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YOINKS! Pressed the wrong button! Try again ...

I have now acquired an adaptor to secure my Akasa Memory Card Reader as I failed to realise I had ordered a 3.5 inch Memory Card reader when I should have ordered a 5.25 inch one! Rookie error that one is let me tell you!

This means I have applied one more finishing touch to my Project Zero PC RIG! One more daft item, fan splitter cable, is in the post and be here in 3 or 5 days and one is arriving tomorrow at a local store for me to collect, a Corsair Vengeance K70 Keyboard.

I have to keep this down to a minimum as I simply have to pay Eon Energy something for my bil and finish it off in two weeks time!

This leads me onto me talking about first a letter from Eon asking me nicely why I have not been in touch, yes I said NICELY, and quite literally as I put the letter down to Eon staff, two very nice and friendly ladies, knocking on my door?! Now it should already be apparent that as I ordered stuff today it means I got paid today! At long last! That was a tough couple of months squeezing by!

Now they explained they 'know we have upset you a number of times and that you have found out about your condition..' some other stuff and .. 'we know about your blog ...' before saying 'we have read all your emails ...'! I then said which is always a good test and the looks make me laugh 'oooh so you kow about the radical Muslims holding my daughter hostage and the plans against the London Olympics then?' to which they looked concerned and said 'err no!' to which I said 'Oh you have not read quite that much then.'

I was shocked as they were genuinely nice about everything as was the letter I receieved. I joked about how quick they were and that I had only just put the letter down when they knocked. I explained what I had been doing. I explained that I had recently beaten Enfield council to which they smiled and said "GOOD!" and I decided to quickly build a PC. But that while I was 'quickly' building this PC I had the issue with Guy's Hospital and the NHS attempting to try and make me look dishonest because of the blog. I explained my last GP and what happened with the current one. I then explained that while this was going on with the GP and Guy's Hospital (or more accurately the entire NHS) that something else had happened with my daughter. I then paid her £30 via digital banking and then she requested the help of another £20 so that she can get to court over the shenanigans.

The power of the blog compels thee?

I did ask two members of my family to help with the £20 as I had nothing at the time. This was an extremely difficult thing for me to do but was not for me, it was for my daughter and I received a no from one with a patronizing explanation about bills. Another one kindly agreed to help and said they would be around the following night. The following night I had already paid my daughter the £20 she needed to get to court, so that she did not have to go around to her evil mother as they had a big court battle that her evil mother lost. Somehow she escaped being locked up in one of two types of institutions and Wirral Council somehow escaped giving my daughter a million pounds. But never mind that as what goes around comes around and they will realise that you simply cannot dodge bullets! While I worked for Land Rover, or Stratstones of Mayfair I was called 'BULLET.

'Bullet' was the first nickname I had ever been given since I earned the nicknames of Saint and Allnights the first being thirty years ago and the other about 15 years ago, hence the title of the webpage. Hmm that should get many people thinking but I am not telling, lol.

Anyway I helped a mate out for a day and when I told him that my daughter needed the cash he handed me twenty quid and said 'well I owe you that anyway for helping me out' which I forgot and I said 'no, I was just helping out, it is not helping out if you have to pay me!' to which he said he had a good day, yadda yadda yadda and I took the money. Went straight to the bank and while walking somewhere else, likely to the GP to get the whole egotistical bullshit you get from GP's, I used an app on my phone to send the money to her account, while listening to music on headphones! PHEW!

Anyway the visit and the money did not come as promised which mattered not because I did not need it in the end! I am not quite sure exactly what happened and is so often the case some people sit around thinking up scenarios that are completely wrong but never seem to realise that thinking these scenarios up is a waste of time? You would think that WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG would then teach them that being presumptuous, certainly with me way above all others, only ends up with a totally embarrassing situation?! NOPE!

Of course in any given event there are the possibilities list. IN any given situation I always know the contents of any given lists of possibilities. I simply cannot help it if each entry on said lists are wrong. It is not my fault if people are not able to learn the answers for themselves after being given all the facts needed.

At the same time if people cannot find the reasoning behind actions or behaviours because of past events and due to an inordinate amount of time an individual has had to put up with the narrow minded attitudes of others or the fact that an individual gets bored with always the same outcome then I am afriad that is not my fault either.

It is a common thing within British Society that we have become extremely bad at attributing blame. We live in an era of Rose Tinted Spectacles I am afraid to see and many people who want to blame someone, somewhere for something refuse to accept certain ... entries on their lists that are the ones to blame. Guess what I will say next about whose fault that is? LMAO!

