Friday, 27 June 2014


Well now what an interesting turn around I find myself in, in recent times?

Almost as if by some great design several things happen I do not expect but with impeccable timing! This included a second run with the NHS to even greater benefits to discovery of information previously unknown to me.

Now in the last couple of weeks I have pointed out how several organisations I was in contact with and should contact me by law, it will be a legal requirement to do so and you really do not want the public to find out it is not, really you do not, have gone deathly silent!

Even at the beginning of this very week with Monday being the 24th June 2014 they were already looking quite suspicious, well guilty as hell and as each day came and went without communiques this only got worse. Recent events have appeared just in time to fit in with this almost by design and I am in a position now I did not think would happen until somewhere around September to December 2014. In fact plans are already afoot.

You see when the organisations, departments and companies that are supposed to help you or aid you suddenly refuse to communicate you are left with two options.

First you just leave things as they are until the time comes to do something about it arises at a later date.

Second you keep on at them and try to get aid from elsewhere.

Third is a possibility like the first but was never expected to happen.

So when those that are supposed to help and take money from member of the British Public they award themselves claiming that they help you do then do the only thing you can do. Put that group of non responsives to one side and contact the ones waiting in the wings that do so very much want to talk to you!

As it turns out this is not only a real possibility but has gone way beyond the point without my knowledge but this much has changed! These ... organisations can not only respond in kind but are were there all along waiting in the wings as a means and tools to provide the ammunition to then entirely destroy the organisations I hate with a passion! Waiting in the wings they may have been but they were also faceless and have been the whole time but now comes a period of discovery I have long waited for and that which I knew would happen this year of 2014. It is just several months earlier than I expected.

For now this is all that is told on here and the plans are in place, one email has been sent and another couple have to be sent and seem meetings taking place to set things in motion.

Unlike the organisations I have battled with up until this point these other ... organisations will not ignore me and will want to be seen as talking to me and dealing with me as they will now or soon see the humongous benefit that will come of being seen to!

Everything will be setup by August as opposed to November and this will now be very easy to do and really beneficial to my blog, and you.

I am afraid to say that this now spells disaster to those I have battled and those that have fallen silent to recent correspondences and from September 2014 onwards will be periods whereby I will then tear these organisations apart limb by limb and with absolutely no remorse or mercy whatsoever!

Purely because not one or two but a whole set of shocking and highly public examples will have to be made the likes of which Britain has never ever seen before and I will leave nothing but burning embers in my wake of this I assure you and those caught up in the flames of fury have only themselves to blame and were given their one and only chance.

Even finding this post and reading it along with the last few will strike with absolute dread into their very souls and reputations ans even business built up over time will tumble down as a swift and deft hand strikes at the foundations of their houses of cards.

This must be planned to the absolute LETTER but luckily the whole plan has been knocking around in my noggin, with the myriad of other things, for an extremely long time.

Until the end of the year and other than a few insinuations to how the plan is developing the details will remain a mystery.

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