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Right now then people.

I have had my Crime Number for the attempted burglary arrived this morning in a letter that also stated the case has been dropped. This would otherwise mean nothing to me if it were not for ...

1 The Case was dropped before I even received a Crime Number?! (laughable really)

2 No mention of the name I put forward bing neither here nor there

3 I was told they would ask about the street to see if there were any other attempts but states nothing and no one has returned other than ... this ... yes they notifoed me that burglars had been in the area would you believe?! ...

Then I got this by email ...

Dear sir,
Sorry to hear that this was of no use but unfortunately this type of information is not generally available to the public and not from our department.
It might be worth you contacting the 'Public Access Office' on either of the following as they might be able to assist.
MPS Public Access Office
PO Box 57192
0207 161 3500
Then this letter ...

So letting me know whether said person was around ort not and then letting me know whether or not their had been any other attempts were not forthcoming ...

In fact an old guy I have known for years today said "Facking Police, theyre useless! They wont even send anyone out for that!" To which two of us said that I had been visited three times to which he said "FACK ME!! I don't believe it!" to which I said neither did we, lol. I said give it time though it will come to a crushing halt.

I have also found out that my friend, who I recorded the Duty Officer being rude and not listening to his side of things, I have now told them in a letter you can read below, just rang me and told me he told the Police what the duty officer did on the phone and he and they flatly denied it. He then stated that he recorded them and they told him he had done nothing of the kind. He laughed and insisted and they then threatened him and stated that he cannot user it he will get into a greta deal of trouble and if they were he they would destroy all copies?!?!

I then said, umm you do not it has been live on my blog for weeks now? You did tell them that? To which he was happy to hear this and was not aware, lol. Just in case they are all wondering at the station whether or not this audio recording of them treating a member of the public like crap, well there will be no doubts now after reading my email.

Also explains to me why the officer's eyes went wide when I stated I have a blog on corruption! I did state this in a previous post but I was unaware that my friend had mentioned me and the recording to the Police! I told him to get them to tell me the same things they told them and I will let them know in no uncertain terms where to stick it!

Well I think I did below in a polite way, threats of trouble however will have me tellig them to stick their threats where the sun does not shine and inviting them to take me to court!


Dear Crime Management

My word, I do find that odd that as a crime management outfit of the Police that you have no access to this information.

Also I receieved a letter from yourselves stating that the case had been closed before the crime number had even arrived at my door?! What I find particularly odd are the following ...

1 There was no mention as the whether the person whose name I gave over was either in the country or not, I did state that if he happens to be in the country and has been just a few days it will be him. It would also be comforting to know that he is not in the country. My landlord who owns his own building firm is also keen to know whether he is in the country or not because he met the madman and is on edge over his house.

2 I was told by two people that they would ask around Mahon Close to see if anyone else had an attempted break in, as if this was just some chancer then the chances are he would have tried someone else too.

3 Failing this being a crime of opportunity I should remind you that from my door you can freely see into my living room and see that I have nothing of value, not even a TV and lastly ...

4 Despite my landlord thinking that my blog on corruption upsetting people that puts his house in danger I have not been on the Elctoral Register since Enfield Council gave my address to Waltham Forest Council who then sent round bailiffs that assaulted me and then defrauded me out of £4,500 for what was only a parking ticket.

Taking myself off the electoral register was to protect myself from future physical attacks and being defrauded out of thousands of punds in cash and when Enfield Council threatened to take me to court for non compliance told them to be my guest as what they did was illegal and they simply cannot be trusted and think themselves not only above the law but also that the Police do very little.

Now I did state to several officers that I did a blog on corruption and just like many other public offices and services before you they do not stop to think about the blog subject or its contents. Or the fact that I have attracted 130,000 people who have read, listened to and watched evidence in may forms that measures about 100GB in size. It invollves Merseyside Police too along with Wirral Council, Enfield Council Waltham Forest Council and Epping Council along with the NHS, DWP, Atos and I even stumbled across several household name retailers getting up to no good and caught them red handed.

In the United Kningdom currently the public do not trust anyone nor anything and despite many public services atating this no action is actually taken to put these worries to rest making the job of regaining the public's trust even harder!

I only alluded to the blog but the backbench MP, Michael Meacher asked in 2013 if he could use data from my blogs in the House of Commons and against Ian Duncan Smith MP.

Much of my endeavours, or innovative ideas would be more accurate, have appeared to have been stolen time after time by the news media and warped and twiested into their own research and reports. Only like so many others they completely underestimate both me and the blog, like date stamps on posts to begin with.

On each and every ocassion that I have a cause to contact the public services for help I document and post the outcomes as I go along. Along with HMRC and all Ombudsman associated with all that I cover the result with all has been abysmal. Forget your surveys of 1,000 people I have yet to have anyone out of 130,000 people disagree with me at all and many thank me and are stunned at what I have acquired and what nightmares I have been through to get what I did.

