Tuesday, 3 June 2014


OK then here is an NHS website the states how long the records take to turn up at your new GP Surgery.

Apparently it is as quick as two days if urgent or can be received digitally in two days without being urgent and my GP has the fanciest set up I have seen in a GP Surgery.

Then it states that by post 'or the old way' it takes 6 weeks.

So I mention again that my GP does not appear overly concerned and I even stated that it should take no longer than six weeks! Lol! He did not mention anything about getting onto them and just stated that they go to a central hub, yeah I know this Doc, and it takes time. Well we will get around to both this conversation and the others at a later date! ;) Quite literally!

Bizarre to ridiculous and the link the the NHS' own webpage statements I mentioned are found below...

EDIT: Now what do you think the odds are that the PHSO now bieng informed of missing files will ay about this? Or if they have anything to do with it why they did not warn me or inform me and why the Guy's Hospital letter has taken over three weeks?

Oh and also of interest is that if THEY have them or indeed whoever has them will they also get the letter from the Doctor requesting the MRI Scans of my back? What do you think the chances are that he realised he would have to request them from whoever has them when I told him about the PHSO?!

Now there you are privvy to a little of the connecting and churning cogs that are the within the vast chasms of my mind, lmao! I have now realised that when I explained about the complaint, lying about test results, drugs and scans that he then stated he would have to send of to request for them. I failed to pick up on this at the time because I then informed him he was wasting his time as I could tell him that nothign appeared on the scan and he said thats exactly what he would expect to see with Fibromyalgia.

This was at the end of the appointment and he had already looked at my back very closely while leaning me left, rught to and fro before doing that extremely painful thing with my right knee, lol. Ergo he saw the familiar signs on ovestigating my back using his eyesight and experience. He mentioned he did 'curiously did not have any notes' of mine and I then explained the complaint and the PHSO. I was still rubbing my right knee and he then stated he would send off for the MRI of my back, after being told my GP had not receieved them to date but thinking to msyelf that they surely nust be there now.

Also remember there was a rapid change of heart when it comes to referring me to Guy's Hospital. Also the GP stated today that he would have to wait until the letter turns up mentioning Fibromyalgia and the Pregabalin before he can prescribe it. Notice that I stated that he needed both requirements to be met?!
A little odd that, don't you think? Lol.

Oddly I have wondered that even if they turned around and stated that for the twenty years of misery and pain, or more accurately the thirteen years I was asking them, that they would award me a cool £1 Million that the chances are this would be a candle in the wond compared to the cash they have saved fobbing people off and lieing about test results?! LMAO! OOPS!

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