Monday, 23 June 2014


Well I just had a chat with a new friend, Tom, and I asked him about that petition I signed regarding getting Iain Duncan Smith to stop bullying the Food Banks, or more accurately the Tressell Trust.

I had not discovered what the derisable IDS had done. There was nothing on the page where I signed.
Now obviously he must have done something but I found it astonishing that you could show a complete lack of any intelligence or common sense whatsoever by actually attacking a group that is trying to help people who are starving?! I mean you would have to be a complete fecking prick to actually webbed contemplate it.
It turns out he claimed they were politically motivated, huh? How? This was because they blamed the government fur the fact people were starving?!

I said to Tom it was funny that they claim that telling the truth, and lets face it a fecking obvious truth everyone knows already, many they had a political agenda as I thought that politically motivation oby included lying and deception.

Maybe they want to blame it on fairies at the bottom of the garden?!

Do you know I would dearly love to meet several of these twats all at the same time and then argue the toss with them simultaneously.

Of the things I would ask would be hire long had common sense been if the curriculum at Eton and other public schools?

Then I would ask where in the world they got taught that mere mortals were all stupid? Did they actually believe that 90% or more of the British public were that naive and easily fooled? Hmm maybe they think 'oh well they were naive enough to vote us in' but we did not. In fact I have never voted for anyone that had been in power you dimwitted fool.

The claim now is that he is trying to close the Food Banks down? My God, if this is true?! I do not even want to think about the consequences that would arose from that!

OK maybe the British public has been somewhat tame and subdued while everyone else in Europe seems to be kicking off and confrontational in numbers?! Yes it feels quite odd to see large numbers of people belonging to over countries banding together to make a stand and be heard while the British do nothing. Very weird.

But surely discovering or hearing that members of the government in power today, not a thousand years ago, act in a total Machiavellian way by making other threats to a charity providing food?!

Oxfam must be ... of wait they only help people over seas. One of the other charities ... oh wait? They all only help overseas people many of which would probably kill us given half a chance.

Hmm I wonder if the know one of the oldest sayings that includes the word charity? Charity begins at home?!

As for the contemptible Iain Duncan Smith, I thought someone defended him the last time he was a twat and said he was a nice guy and intelligent? I digress ... as for IDS sorry but quite how you ever thought you could bully a charity and  claim to the truth being solely yours to bury in lies I simply have not a clue!
Oh God?! Is that what you all feel like in government? Right now I have not a clue! Lol!

So how do you tell more lies to get the country out of the shit when it was lies and deception that put us there in the first place?! Conundrum numero uno!

Machiavellianism tends to have gotten you all in a twist and all worked up turned around and lost? You did not even try to blame all this on the previous government? It would have been true, which is Tony Blair's government, but does not excuse you! So in future other Tories can stop that! Everyone knows and no one cares, what is done is done. We know it and more importantly they know that we know it!

So you cannot say in a round about way that ...

'We can turn the thumb screws on the jobless, poor, sick and disabled because the people that were in power before us were a bunch of twats!’

Well in a round about way.

We are not fools anymore! Umm well I think we're not? Lol. Well I guess we will find out at the next election?

The message will be that we get two sides of the same turd that had been floating around us for the past twenty years. It has become ever more foul smelling over time too.

Between now and the next election which is about a year away only needs enough people to see the truth. Or enough people to realise hire they have been fooled. Or enough people to realise it is only five years. To realise that the media has drummed it into them and brainwashed then it had to be one if two sides of the same coin?

Me? I do not know! I just know who it ain't and that is any of the big two or the third Scaramanga. Oh that was below the belt Martin for a political party you use to like? ERM or more accurately above the belt, Lol. Bugger it. Lol.

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