Saturday, 21 June 2014


Oh my word!

I do not know what had been going on the last few days but I have one hell of a pain in my neck!

I had intended to go cycling but first the wester lookee fine then there was some clouds and then I got tired. That annoying tiredness where I want to fall asleep on the sofa which like my grandmother is quite unlike me and yet for a couple of years now it is becoming much more frequent. I do suspect that the Amitriptyline might be affecting this, causing the increase in frequency that is. The sleepy days are not exactly new but have increased, partly why I do not like starting in. Well along with the boredom and the psychology of thinking if I do not do enough I will not sleep which then gives me an unspeakably horrid time the next day. Sometimes two.

So I ended up doing some housework, switching from a bit of tidying to a bit of washing up and getting done much needed clothes washed. In between all this I did stints on the computer but kept getting a really stiff and painful neck to the point of feeling sick.

What was bloody annoying is that I had gone to bed lady night hoping it would be give in the morning as I this yesterday too!

I have been changing things about and wonder if maybe the new positions are the cause of the neck issues? Oddly enough in trying to budget I did not buy the thing I wanted so bought something £15 cheaper. 

Unfortunately as much as I like the new gadget it might be a mistake? The gadget is in a position for me to use but has two differences to the one I originally planned. Height and length!

Oddly enough I decided that if this gadget was not suitable for its position I could get the original one I wanted at a later date and use this one I have now elsewhere.

I was not bargaining on this much aggravation and difficulty though! Now I am just using my tablet to type this out while laying on my back relieved the pain has subsided a little and I am not flinging my head back while starting at the ceiling while my right hand furiously squeezes my right rear quarter of my neck hard in the good that something my give/move/free up and the stiffness would simply evaporate. Instead all that evaporated was any hope that I could ease its intensity and it only got worse.

Gee whizz! Lol! I had my annual bath (joking of course!) during all that too! The diary of a fibro guy never reads the same twice! I imagine it is like that for women too? I really need to come into contact with those that suffer from Fibromyalgia, but in reality I secretly hope that there is no one else in the world that has to endure this!

Hmm maybe tomorrow? Maybe I will get out? Then it's three days until a payment arrives that allows me to all but finish Project Zero.

Which reminds me! I have a fair few videos I need to upside to the computer!

Hmm now where did I leave my Tramadol?!

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