lol. "Umm oh yes it is love because the cheeses is labeled on the shelf that it is!" I only wanted one but the offer made me want to try a different cheese, changed my mind now and bit going to stand around in pain for a bit of cheese or fifty bloody pence! Here look, it's not your fault but here, take this cheese back I'll have just one "

On every occasion such as this at a minimum your going to lose sales and at worst a regular customer. Had something in Morrison's too and yet Sainsburys, which I user far more than anything else, I cannot think of any difficulties! Outside of their memory cards being way over priced that is but if it is you just do not but them.

Yeah so if you want to know why your going down Tesco you might want to read this little lot?!

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