So onto Amazon. I ended up with two SSD Drives and that is the situation where I was calling them all kinds of names and being all angry. There was one naive woman who some time ago left an comment on one of my blogs about me being angry ad the language I used towards someone ... ooh yeah it was Very Catalogue who I then much later proved myself to be correct about and winning with the courts without even leaving my house! Proving that not only was I correct about Shop Direct, owners of Very and Littlewoods, but also proved that lady naive as well as wrong. Umm err not my fault!

Well I found out what had happened with the deliveries! Yes after the second send out of the same item also failed to arrive causing me to sit indoors for a second day for a delivery that was never going to come?! That one! An hour or so after sending of that last email calling them names like incompetent and swearing at them  someone knocked on my door.

A man I had never seen before handed me a parcel that had both Amazon's name and mine on it. It was the first item and it had been 'thrown into my back garden'?! 'You were lucky the dogs did not chew it!' to which I agreed and I decided that I would use it and pay for it later as I wanted a second SSD Drive anyway. But then this was down to the fact that it had survived being tossed over someones very tall back garden fence?! I filmed myself with the object, or OBJECTS to be precise, with the intention of posting the video on my YouTube account at a later date, around this weekend or early next week in a series of over twenty videos!

It did not survive being thrown and right now my computer tells me I only have ONE drive installed when I should have TWO!!

Tonight there was another balls up on Amazon when I ordered a 4 pin cooling fan splitter cable os one fan is not plugged in. Ergo my PC Rig is not finished though it IS running! I still need a keyboard, TOMORROW, a Blu-Ray Writer drive and Logitech G602 Laser Mouse (2 weeks time) and then I am switching purchase, POSSIBLY, to a Microphone as I am thinking of doing news podcasts in an altogether whole new way using things that are unique to me?! Very cool idea but its still in the 'should I, shouldn't I' stage. Though by the time I am ready to do this I should have a better idea if it is worth it?!

Old father time has to play his cards yet again!

I also went a bit quiet on here as I tried to get out on my bike to acquire content for my blogs, with no cash, and I left my water bottle behind two days on the trot!! The second day it got really hot and I ended up dehydrated to a degree I had never experienced before! I now realise that I had not taken my excessive sweating into account on this, though GP's should have done as they know about excessive sweating, no I ride a bike everywhere in summer and know I have Fibromyaglia and ... YADDA YADDA YADDA!

My mouth become really ... err PAPPY, lol. My tongue would stick like a magnet to any part of my mouth and I ached a lot and felt like crap when I got home! In fact I had planned to ride my bike or get a bus today to acquire my keyboard! I am a bit impatient with some things. But I was so, soo bad when I got up I literally thought if I did this I would not be in a good way and could be home bound for several days!! That is the danger with Fibromyalgia as you do not know your going too far until it is too late. So you have to be sensible and others that cannot be bothered to read think your just being awkward ... or even LAZY! Then years later they forget about all that not realising that you simply do not forget as if you suffer with Fibromyalgia you are reminded every single day that its there in severak different ways. Fibromylagia sufferers will know this all too well and those that may have had difficulties not realising it is down to the Fibro are now lookig at these words and going "OH WHAT THE F*CK!! THAT'S WHY {YADDA} HAS BEEN HAPPNENING?! I AM GONNA KNOCK MY GP OUT COLD!!" if its a man or "I am gonna cut off his gonads or slap him in the face" if it is a woman, lmao! Or the first one for women if they have trained in martial arts?!

But you have to bear in mind that health staff are different to everyone else as violence is not allowed to be used against them no matter what the circumstances as they are a different species to the rest of us. My own advice would be do not do this and do not even get angry, even if they fully deserve it, as they will just put a label on this anger to suit themselves and they can abuse this because they are Doctors and everyone seems to think that Doctors do not lie?

It seems no one learned a damn thing from Doctors like Harold Shipman, lol. Oh well I am sure when someone has died as a result of this via hiding the condition or a GP getting him or herself stabbed by someone that is capable of that sort of thing then everyone, including the GP's, will finally learn. A shame that in the UK that is what it takes.

It is like a mirror image of America and its gun culture? The ones wanting the guns fail to realise that there is something very wrong, very, VERY WRONG! It is the only country in the world that has this problem, that is not down to some bonkers fanatical outfit that seems to think that their all powerful God cannot go around killing people for himself that piss him off that much, that has this problem. Has it a lot! It seems to have become monthly now and almost bi-weekly at times. But something is very wrong in America right now and its attitudes both at home and abroad have become completely cut off from both it's people and reality.

