Thursday, 19 June 2014


I have a recording ... but as I have been up to something lately I am unable to link it in right now.

The recording is me going into Boots three days late to pick up my repeat prescription only to then have heads peering at a screen as if they had lost something.

"Is there a problem? Because I might be able to explain it if there is?" I inquire as one of the many things I can do very well is call it!

"No, no" they answered "were just trying to find it on the system."

After about ten minutes of waiting the pharmacist calls me over and says "I have just com off the phone to the Surgery and they told us you are not with them anymore?! You should have informed us you switched surgeries."

"I didn't" I replied to a couple of confused looking faces before continuing by telling them that I have been lied to by a whole line of GP Surgeries and I do not like being lied to and they do not like it when you know they are lying, so I HAVE been kicked off then? Great that is the second time in a row I have deliberately had a case of sour grapes and an obvious attack back at me" and then I left.

I text a friend whose daughter has had the same thing happen and he simply replied "Not Good!"

As I said I did record it while I was in Boots because there are just so many mistakes and sour grapes actions going about. Completely amazing really that those that do bad things can actually act with spite when being caught? I mean what do they think at times like this? 'Ahh the bastard has caught me out and my way of dealing with it is to quite deliberately refuse prescriptions'?!

That is two in a row now that have done this and they obviously think that being Doctor's that they belong to some higher order whereby they can be as naive, thick and stupid liars as they wish and there are no consequences.

Let me explain ...

Say for argument sake I had some disorder where I do not trust anyone? Say that I was short a few of my marbles and banged on about cuckoo conspiracy theories and talk of alien abductions while walking around with tin foil on my head?

Now here is the absolute beautiful thing about this situation ... are you paying attention now? ...


My previous GP was in possession of my medical records when the plan at the time was to label me a madman. Not really a good choice.


This, now my previous GP but was going to be anyway as I explained already, GP decided that I was not mad or suffering from some disorder and kicked me off the register for being a trouble maker, or in layman's terms telling the truth, without EVER having seen my medical records?!

While on the subject of diagnosis or lack thereof or comments about my personality I might as well then explain that ...


Now this my first GP while here said no there was nothing on my records about me being mad, a hypochondriac, lying or anything else because I kept asking and was not being referred for any of my symptoms. At one point the following line was put to me 'Oh I put them down to your funnyisms' which had a lot of local people rolling around with laughter and they asked me to ask her if this was a technical term!


Other than the deal with one symptom at a time nonsensical rule I had no issues and she stated she thought I had a torn meniscus on my right knee. We never argued or disagreed and she once told me I was her favourite patient and the only one listed on her books that had NEVER raised my voice to her. But of a contrast to the following GP, don't you think?


So what next?

Well I have broken the law so the NHS will no doubt take me to court for telling the truth as this is breaking the law apparently. So is getting angry enough to appear violent probably because I am a lot bigger than they are and defined in places it counts, lol. Though this seriously needs work on its only exercises I worked on for years to help the Fibromyalgia though I did not know I had the dreaded condition.

What will likely happen, as recording someone employed by the British public is answerable to them too, is that the NHS will tell the Kumars that taking me to court has no dice. Then I expect them to speak to a solicitor locally who will then say their best chance is that in taking receipt of a threatening letter to order me to take down this site, lmfao, or certain posts or face court in which case I WILL STATE "KNOCK YOURSELVES OUT!"

Oops I think I just put paid to any bluffing?

I will now email NHS England who I had already emailed requesting yet another GP and stating that this time they had better ask the nest GP if it is OK for me to record our meetings.

Now can you all think of a list, i.e. not just one, reasons why I have requested that they do this on this occasion?

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