For arguments sake I have several recorded conversations with Doctors in appointments and then letters which show a complete contradiction, or LIES, to what was originally said. One even admits falsifying an Ultrasound scan on an Inguinal Hernia, which is fatal for men I should add.

But over the years while corrupting the services that people pay taxes to run the government and the Police have been moving the goalposts on the quiet and without anyone noticing ... or so they thought. Because a complete read of my blog shows that I spotted this very early on and worked under the radar to amass documentary and audio evidence to publish to all that are interested.

I am sure that after all the things stated to me that they will raise an eyebrow as to how this case got closed before the crime number was issued.

Oddly I had a phonecall from Victim Support who were somewhat perplexed to learn that they had dealt with me previously and likely the same madman was involved and that after being promised by them and Enfield Council to rehouse me for my safety I never heard from them again. I bet I do not this time only a huge audience is now watching and telling others of what transpires.

As to the lack of help I will refer you to just one thing ...

I told the Victim Support that I was disabled on our last visit several years ago but that disability was now abolished and I had my DLA cancelled and the NHS were dodging to diagnose me under intruction from higher powers. I told them not to worry as I WILL out think them and force them into a corner and I WILL get a diagnosis in the end. That conversation was 3 or 4 years ago and had gone on for 7 years prior to this. Ergo I was also disabled when I was attacked by bailiffs the incident of which made whatever condition I had a lot worse.

On the 12th May 2014, after disagreeing with several GPs and being quite falsely alleged to be violent, stupid because I not only recorded every meeting and appointment on tape but I have also been approached by others who have had the same thing happen and on one ocassion was backed up by the Police, in Enfield I might add.

Unfortunately for many, inclduing Councils, Police, Bailiffs, the DWP and Courts (I just won two cases without leaving my house) I confirmed at Guy's Hospital what I had very recently managed to diagnose myself with!


To my horror this has 120 possible symptoms to which I suffer from around 120 and there is also a buggered knee problem, aggraveted by defending msyself against a 30 stone bailiff attack.

If you fail to realise the gravity of what this confirmation entails let me enlighten you ...

1 As stated I won two court cases against me which incolved ME being paid
2 The Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman, who I also do not trust, are handling my official complaint and after viewing and hearing what I had on my blog they changed from being patronizing to helpful and one question put to me was 'How much money do you want?'!

Now at the end of the day I am only interested in those being paid out of the public's taxes doing their jobs and showing no preference to one faction over another. I witnessed the appalling behaviour of a duty officer in Enfield who failed to let a man explain his complaint against his officers and then hug up the phone on him. Unfortaunetely for that duty officer I was in the room while he was on speakerphone.

The man who was ringing originally laughed when I stated I know how it is all corrupted and I explained it all. I had just been falsely accused of being violent because I knew I was being fobbed off by the NHS and GPs. What they did not know and what many did not know is that as of ffive years ago I was fully prepared for all this and planned things so that I would acquire the evidence and publish it to all and sundry.

One day this man called me up asking for advice as it turned out his daughter was upset by a Doctor and accused of lying about her condition, which was absolute garbage that I can testify to. The GP Surgery failed to correctly inform the patient the organisations that exist you complain to. I sent these in a text message which was then presentd to the surgey staff who immediately called the Police, without the patients knowing, and the Police were intimidating to the patients, sarcastic and backed up the surgery staff who lied.

This was a family who orginally laughed at my telling him what was going on ... now they pay very close attention to my blog and I am acting as both adviser and witness to certain aspects of their complaint.

A complaint towards both the NHS and Enfield Police which cannto be defeated and will be upheld, of this I can assure you. They will be in contact over this matter before long and there are going to be quite a lot of red faces.

With each and every public service and this includes government each in turn have faces turn red on realising the gravity of my endeavours. Local MP Nick Debois found this out face to face when he tried to tell another friend of mine that they had gotten rid of Atos as they were up to no good. On correcting him and stating that it was indeed I that had done this and they were only doing as instructed by whoever instructed them Nick Debois' reaction was to squint his eyes and stare at me intently like he had just stumbled a on the Conservative Party's biggest enemy.

Now I hope that I have explained this in full as well as the gravity of the situation at hand? I cannot tell you how mad my family are this because they thought me making things up for a very longh time only now the Fibromyalgia discovery turns out to be hereditary and three siblings have had symptoms and three members of my family have died under suspicious circumstances.

I look forward to any correspondence if their is any at all of course.

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc


On a different subject that last of the Advent Tegra Note Tablets was returned to me fully repaired and the volume buttons were replaced with no questions asked and an email of apology to me for all the trouble with this batch of Tablet PCs!

As I stated to my mate on handing it over to give to his daughter to which he burst out laughing ...


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