Sunday, 29 June 2014


I have just had a call from my daughter who told me how to find that page she did and it was merely my Google Profile.

I have now seen it and it does not state that I have 493,000 followers, I knew it did not sound right as it is about two years or more too early!

What it does state however is that I have had 492,452 visitors, which is till a humbling number by any stretch of the imagination and as my daughter stated that if you look around at other peoples you do not get anything like that number! Unless your a celebrity of course, lol, with as large number of mindless followers, well depending on the celebrity that is, lol.

Still it is an incredible figure and one that I did not expect to see or reach anywhere near until December 2014 to around May 2014!

Like I stated it was bizarre sounding to me because many people do not follow and nor do I for that matter, unless your name is Carl Sagan, who is unfortunately dead, or Stephen Fry! Even then I do not get much time or have much patience to read what is said when it is posted and then forget all about it.

Odd how I always have a gut feeling for these things based on my understanding. I kept telling myself for days after that there was some mistake. People just do not act in this way.

Now as I told my daughter everyone I know and this includes professionals have stated to me that writing a book and attempting to publish it is just a waste of time and when I asked why the said, well your not a celebrity or famous. Another way of saying your a nobody really, lol. But then I knew people thought like that which is why everything is stagnated today and as I stated before J.K. Rowling was rejected a large number of times for Harry Potter. Until Harry Potter was wisely, or the story I was told was accidentally, accepted and published no one knew who J.K. Rowling was.

Writers are writers and scientists but here in the UK the society has had these daft images burned into their minds that you do not get anywhere unless your already popular?!

Now I can now fully see how this works and I have stated before that literary agents, as a good example, have destroyed literature for many years by being narrow minded and greedy. They want the next Harry Potter clone when the publishers keep telling them that this has been done and they want something new and something different. Not a bad copy of what has already been done.

I thought that the books I wrote were something rather different and coming form someone that had this knowledge and experience that has blown away many a professional and student that it would get a great deal of interest? I did think that possibly they may doubt the validity of thew work but I included that I had evidence to back it up, maybe they did not get that far before dismissing the works out of hand? After all that does seem to be the way things are today, certainly in Britain which I have long since thought needed a wake up call in all honesty as Britain appears to be sleepwalking while those with the responsibilities have been taking advantage without a single thought to the impression they give out to the public or even the youngsters within their own families?

There! While I was typing this I was, quite unsuccessfully with one, trying to retrieve two hard disks with one from a Lacie Hard Drive, who turned out to only manufacturer the fancy case they came in designed by Porsche at any rate, and one in a bay adapter in the optical drive space of my laptop.

Then while still doing that I had finally placed the original laptops optical drive back in its bay and installed Windows Home Premium on it as a clean and destructive install, being better and faster than the day I bought it! Would you believe. This has just finished and I have managed to lever the Western Digital 200GB drive from the Lacie Box while the 160GB laptop drive, also Western Digital , is still stuck in the bay adapter and I do not know why this is?! It is very, VERY stuck! Lol!

Anyway I have a normal size Hard Disk Drive I want to install into one of the many hard rive bays to store my documents folder and all my videos and music on it until I get the 2TB drives, two for a mirrored array, for the new PC. I still have a Mouse, Graphics Card, Speaker set, as I now realize mine have been faulty for sometime but still get damn good sound out of them and this despite being Acoustic Energy! The amplifier refuses to correctly output the sound to the correct channels and I have since read that this is a problem with some of these sets, though not restricted to Acoustic Energy I am sure. It is quite a bizarre fault to have for a sound system but then everything seems to be either made like shit these days or that we in the UK are just sold everyone else's faulty shit?!

Still at least my laptop has now been freed up and returned to normal and now I can sell it for a couple of bits to finish off my Kaverian rig! At long last, I could have done this over a week ago but is just so hard trying to get around to doing anything intricate or which I know will be painful, even when money is involved.

Still I am getting there and I still need to sort of the house but at least with the new PC Gaming Rig close to being finished and the laptop back to its newly installed Windows 7 I may now get the extra boost to finish the house off?!

As for the 493,000 visitors the number is still a mystery and still does not match up to Google's own figures they present to me! My total visitors are around 130,000 and might be a little less and some of that does not apply to Google! So around 125,000 thereabouts and this does include my YouTube visitors meaning that Googles own admission of being out by 2% on YouTube is not even close! A 300% higher figure that 125,000 is 375,000. So we are speaking of a difference of around around 370% without bothering to work out the exact figure! This is close enough to show the huge discrepancy.

As to the 493,000 visitors , why thank you I am still humbled as it is still an extremely impressive figure!

Right now I have to switch off so I can place this hard drive inside this computer!

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