Tuesday, 10 June 2014


It is embarrassing to see what is happening in Iraq right now.

After what seems like an eternity and with a cost that had grown exponentially and produced nothing and likely the single and some reason that disabled people have been kicked where it hurts repeatedly, making me really feel for soldiers who have come back missing a limb with a short sharp shock awaiting them.

I hope that a major lesson is learned here by not only 'The Messiah' that is former Prime Minister Tony Blair but all this that follow him too?! Don't ever and I do mean EVER go to war that includes feet on the ground and help over many years! Ever you bloody half wits!

In future if there are a bunch of self proclaimed higher authoritarian figures who just think that God gave them social permission to lie, cheat and kill everyone especially their own and use kids and murder young girls because of their own warped and twisted desire to oppress women and chain them to the sunk while they are next door shagging their neighbours or the wife's friends. Just blanket bomb the fuckers into Oblivion and then resist the urge our calls to do anything else.

I have lost countv of the times these people hold their hands out for help and you get like thanks even when it costs the lives if those they want help from.

Well the jobless and the disabled in the UK are struggling but do you get anyone promising to help. Oh and I do mean help not money offered to lend at extortionate rates!

But no the greedy Americans are still screwing the British public for cash for shoddy, faulty goods they cannot even be bothered to fix! Tells you a lot this laid back care free attitude shut getting caught and even when caught?!

Well it sits tell you something because it does me! That they cannot get caught because this was already arranged by this that we vote in to help themselves to the money they force us to pay!

Yeah funny old vicious churches that one is it not?!


EDIT: Oops and Google's Blogger App has returned to dropping the insertion of keywords from posts when using the Android App?! My bloody word if they are not careful they are going to turn into a company that history will remember as one that should never have gotten involved in computing or operating systems because their attitude and approach is all wrong?! LMAO!

Tens of thousands flee Iraq's Mosul http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-27789229

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