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Now I thought I might just take a bit of time to reflect upon some things I said and give a little prelude of things that will now take place immenently, though it may take a little while onger before anything is up in the way of media content on both ere, my other blogs and YouTube.

While out on my bike today I also thought of other things to do with things stated on paper and in person of late. I also have something rather unusual to disclose about my Fibromyalgia that has not happened before.

So in order of events occurring I will start off with yesterdays and the fact that around 12pm tp 2pm I was playing a game and then felt sleepy so switched off the game, Fallout New Vegas, which then subsequently froze. Next things I knew I was waking up and it was dark outside so was fairly late, around 10pm to 11pm.

I was cursing myself as now I would be awake all night and had never fallen asleep on my sofa for so long before, in fact before about 2 years ago it never happaned at all?!

I switched off the laptop, forgetting I had a spreadsheet open I had not saved, and did fell tired and thought I would go upstairs anyway but never thought for a moment I would actually fall asleep. Within an hour I was asleep and woke up around 7am this morning. While in my friends store I told him that I had slept an unbelievable amount of time, still annoying even if Saturday passed by like it never existed at all, and that I was feeling rather wired and the most awake and alert I had been for bloody years!

I figured that in the two periods of sleep II must have gotten a great deal more than I normally would and this made a big difference. Though oddly I had a little ache in the bakcs of my legs but I had just peddled hard against a strong wind at that this had been the first time in weeks I had been on the bike. Heels hurt a little too while in the shop but less than normal.


Now there was also something I realised about the whole Guy's Hospital, Fibromyalgia and GP thing, like a deliberate mistake, that I have now forgotten about! Lol. Hmm... maybe it will come back if a foast forward to ... oh yeah!! The PHSO was involved and I have not contacted them regarding the letter and nor do I intend to either and I am waiting for them to strike. I will not even put any keywords within this post so that no one can surch themselves on here and doing this today, Sunday, as they are unlikely to look until during the week and there will be other posts by then.

No this one will be left here quite deliberately along with not contacting ther PHSO and informing them of what has just happened.

Now I am expecting contact from the PHSO that will take place anywhere up to fourteen days but more importantly within fourteen days of the letter from Guy's Hospital arising and despite the fact that they have been on this complaint since March 2014, so literally three months. SO ninety days from the start of the complaint, they knew before this was them receiving the signed authorisation remember, to fourteen days, 90 to 14. The latter considered close proximity compared to the former, in other words!

Or put simply, A TRAP!

Yet another one of many traps I have deliberately set throughout this blog and then explained them, that is IF I REMEMBER I set them?!

Yes and this time is a little different because I am explaining it, but not labelling or keywording it, prior to the event taking place.

Of course this trap is not the only one and there is another also to bo completed over the two week period and running in parallel to the other.

Yes you can tryuly say that I do not do anything by halves.

Because I am not happy with only prving myself to be correct in my assumptions and predictions I also do, whilke they continue to attempt to do this, to hit them hard and be sarcastic to show them up for their God complexes and their inherent stupidity to cause as much embarrassment as I can!

Make absolutely no mistake about this, I will now catch several things together in the same newt look confused newts squirming around in the mud at the bottom of my pond net.

Yes I would rather it was just over but I just knew that this was just too easy and that something would occur, which is why I recordfed it and had the ideas in my head before putting them into practise. Yes I suppose I rather unfairly worded several posts to make it seem like an absolute definite that I had not recorded that appointment.

Now you can see why!

Added to this and at the end of this week without fail, I can assure you of this, I will be putting a number of other things in place and over a period of about ten days a great deal is happening inside my home. In fact I have already made several changes as to the ... order of things that has taken me three days to achieve because of doing this piecemeal. Now remember that no matter how excited I am about achieveing something and preparing for it haste is not something I am capable of, despite how I sound whan I ramble on about things, lol.

Not piecemeal is how I have done it thus far and in three parts and not over with just yet. There are gapin holes that need hoovering and things placed within these gaps. Though things are curently set in the plan or reorganisation to make way for some big changes this may turn out differently on the day to how I envisioned it. In other words this could change, though in order only!  This is happening and it starts as if Wednesday ...

... This will include anywhere between one and three videos, of this alone, and a dozen or so photos aloing with it all. It will also be covered on three separate blogs too as well as my YouTube account!

Doing this, completeing this and publishing this will give three blogs a big boost and it also will to other aspects of work on my blogs. All of them!

Also I have just had a hot day, too hot but I still ventured out on my bike, which I now hope is one of many of the coming two to three weeks. This will also boost another blog I have been working on for just over a year now.

Of course their are the two plans running simultaneously of each other.

Also there may be things that the Police get up to or even do not get up to too?! LMAO!

Still I do not want to deliberately capture anyone looking the pratt or lying like a pratt, I would much rather they just did their fecking jobs! However a very long time ago I realised that not only do they not do their jobs but its worse than not even doing them correctly. Because they do not even bother doing much at all, outside of that for show of course.

Now going through the things I did in the last two years, though four technically, without recording them face to face or over the phone and gathering up the paperwork and the reports was the only way that I could get through it all without hitting someone very hard!

Because despite what the NHS tried to state that I know that anyone that lies to people in the positions they hold fully deserve broken jaws by Chain Punching them across their desks!

