Saturday, 14 June 2014


Oh boy oh boy oh boy, I wish I could tell you what I was doing right now!

All in good time. I had something here that was delivered which I thought I could not use and then I thought ... well ... what ... if ...

It is very, VERY COOL! AH well at least I think so and I know there will be some that will scoff at this but its just the beginning, lol.

If my memory about receiving a delivery from Amazon on a Sunday was correct and the other two things arrive tomorrow then you will find out tomorrow, unless the filming goes on into the small hours that is and I do not get the time.

So to put it another way I am awaiting two items and apparently one is within 100 yards of me, well according to Amazon, and God knows where so I now have to wait for another one. It is this that makes me wonder however because last time this happened I am sure I got a knock on my door on a Sunday?

Wow! This is just so very weird. It is exactly how I pictured it and more! Hmm I could have quite possibly downgraded and gone cheaper? Lol! I was really stabbing around in the dark when I did this!


Now going to go off and test a few things.

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