Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Well keyboards ... hmm wait a darn minute here?!

Ah now that is better and what I expected,  so yes add I was saying,  or rather typing, keyboards seem to be a fashion for me lately?

My Logitech was already old when I purchased it as used in Cash Converters, yes I really do but mind buying used goods on occasion despite what I have started previously regarding Argos,  B&Q, PC World along with Littlewoods and Very Catalogues because they sell used great which also happens to be faulty,  refurbished nights the refurbishment (no Martin this has bit worked either a it took three attempts each at typing the words 'refurbished' and 'rebpfurbishment' and just did so yet again ink this Touch Pal app and in fact it's making fat mite mistakes then the Google keyboard did and this is weird because while changing the settings I noticed that this tablet had magically (doubt like basically either lol, I mean basically,  magically if at fecking lady)  set itself back to a US language keyboard which angry self respecting Brit will tell you it's not English,  lol!

Now fur the life of me I have absolutely no idea how this Android system can go from having such a good keyboard in Swype to having such bad ones that just keep making mistakes and insist on ignoring the words that you so carefully swiped between and gives you one containing letters that you not only went nowhere near but a whole list of them with key letters you went nowhere near! Scrolling along an expanded list of alternate and the exact word to the exact letters you sword (swiped that was supposed to be) is not in it at all!!

How it can go from one extreme to another I do not know. Now I am going to type out a defence containing just swiped and weird to see what comes up and leave it they're,  oh and people.

Sword weird people sword weird people sword weird people sword weird people sword weird people.
Bloody marvelous it never gets people right and airways ours in 'petiole',  whatever that is lol, every single time. But five times I type it people ever ur gets it right every time?!  Typical!

Also intended to turn off auto direction pcorrection due to it being utterly abysmal but cannot find the option (did not like option either)!

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