Sunday, 15 June 2014


It is very difficult to reach all of the people, that much I know. There are a great many people that would walk blindly into a fire of the conditions were created correctly. Make no mistake about that as there are countless examples of this all around us and on TV.

Now here is a network called The Transiation Network and I have not heard of them before. I know nothing about them and they look like a green type of organisation, but let's hope not too green ,eh? Apparently there was some filming going on when a member of the public asked what they were filming and someone said it was about Transition Town and the member of the public reeled off some conspiracy theories that are apparently very common with this network.

Now I could hardly comment on this either way as I have far too much to deal with anw ould like to reduce my workload and not actually increase it. Well when it comes to theis subject of corruption within the UK of course, not my other blogs do do not worry.

Here on this link is the chap that was invloved in this filming of the Transition Town and I could completely feel for him when he wsaw the look on the face of the woman upon realising what the subject matter was.

At times like this you do tend to just drop, no that does not sound quite descriptive enough. You sort of sink and it does not help when you are doing it for free, which is now not acceptable for many unless your doing it for them. But work is work at the end of the day and you cannot move the goalposts on that however much you would like to. Work ultimately brings with it its negative effects upon you which is doubled, trebled or quradrupled in some cases due to the time and effot, not to mention money, that you put in. But you have to do this and weather the oncoming storms if you feel it is worthy enough.

I myself imagine a time when I might actually see evidence that my endeavours have been much more widely recognised and accepted and that what I have strived to do eventually makes a difference for the better. I imagine this chap is likely iwhing, hoping and waiting for a very similar thing.

But as I have always said be very creful not to commit all your resources to something which is based purely upon a gut feeling. Yes I know my gut feelings turned out to be correct but it was ten years ago when I started to have them. It was 7 years ago when they started to become clear and due to being attacked and defrauded by civil servants with licenses and permission to do so along with sad little individuals who thought they could take advantage it was another few years before I started eveidence gathering. Mostly bought about by a very serious event that had my daughter in mortal danger.

A fact that several professionals I have met in the last couple of years should have taken into consideration and been understanding about and not tried to simply label me as being mad purely because I was too difficult a individual to work with because I could smell bullshit and money guarding from FIVE MILES OUT!

I will try to loo into this Transition Network from time to time. I kinda feel, as long time followers would know, that I seem to have been searching for something. I think I was subconsciously doing this for several years and recently started to realise I am actively seeking something.

Now who said that?! Who said a 'HIPPY COMMUNE'?! LMAO!

No I do not know in all honesty but I have stated several times I would like to find like minded individuals but as I stated and have done previously my RADAR is now like nothing mere mortal men have ever seen! ALthough ocassionally it decides to go to sleep for some bizarre reason! Lol!

For others like the lady with the strong point of view, do not put all your eggs in one basket. The government love people like you but in all honesty naivety can and will prove costly as will be becoming too obsessed on do-gooding.

We merely tread a path to find the ultimate answer. Not go floudering and flailing down blind alleys only to go headlong into a wall.

Ooh yeah and there was a very interesting, and not to mention oh, oh so damning, turn up in the Amazon fiasco! Oh I am so going to enjoy revealing this one, really I am because I have already worked out what has happened, let me tell you. All in good time and next weekend after all the responses to my emails are in.

Nothing I like better than to be giving length after length of rope to those that feel indestructable. Hehe.

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