Saturday, 28 June 2014


Been paying only half attention to this defeat of David Cameron on a rather humiliating way over Europe.
It has made me think of a couple of theories I have had and one is old and one is new, in terms of me thinking up these theories of course.

Now let me think of an amusing way I could put these theories into an explanation?

A political party member tells his leader after having some money issues

"Hey Tony! I am good with numbers! I can tell you how to get more money from the people than you actually need!"

Whispers to friend "Oh here comes the village idiot, I will just entertain him for a bit so he does not cause trouble ... Ooh doo yooou now Gordon? Well how do I do that?!"

Replies "Well you want £100 raise right?! Well I will leak something (or pay them, ahem) to the idiot press, because they are just so easy to bait, that we are going to raise it to £150!"

Asks "Well why the hell would you do that?! The public works go on a rampage!"

Answers "Ah well you see first off if I tell you will you key me sit in the captains chair one day?!"
Promises "Yeah, yeah sure. Well come on let us hear it!"

"Well just as the public are about to go on a rampage toy then come out and say that's utter hogwash it is only going to be £110! They are so relieved it is £40 less than they had been hearing they ask sit up and accept it!"

"My bloody word, Gordon, that is ... genius!!"

Another one I have thought about lately is this thing with the refurbished equipment sold as new, fit told it happened to a friend of mine tonight. After pointing out there deliberate mistakes the sure suggested he get what he wants from Argos? He then says "now why would I do that? I know for a fact that they seek you refurbished goods!" to which they do bit bay an eyelid and say something that sounds like they are confirming it by then stating "Yes but they have to tell you it's refurbished when they do!" to which he then explains that they don't and that many stores ate doing it and neither are they either! 


David Cameron gets in power but has a problem with the Europe issue but at the same time does not want things to look as bad add they really are so confess up with a couple of plans. This he most certainly did because it was reported by every news media that George Osborne had a bit left for him by Alastair Darling stating "Sorry, no cash!"

But several European countries react in anger over their own issues and their are battles in the streets where the Police are not keeping the peace anymore and battling those they swore to protect and serve and bow never trusted again. After all when the majority of the people are fecking pissed then the Police are only serving the tint minority that are not pissed off and we all know what section of the society that is, don't we?
So he wants Britain to look like it is doing better than it is to the rest of Europe so that he has some leverage? So he had to get the public spending money but they won't. The other option available is being dishonest and conning the British public. America never lined the European union thing because they never wanted another section of the world bigger than they are, at least it was a Republican President that stated this. So David Cameron says ...

"We have no money, as pointed out by that infamous note, so give us all your crap, no matter what it is, refurbished, damaged or faulty I don't care! We will give so our major retailers the crap and get then to sell them to our public. So we are selling them things with less than half of what they are paying! This way the pound looks mitre valuable than it actually is!! All our retailers who are broke from all the over the top taxes and business rates we charge then fur fuck all we forced on them to pay ourselves way over the top and our relatives now do not have to pay money they do not have direct to manufacturers anymore!! RESULT!!!"
They then set up one big supplier or a series of suppliers supposed to handle all this but do it so badly and incompetently that many of the British public start to realise!

Or at least I hope they have realised that something sinister had been going on with the retailers.

Now I stated when I received my first refurbished item that they company were so blaise about it that this could only mean that everyone was at it.

That was Very Catalogue when I stated this and have since had five faulty, used cameras from Argos, faulty Bionaire Fan from B&Q and now a damaged metal professional keyboard from PC World!
My friend tonight just stared in silence add I showed him the metal edge and explained how I had put a film of me opening the package and discovered it on my YouTube account, lol.

He said "Yeah I can see that! That's bad! I would not like that! If I paid for a new item I fully expect a new item!"

I then explained that with this attitude they are not only devaluing the pound, though hidden from foreign eyes, they are telling you that what you ate currently being paid, or earning, is only worth half of what you think it does!

Or to put it another way if you earn £500 per week and fur argument sake you pay £100 peer week rent and you spend the rest on electrical items, no matter what electrical items. You are paying out £400 but getting £150! Think about it!

So with your £150, because that's the value you received despite what you handed over, and your £100 per week rent which is probably like mine and is a vastly ridiculously over the top amount for rent, your getting £250 per week, not £500! With the overinflated rent your getting less than that even! It is all about values.
Your value as a worker is not about how many bits of paper you are given but what you are able to acquire with it.

If vegetable were £10 each and meat £20 while milk a fiver a pint then suddenly your £500 per week won't seem like very much would it?!

It's all relative, rudimentary and quite elementary ... to me.


Cameron under fire after EU defeat

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