Any single person would have been angry enough to do this after discovering how they had been lied to and used for years, left to suffer and writher around in the gutters of life. Absolutely anyone from David Cameron the The Queen herself, anyone would have reacted like I did and indeed some would have been a great deal worse?! Possibly even killing someone over this behaviour?!

Now here is the one for the idiots that just like to moan and point at people like me, stupid because there really is no one like me but of course I mean jobless people that genuinely want a job and have been unemployed a long time... this is for you ... think of it as a dot to dot picture and I am joiing the dots for you so you see who your really supposed to be angry with, which is someone whereby your anger would actually achieve something and not the wrong sections of society your anger achieves nothing from ...

I have been on benefits, we will leave alone the fact that Disabilkity Benefit has not been paid at all for ten of thirteen years and not correctkly for the three they was ...

... So I have been on benefits, you dont have to worry about costs of Council Housing because no one White and British no matter whats wrong with them gets them anymore, for therteen years since leaving Middlesex University with a BSc Single Honours Degree in Applied Computing at Middlesex University whoich I battle through despite other factors revealed in this blog so that I could live the rest of my life never having to be on benefits ever again, as I hate every single last one of the hapless IQ loss morons that work for them and theur holier than though attitude despite none of them having degrees!

All to save money for that single year along with way over the top political correctness as pointed out by the savvy UKIP member making the News MEdia looking like hapless fools in the process! 

Or, or tto put it another way, it is the fault of givernement and outdated rules of the DWP and Local Councils which is why people who can do much end up on benefits for over a decade when a little help would have knocked a whole decade OFF the otoal bill in benefits to any one individual!!

Now to numpties, is it making sense now? LOL!

I have stated this to these fucking idiots face to face, in letters and in emails for what seems like an eternity and it has now taken me fifteeen years to prove what I have said from day one. So take all the minsietrs that have been in charge for twenty years and I could have done a far better job than absolutely any of them in saving billions of pounds simply for seeing the trees desite all the wood!

If you want someone in a job and off benefits, agreed there is a small faction you cannot help yes, but you need help and help consists of money. No ifs and no buts and do not even bother arguing as I will lash you down like you had been hit by lightning because there  is far more to it that these few paragraphs.

However I think I have explained it as simply as I could.

However what you have had thus far is a bunch of absolute morons who have been vastly overpaid and taken the same again in perks to balance the books over one financial year instead of over 5. Or ten.

There are many things that simply cannot be done in a year and it is actually quite funny that the Brazil 2014 World Cup may actually end up proving just that!

Now we here in the UK managed to do this with a lot time to spare, even if a moron called Sebastian Coe who is a blind tory twat was involved! Going on the attitude and reasoning used to label those who do not do as to ones expectations even when your disabled I cannot help but wonder the following ...

... what labels do you have ready for the Brazilians regarding the World Cup, underpaid people, corrupt people at the top and of course those on the protest marches?!

Surely you must have a list of names reaqdy to start flinging about while the lables are attched to handfulls of mud?!



Oh yes and just to recap, I have heard NOTHING from the DWP yet again regarding my application for Personal Independent Payments and nor have I heard anything further from Atos and this has now been way over 6 months too!!

So the public organisation that you have paid for in your taxes, if you pay them that is, and to incredible amounts over many years who think themselves having their own God given right to your taxes and yet doing exceptionally slow, performing completely wrong and then stopping completely hoping that you will just forget and go away, therefore stating that they was within their rights to do do as you went over a time period they sey knowing only too damn well that the condition they are keeping from you causese severe memory loss... are these ones performing, or not as they case may be, right now ...

Departement of Work and Pensions  (1)

Atos Healthcare (2)

Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman (3)

NHS (4, though technically 6 (3 here) with Guy's PALS and GP)

Patient and Liaison Service (PALS)

General Medical Council, as you would expect the PHSO to have contacted them over their slight of hand and the fact that I spotted it!! LMAO!

Maybe the PHSO contacted NICE too as they ignored two correspondences?

Local Councils but namely Enfield Council but have to get around to both Wirral Council and Waltham Forest Council in the coming months (though Enfield Council have PAID one of three oustanding figues towards me after tryin to take me to court for non payment of Council Tax! LOL)

Now look here? I am not sure how many things I mentioned I had in place or set in motion but see how I forget and why this blog exists?! There are eight things currently in motion as regards to corruption and the lies and tricks withing the walls of the public services that you pay to run badly while they continue to convince the easily manipulated to point ethe finger and scream and shout and pull your hair out about people without jobst that they cannot pull out of their butts?!

LMAO! Yeah I like that last little rant! A good way to rant before the August turn in direction?! Oooh yeah I forgot about that too, the turn in direction, lol.

June, July and August 2014 are certainly going to be the most interestiung months and follower attracting months I have ever had the pleasure to have since I started my first blog in August 2012.

Oh yes my very first one, ahem the blogger one, has to reach mid August before its second anniversay, yes only the second! Of course this means that all my other bogs, including this one that is not blogger!, have been going far less then the first one. In fact I could say anywhere between 3 months younger and up to a whole year or more!

As for anyone who came on here thinking me quoting lies in the way of numbers on here and thought that this would be easier and cheaper than hiring a lawyer to take me to court?


Oooh it is going to hurt when I state that I have a damned site more than just ONE BLOG!!


EDIT: Did I mention that a whole load of Orchids look scared because I have been eyeing up one of my Orchid tables and thinking about removing all the Orchids, cleaning the glass top and then maybe changing things around?! Lol!

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