Now we do not have a gun problem but we do seem to have a knife problem but its nowhere near as frequent as America's shootings. However I think if looked into the GP problem I have spent many years, yes Manish not a couple of meetings with you I am afraid (people REALLY SHOULD read this blog!), trying to expose is actually a daily problem. I am not naive enough nor obsessed with self importance to believe it is not just me! Oh, no ...

The very purpose of this blog was to reach out to those that thought they were being fobbed off and lied to and show that it was highly likely that they were and added to that ... HOW TO CATCH THEM OUT!!

I have often used a very old saying in the posts of these blogs in that you can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time! I shall now do a spelling lesson ...

When enough people who have suspected things both past and present have found me then they know for sure and they simply have to prove. It is easy, after all, for the media to be ... steered away from one man but what then happens when that one man becomes hundreds? What if he then becomes thousands? Whet if he then becomes hundreds of thousands?

Now those I battled can pull up any numbers they wish from wherever they might look and think they have what is important and that they have the complete picture. Yes well remember my constant nagging to one and all about being far too presumptuous? Are we LEARNING YET?!

On and it is now Wednesday and I do not believe that anyone has answered me yet as far as the PHSO, PALS and the NHS are concerned?! 



Anyway I thought it may be of interest to readers of what I said to Amazon?


Dear Amazon

Right now do not panic about the headline of this email as it is NOT what you think, well it IS but under different circumstances.

Now I recently placed an order for the above item which your delivery people royally screwed up twice in a row, leading me to absolutely scorn the living daylights out of you! I am still not happy with what happened and have been ordering products needed elsewhere except for ones I do not mind waiting for!

Now please take note of what I have said because its going to get a little confusing!

You sent out TWO products and the first one you stated was registering as being within the vicinity of my house due to some ...geo-tagging you claimed you used?!

Now I am going to assume that you do ... and I am then going to state that provided this was not some sort of bluff to check if I was being honest I can actually now tell you what happened!!

Now I have both a blog and a YouTube account where I attract many, many visitors and am currently posting up a series of 'How To' videos and one on building a PC. In the videos, when they get posted, you will note that I have not one Crucial SSD but TWO!!

After I last emailed you and scorned you quite badly for being incompetent I had a knock at my door later that night. There stood a man in his late fifities I did not know holding an Amazon package in his hand! I had only just been told that a delivery attempt was made and that I was not in, by you and not true I assure you. Therefore it could not have been the SSD you were trying to deliver that day, a Sunday. On top of this was the only other outstanding order for the Kingston Hyper Beast RAM which was being delivered by Royal Mail and as it was Sunday I knew it was not that.

The chap said that it had been THROWN OVER HIS FENCE INTO HIS BACK GARDEN!!! He went on to state that I was lucky the dogs did not chew it up as he owned two dogs!

Now I was going to buy a second SSD in a couple of months time and I thought, well hell when I have all the bits I will plug it in and provided it has not been damaged from being tossed over a fence I will alert you when I know and sort out paying for it. Though this would not have been very wise with an tch thats been tossed about.

However quite unfortunately for you, the SSD was damaged and my new PC only registers one drive in the computer!

So I am going to send this one back to you, once I work out which of the two identical drives it is and managed to remove it. Hopefully this will not be too long and at some point in the next ten days when I acquire more parts and take everything apart again I will send it back to you.

As for your delivery drivers, the best said about that ... THE BETTER! I am sure you will agree!! God only knows where you get the idiots from!!

Now I have another issue to speak to you about and have just emailed someone regarding it. It is to do with ordering something for express delivery and then realising that the cost of way over £8.00 postage is ridiculous for a wire splitter that costs two or three pounds!

I cancelled it successfully but when I reordered it WITHOUT the postage your website told me it was a duplicate order?!

One Akasa fan splitter lead at £2.80 odd and no postage, please! To charge £8.00 for something that weighs a few grams is utterly ridiculous and I do wish you would sort yourselves out as with each week it is becoming more and more messy and more of a headache to order anything from you.

I could have reserved and collected from Maplin tomorrow for £3.00!

I have reserved and collected a Corsair Vengeance K70 keyboard form PC World because of what happened with your orders and this postage rubbish. I still need a Blu-Ray writer and a Logitech G602 Mouse among other things but not when its going to be stressful I am not.

Not with a company that is owned by rich Americans that fail to see that refusal to pay corporation tax has been hurting the very people they make their cash out of, which includes none other than disabled people too.

So why I am even BOTHERING to inform you of these things and help you I simply do not know. I did not have to tell you about the SSD drive, you might do well to remember that!


Martin Haswell BSc

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