Thursday, 19 June 2014


An odd little BBC Report whereby there is a key line in it. Well that is other than the scaremongering within the report and I am not sure who is responsible for it.

I will not go into the scaremongering line which also single handedly states that everything that had been stated by the government for several years is complete bollocks.

What I found key is how it states that on the mentioned benefit, ESA, that larger numbers were expected claimed for it.

Odd as I was reading an article in the free tabloid of Metro where Esther McVey states that tens of thousands, might have been hundreds of thousands, of people have taken up this new businesses enterprise thing.

Now I was speaking to someone today about this and we both agreed that whenever something like this was introduced it always ended up a con to save money and not something to genuinely hero add claimed.

Now within the report you will see a line that almost appears to have been written in response to my own claims on here?! But I have stated in here before hand and many times that there is no genuine help. It had gotten worse and they are forever trying to play it down. They starred that more and more people see benefits as a permanent stop?

They really show how stupid and naive they are, saying things like this and then starting others that contradict themselves.

If people are using benefits as a permanent stop then it shows that there are many things wrong within society. It is a long list and had been this way for quite sometime now. I have repeatedly told these people this for years. But just like the system it's all broken and the important data just completely fails to get through. Or its just dismissed by those paddling feverishly towards the edge of Niagara Falls?

Too many people not wanting to listen, insisting they are right and still refusing to admit it or change when their methods are down to be a jumbling bag of mad cats mixed up with a dozen frogs.

But the numbers are supposed to be dropping and this us what they repeatedly say? More people in jobs and now tens of thousands starting their own businesses? The latter was not a good idea to encourage people to do in all honesty, unless you have improved wheat your idea of help is? I seriously doubt that!
Encouraging, or more likely FORCING, tens of thousands of people into starting their own businesses (what is it you harp on about others doing? Borrowing?) at a time when many businesses have been going bust and also bankruptcies involved too.

No but as long as you can say you have not been borrowing, eh?

Are you going to provide the money if their businesses they were forced to open down to you, Tories of course I am referring to?

Hypocrites! Quite simply.

Key sickness benefit 'failing'

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