Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Right now then ... please pay attention this will be brief but fast moving ...

Today I had to attend a duneral for a baby, yes a baby and my niece Aaliyah. Today was a day where I was reminded of just how cruel life can be to people and the heart breaking and sorrow that it can bring.

By some miracle I managed to make it and I thought it was another week away and got mixed up with Guy's Hospital dates and GP dates of which there were three in total.

The day had then turned into one that I was going to be reminded of for a long time when the zipper on my black slacks decided to break and in trying to rectify the problem I made it worse and broke the zipper altogether and could not get it to work no matter how I tried.

After some frenzied desparate measures whereby the use of two single paper clips being fored into the material to hold them together so I can at least be beside the grave was saved when my brother found a tube of super glue, do not even ask me about going to the loo!!

I lived the day in fear of sitting down in cast it all decided to break out!

After beaing dropped off by my brother, Ryan I noticed some odd looking gaps around the edge of my door and actually thought 'Huh! SOmeone has tried to break in?' then thought 'nahhhh'. On opening the door it turned out my original suspicion was correct and oddly I have been checking my door a great deal lately because I ... kind of thought something would happen in all honesty!

So someone tried to break in ... BADLY!

They failed to get inside and in all honesty no one with the right mind and more than two brain cells would attempt to get into my door, unless they had anger management issues or trying to send a message.

Now if this turns out to be who I think then they have proved themselves an idiot as they thought it was easy to get in my windows, uh-uh.

I text my brother who had just left and he immediately said 'do you think its that [BLANK]?' and I said, yeah.

I live in a secluded spot and many people have trouble finding my house. There is no road and its tucked away. Added to this you can see my entire living room from the door and there are no curtains and there is nothing here to see that is worth anything and not even a television sits in here!

So this is not your run of the mill chancer type burglar, especially as it was done in broad daylight too. No this was someone who put a great deal of energy into creating the kinks in the door he managed to do.

My brother went berserk and has now phoned me twice while typing this out and I assured him I rang the Police who are coming round. Rather stupidly if it is who I think may well be it was really, really stupid as it would easily be proved once they have checked up on a few things.

The other possibility and to be perfectly honest the only reason I have been expecting something is that I declarded this blogs existence to all those I attack on here only recently.

So I expected some sort of physical type threat or message really and it was really on the cards that it would happen at some point. Could be the bailiffs that defrauded me for all I know, or hired heavies from soneone who may have gotten into hot water for fibbing in the position? Maybe someone was suspended who followed orders and did not like it, after all my address is freely accessible to all those I have upset, lmao!

I have had to have a chat with my landlord now who is quite rightly concerned and worried I am making enemies on here, lol.

Just had a break there I wikll explain a bit further down ...

But the only enemies I can make on here would be those of the public organisations or this one other individual.

Also I have just had the Police here and I am to get a crime number and forensics are being sent out. Just like I told my landlord I fully explained the blog and what I do. They asked me a bit about it and I told them about the NHS refusing to diagnose me and they were shocked. Not half as shocked if they see what I had on the Police! Ooh I better turn off a couple of gadgets, lol.

So now there is a wait for the forensic guys to turn up and a letter will arrive with a crime number in a couple of days.

They want to take samples, amazing what this blog manages to achieve, so that they can match up with anything that may have been used. They mentioned a few other things too, cannot remember what as this short term memory seems to be quite selective! Lol!

Amyway here are some pictures of the door kinks and a video of it I placed on YouTube just to link in here and I have various back up ... items just in case I need them.

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