Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Now here is why I strike living fear straight into the souls of those who would be evil while only showing good to the world!

It is going to get worse. A lot worse! I would not want to be in any of these peoples shoes for all the tea in China!

One think I hate is seeing or hearing someone in an interview in the news or a documentary and when put to them about the situation with social housing and kicking women and children into the street and some utter lying two faced twat from local government who think they are something they are not days when asked about the homelessness situation ...

"I can assure you that I am going to lie through my fecking teeth and tell you that err have done loads to help those most vulnerable and unfortunate (MAJOR LIE) and that (insert bollocks here) report or statements had no truth in the matter!" A are you a Distinction in dunce?! Is there a accredited course on Dunce shrouded in the title 'How easy it is to lure to the public because the all effing morons!' because to me you sound like a GOD DAMN INCOMPETENT TWAT!!

Oh and add for those that will suddenly act because they raise that only this will garner then any chance of self preservation? Umm ... NO! Just don't! No, I mean it, just DON'T!

If you do I will spend the next year plastering your name on this blog for all manner of things I can find out our indeed just work out. For a long time making you each and all quite infamous.

If you fail to understand that you know feck all about IT, the Internet and above and being all else ... Mathematics 101!

Damn now that is a bloody good cue to remind me at the Betty best time that I really do need to publish the WALL OF SHAMED NAMES!

Well just the first one and this would by the NHS on this occasion!

That is the beauty of having memory issues no one to any notice of, you trend to keep things, record things and scan things in the attempt to try and remember our go back on things stated to you!!!

Oooh dear! Double whoops!

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