Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Right now then I was just about to switch off the PC was I am shattered after hours of messing about and have a slight headache, though rather weirdly and relieved to say no pain in the neck?!

I am expecting an item to turn up in a local store tomorrow and thought there would be an email telling me what time it was likely to turn up? There is an email there but I have not reached it yet because I saw one from Amazon!

Now I did publish the email I sent? In a VERY previous post?!

I did fully explain what happened and that I had received two, the second because the first one got tossed in a garden?!

Right now remember that and remember that I have told them that there driver tossed my parcel into someone else's garden!

Or to put it another way take a look at what they said about returning the item and what they will do and then take a look at what they intend to do about their parcels being tossed around the gaff into neighbouring properties?!


Hello Martin, 

Firstly, please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused by this situation. 

I do understand that your parcel was thrown over the fence and completely not happy with the carrier service. Further, I can see that our carrier informed that parcel was delivered at correct address which was not true. 

I’m afraid that we don’t have the ability to assign certain carriers to a specific customer or address but we’ll continue working with all of our carriers to drive improvements for our customers. (READ THIS LINE CLOSELY! THIS LITERALLY MEANS THEY DO NOT GIVE A SHIT AND CANNOT HELP THINKING THIS IS THEIR RESPONSE TO IS FOR DUSGUST AT NOT PAYING CORPORATION TAX?! LOL)

We’re constantly working with our carriers to improve the quality of our service, and your feedback has been forwarded to our transportation department.  

We take full responsibility for the delivery of our goods from start to finish and take complaints of this nature very seriously. We’ll replace any items lost or damaged during delivery at no extra charge and monitor our carriers very closely. 

Thanks for taking the time to contact us and to bring this to our attention. 

Regarding return of damaged item: 

Please return the damaged item to us and we'll refund you as soon as possible. (READ THIS LINE CLOSELY!)

Please click on the following link to be brought to your personalised return label and follow the instructions provided: 


Oh I feel so much more relieved that I told them this and now they have completely allayed any fears I had of this ever happening again?! I mean it is so obvious from this, halfwits, email that it cannot possibly happen again as they made sure they read the WHOLE EMAIL I sent them?!

Tell you what Amazon ... FUCK OFF I will use others in the future and as for taking the trouble to send you your broken piece of hardware ... I will do what you so eloquently did with my email and ... NOT BOTHER!!!

You want it? Then send one of your incompetent idiots down here and get it!

Now in all honesty this post has reminded me of something I have meant to post about many times but always keep forgetting ...

Now since this revealing of non payment of taxes came about there have been those that have gone down and protested to the companies in question ... but there are things that really, REALLY BUG ME about this ...

1 Why is it that protesters always think too small and always go for the obvious with no forethought whatsoever, THE RETAIL STORE! What about Google and Amazon? *SIGH*

2 Those that work for said companies that come out and man handle their fellow member of the British Public ... well ... are you people brain dead or something?! I mean you are members of the British Public are you not? You have paid your taxes while your employers have paid none or dodged paying out millions?!

3 Are you SUUUURE your British? Are you SUUUUURE your not brain dead?! Maybe the CIA have an American Dad style mind ray that takes away willingness to think for oneself? Lol!

Just checking!

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