Sunday, 8 June 2014


I saw this BBC report and thought I would post something.

It seems that soldier who was released after five years that has some peculiar things surround the story is in the news for different reasons!

It seems some idiots are sending death threats to the family which is utterly stupid. Even if it turned out he was a traitor sending things to good family is hardly fair!

Now what I am expecting to be hearing our reading about this is that this soldier has or had some sort of mental illness. If this mental illness was prior to him arriving in Afghanistan our while he was there it is what I am putting my money on.

So I might as well go ahead now and state what I would have done down the line is how did this go unnoticed? Was this ignored by the US Army? If so it is they that out soldiers lives in danger and not Bergdahl.

But if course some twits think themselves so fecking clever they have already worked it out and sent threats! I don't know why America had courts and lawyers as there are clearly people out there that can work this all out at a tiny fraction of the cost?!

Do not worry Americans here in the UK we have complete plonkers like this too and some were locked up not too long ago! They were threatening towards celebrities, cannot remember why. Both a man and a woman which both looked as stupid as they sounded online.

Stupid because like much of government they simply fail to see the dangers in opening any floodgates on the Internet and end up getting roasted/made to look like fools/arrested and locked up, delete where necessary!
However this stupidity and naivety is not confined to the odd individual or small group here and there, oh no! Bloody great public organizations, supposedly highly professional and educated people along with government types and vastly overpaid footballers have all made the same mistakes right here in Blighty!

Gee whiz!

Tools in the hands of the fools, eh?

Hmm or should I say tools in the hands of the ... Tools!

There really must be more to it that Obama broke long standing rules to get him back. I would laugh at these idiots if he turned out to be a spy who went in there making out he was a soldier who flipped his lid and then they tried to get back desperately as they would look bad, US government that is.

Or maybe if they ignored any mental problem and if any of the Taliban of Tossers had the brains to realise this they could have used it in media recordings to make the US Army look bad?!

Or maybe they were about to and threatened to do this on film and the US government and military shit themselves?! In which case they would be rubbing their hands together in glee that Bergdahl is having the blame laid at his door?!

Sometimes you need to stop and think things through. There is absolutely no sense in getting angry and flying off half cocked! Why do people not realise that if they do this and get it wrong then they end up looking mentally challenged for IQ points?!

Some people never cease to amaze me and I am so please I am not like this!

Bergdahl family gets death threats

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